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Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- October 5th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It was very rainy here, but we managed to get in a little trip to some antique shops in Cameron and a Saturday night cook out with my father in law. I am super excited it is October! Fall is my favorite season! Everything is still quite green around here, but we should start seeing some fall colors in the next couple of weeks. Until then, I wanted to share some of my favorite fall-ish finds from Etsy with you all this week…

il_570xN.839801077_p0kzAutumn perfect vintage asymmetrical wooden leaf charm and black wooden bead necklace – c. 1960s 1970s does 1930s 1940s fall charm necklace from Chronically Vintage

il_570xN.838790018_d4qvVintage 1940s Hat – 40s Velvet Leaf Hat – The Kathleen from Bohemian Bisoux

il_570xN.650542685_1yd9vintage 1940s dress / 40s dress / Autumn Leaves from Dronning

il_570xN.818664573_kcx2Red Maple Leaf Earrings, plastic celluloid fall autumn earrings, 1950s jewelry from RMS Jewels

il_570xN.564941672_rk9wVintage 1950s Gellywog of Florida Decoupage Fall Leaf Box Handbag from Perfectly Posh Vintage

il_570xN.837514081_q7hy1930s/40s Kimono / Seasons Change Robe / Vintage 40s Silk Kimono from Caramel Vintage

il_570xN.521882582_8klfVintage 1950s Retro Fall Orange, Yellow, Teal, Brown Plants & Leaves Scalloped Edge Handkerchief from Button It Up Vintage

il_570xN.642834933_1g541950s Atomic Apron, Vintage Apron, Atomic Apron, 1950s Apron, Fall leaves, Retro Apron, Vintage Kitchen, Red, Pink, Brown, Fall Fashion from Molly Finds

il_570xN.840108896_igk51950s 50s -Barkcloth Panel – Fall Leaves Pattern – Brown – Orange – Grey – Yellow – Thanksgiving – Outdoor Wedding from No Grit No Glory

il_570xN.509187962_17fkRoyal China Falling Leaves Pattern Made in USA- 48 Pieces of Dinnerware– 1950’s from Elementree Old School

il_570xN.802822633_fi04SCARCE 1930s Tin Toy Tea Tray, Black Squirrel with leaves from Olde Tyme Notions

il_570xN.638897684_5jirFall Leaves Antique Quilt, c. 1970, Virginia # 2074 from Quilts Unlimited of VA

Aren’t they all wonderful! I LOVE the fabrics and the dishes! Do you all have a favorite this week? I just love vintage shopping don’t you! Be sure to check out the lovely Etsy vintage shops that these items came from today. I think you will love them too! I’ll be back soon with more vintage goodies. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Etsy Love- September 25th

Hi guys! Happy Friday! Fourteen years ago today my husband and I had our first date. We always celebrate the dating anniversary by going out to dinner. So I am excited to kick off the weekend with some sushi and quality time with my fella! Before I head out for the weekend I thought I would share some of my favorite items I have been loving on Etsy lately.

il_570xN.729874816_omn0Mouse Piko. Designer hand-embroidered toy, Stuffed animal, Animal Toy, mouse toy, children by Slasti Dolls

il_570xN.211526202Adventure Awaits, Vintage Globe Art by Wendy Gold

il_570xN.510898272_te1bFoxes Print by Meg Park Arts

il_570xN.698338147_p23gKitten Ceramic Necklace by Studio Sosim

il_570xN.615959544_dxahTravel Neck Pillow by Aleale

il_570xN.504551568_cdurBear iPad cover, Blue iPad Case, iPad sleeve, custom iPad case, iPad Air 2 Case, iPad Air Sleeve by Juli Wine

il_570xN.671606868_kqeiPapel Picado Banners – LAS FLORES – sets of 2 – Custom color wedding garland by Ay Mujer

il_570xN.810380264_bj0uWood Balancing Game by Des Enfantsillages

Aren’t they all fantastic! I love them all of course! I’m a sucker for animals and soft toys too! Do you have a favorite here? Be sure to check out these wonderful Etsy artists shops! There are lots of treasures to be found! I’ll be back soon with more Etsy love. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

DIY Soft and Cozy Pet Sling

03-DSC_4732 02-DSC_4738Hi guys! As many of you who follow my blog know, my sister and I got new puppies this summer! We picked out two italian greyhound puppies, Annie and JoJo. Hannah has the JoJo, and I have Annie, his sister. Italian greyhounds are widely known as velcro dogs since they love to be as close to you as possible all day long. Little Jo wants to be held all day and will follow you around and cry until you pick him up. Since he’s such a clingy little fella, I made Hannah a puppy sling for him to snuggle down in. He’s cozy and close to her, and she’s happy and hands free. I thought I would share how I made her sling in case any of you guys have a pup or kitty you’d like to tote around.

Here’s What You Need:

*Flannel or Quilting Weight Fabric for Outside

*Fleece or Minky for Lining

*Sewing Machine and Thread

*Straight Pins

*Ruler and Marking Pen


06-DSC_4688The first thing you need to do is cut your pieces. Measure around where you will wear the sling around your body and add a few inches to that and then another inch for seam allowance. I made Hannah’s to be 60″ long by 8″ wide. So cut one long piece to be 61″x9″. If your fabric isn’t wide or long enough you can piece it together, just make sure you add seam allowance. For example, my 61″9″ can be made into two pieces that were 31″x9″. You will also need to cut a half circle. Determine the depth you want the pouch to be plus the width. Mark both on a piece of paper. Fold your paper in half width wise and then draw in the curve from the side to the bottom. You will need two half circles of your fabric. Cut one long strip and two half circles of your outer fabric and one long strip and two half circles from your lining snuggle fabric.

07-DSC_4689Mark the center of both your half circles and your long strip. Beginning at the center, pin one half circle to the long strip on one side, right sides together. Pin the other side in the same manner. Do the same for your flannel and your lining fabrics.

08-DSC_4690Stitch the sides to the strip with a half inch seam allowance, from the top side of one end of the semi circle, around the bottom to the other side. You should now have two open pouches. One is the flannel and one is the snuggle fabric.

09-DSC_4691 10-DSC_4692Now open out the snuggle fabric pouch and lay it in the flannel pouch so that right sides are touching. Pin together.

11-DSC_4693 12-DSC_4695 13-DSC_4696 14-DSC_4697 15-DSC_4698Now you are ready to stitch. Start on one side of one end. Stitch down that side, when you get to the half circle pivot your fabric with the needle down. Then stitch across the top of the half circle, then pivot again and stitch up the side of the other strap. Pivot and stitch across the end of the strap, then back down the other side, across the other half circle, then back up the other side. Leave the end you started on open at the top.

16-DSC_4699 17-DSC_4700 18-DSC_4702 19-DSC_4704 Clip your curves and clip corners. Now reach in the open end and pull the other end through turning the pouch right side out. One end will be closed and one side will be open but your pouch will be formed. As you can see I had some helpers.

05-DSC_4706Now you need to connect your strap to finish off your pouch. Turn the raw edges in towards the inside. Then lay the closed end over the top of the one you just turned under overlapping them by about a half inch or so. Pin. Stitch across the end close to the edge. Then turn over and stitch across the other end close to the edge. Clip your threads and you are finished.

04-DSC_4728 01-DSC_4743I think it turned out pretty cute! We actually found the flannel fabric at walmart. Hannah was looking for Batman fabric but when we saw the ponies and they were all snoozy we couldn’t resist. I think if I make another one for Annie I will make it a little longer. You can adjust the size according to your dog and your measurements. It is a really easy to make! You can whip up a few in an afternoon. It’s like a snuggly for your pets. Together we can make pet wearing a new fad! But seriously, give it a try sometime for your furry friend. It is great for small pets you want to take out with you when it’s a little chilly and they can be all snuggly and spoiled like they should be, right! I’ll be back soon with more fall projects. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- September 21st

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend! We took the pups on a beautiful hike at Umstead park. They had a fantastic time and it was a lovely day! I picked up a new set of chicken salt and pepper shakers too at a local thrift shop. Overall it was a great weekend! Vintage salt and pepper shakers are one of those things that I can never pass up. I have quite a little collection in my house. So this week I thought I would share some of my favorite shaker sets from Etsy this week. Check out my best favorites:


Vintage Golfing Bugs Salt and Pepper Shakers from Rabbit Heart Designs

il_570xN.749567884_mx3yVintage Milk Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers Lime Green Accent Range Size Shakers Retro Kitchen Shabby Cottage Decor Vintage 1930s from Cynthia’s Attic

il_570xN.745728877_nnkyVery Rare Vintage Bambi and Falina Kissing Deer Salt & Pepper Shakers Collectibles or Cake Toppers from Moon Faces

il_570xN.743903800_apilSalt & Pepper – Nifty ‘Westinghouse’ Shakers – 1950s Washer and Dryer – Wood – Picnicing, Camping, Glamping in Your Retro RV – Flamingos from Retro Mama 65

il_570xN.786143719_qd62Vintage Chicken Hen Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers Made in Japan – Hand Painted Salt & Pepper Chickens w/ Scarves – Mid Century Kitsch Hens from Vintage Dazzle

il_570xN.464102786_poijVintage Carter Hoffman Salt Pepper Shakers 1940’s Collectible Pottery Country Decor from In Another Life Vintage

il_570xN.520854424_owwc1950s Ucago wood cow salt and pepper shakers moo when shaken great barbecue kitsch from Lunch Lady Vintage

il_570xN.837391291_504f1950’s Salt &Pepper Shaker from Vintage Meg

il_570xN.792293278_qlqqVintage Rare Lotus Lyngby Cathrineholm Salt & Pepper Shakers – Mid Century from House Of Seance

il_570xN.680968132_b2gxVintage Toothpaste Tube Girls Anthropomorphic PY Salt and Pepper Shakers 1950s Napco Pink Blue CUTE and RARE from Crazy 4 Me

il_570xN.833379259_b0mkLovely pair of Old English Salt & Pepper shakers Odds of Mid Century and 1940’s vintage shabby chic crockery from Guidoux Vintage

1-Funky_Junks_Party_Junk_link_party.29-AMVintage Lion or Cat couple salt and pepper shakers. Very hard to find. Marked Japan and both numbered 4659 from Forever Finery

Aren’t they all adorable! I am a total sucker for ceramic animal shakers! I love them and actually have them all over my house. I can’t pick a favorite this week. Any of them strike your fancy? Be sure to check out the great shops that they came from! There are lots of treasures to see! I’ll be back soon with more vintage goodies. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- September 14th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! School is back in session, and fall is on it’s way. I can’t wait for some cooler weather! I was cleaning up my craft room the other day and came across my grandmother’s high school year book from in Mobile, Alabama. It is one of my favorite possessions in the world! I love reading what her friends wrote and seeing her photos in the clubs she was in! So, this week inspired by my grandmother’s year book, I have put together a “school days” collection of vintage finds for you all. Here are my favorites:

il_570xN.618150576_grwa1941 Tattler Year Book Logansport Indiana High School Felix the Cat from 13th Street Emporium

il_570xN.804383099_s939vintage 50s plaid skirt pleat midi / full circle pleated skirt from Soda Folk

il_570xN.791920249_p2bbVintage College Pennant ALABAMA University Red School vtg SMALL MINI Felt Pennant Flag 1940s-1960s Dorm Collectible Sports Decor Man Cave from The Old Time Junk Shop

il_570xN.829998743_n0cqCool Old School Clock from Vintage Mementos

il_570xN.523756731_3s91Vintage Black and white illustrations Childrens picture flash cards 1941 Small, Family theme Set of 6 from Sunshine and Suitcase

il_570xN.793342458_71p1Vintage Pencil Sharpener – Apsco Giant Clear Side Mechanical Hand Crank – Adjustable Wall Mount Model – 1940s Manual Pencil Mill from Vintage PDX

il_570xN.621969699_odohAll Around Us Vintage 1940s Children’s School Reader or Textbook by Scott Foresman and Co. with Scottie on Cover from Grandmother’s Attic

il_570xN.777732857_suxzVintage 1940s Richmond Spelling & Numbers Board – Educational Toy from Retro Reaction

il_570xN.497433958_6wuwVintage brass Perfect Attendance pin 1940’s excellent condition back to school goal from Love Me 2 Times Vintage

il_570xN.736942948_169dVintage 1940s Handmade Cotton School Gym Bag with Colorful College Pennant Design from Fun Old Stuff

il_570xN.481048936_koppSchool Charm Bracelet Wood and Lucite 30s Vintage from Syrtis 4

il_570xN.736653821_ql5wVintage Childs Handkerchief 1940’s School Days from Decojumeau Antiques

Aren’t they all adorable! There is something so wonderful about a plaid pleated skirt! And vintage flash cards and early readers are beyond charming! I hope you all have enjoyed my little collection this week! Be sure to check out the lovely Etsy vintage shops they all came from too. I’l be back soon with more vintage cuties. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Vintage Crafts- DIY Souvenir Tray


vintage souvenir trayHi everyone! Today I am back with another vintage craft to share with you guys! Today I am going to share how to make a souvenir tray from a Summer 1953 issue of McCalls Needlework and Craft Magazine. This craft idea was in the “Just for Fun” article and suggested glueing letters and postcards or mementos to trays for a great way to display your treasured papers.

Here is the Original:

5-just for fun 6-just for fun22-DSC_4675Instead of vegetable glue and shellac I used Mod Podge Matte decoupage medium. I used vintage post cards from my stash of vintage paper ephemera, and the red tray I picked up at Walmart this summer. I wrapped the wooden handles with some aqua and white bakers twine.

4-IMG_1009 1-DSC_4677 3-IMG_1014I absolutely adore my tray! It is a retro fun display piece. I think it would look great on a coffee table but also would be great as a serving tray for entertaining! I used vintage post cards for my tray, but I think it would be a great way to save¬†your summer paper mementos to remember summer vacations or maybe even family letters and photos. You can really get creative with it and make it your own. I’ll be back soon with more vintage fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

DIY Upcycled Tiered Pull On Skirt From a Vintage Bedsheet

01-DSC_5122 08-DSC_5097 05-DSC_5109 04-DSC_5113

Hi guys! Today I am going to share how to make an easy tiered skirt without a pattern. I made my skirt from a vintage bed sheet. One of my favorite things in the whole world are vintage bed sheets. The prints are so fun! This project is great for beginners and only takes a few hours to make. I’ll tell you how to change it up some to customize it to the look you want too!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Bed sheet or 2-3 yards of fabric

*Ruler and Marking Pen


*Sewing Machine and Thread

*1/2″ elastic

*Safety Pin


10-DSC_4508 The first thing you need to do is determine the measurements so you can cut your fabric. Measure your waist. Take that measurement and double it, then add an inch for seam allowance. So if your waist is 24″ then your first tier will be 49″ (24×2=48+1=49). Decide where your first tier will hit from your waist area. I wanted mine to hit at 7″ down from my waist. For the top tier you will make a self casing so you will need to add that to the height. For my half inch casing I will add a half inch for hem and ease, then an inch for the casing. So if I want my first tier to be 7″ finished my finished height will be 9″ (7+1+.5=8.5 +seam allowance .5=9.) So my first tier will be cut 49″x7″. I was able to get this in one piece from the width of my sheet. If your fabric is not wide enough, divide the measurement and cut two. Decide how long you want your second tier. I made mine at 10″ finished, so 11″ with seam allowance. For the second tier you will double the first width measurement. So take your width from the first tier and double it, (49×2=98″) You can cut two 49″x11″ pieces. For the third tier you will decide your length again. I chose 6″, so 8″ with seam allowance and hem. You will want to double the second tier width, (98×2=196″). So my third tier was 196″x8. I cut four pieces at 49×8. See a pattern here? You basically start with one width, then double it, then double the second.

11-DSC_4509Now to start you need to sew together your tier pieces. If you have two first tier pieces stitch them together at the side seams. Sew together the tier two pieces together at the side seams and the third tiers together at the side seams. You should now have three rings of fabric.

12-DSC_4913 13-DSC_4914 14-DSC_4915Next you need to gather your tiers. On the largest loop, the bottom tier, stitch a basting stitch about a quarter inch from the top, then another right above it. Stitch your basting stitches, stopping and starting again at each seam. Pull the two strings from one side to gather your fabric. Play and fanagle your gathers until you have gathered the fabric enough to fit to the bottom of the second tier.

15-DSC_4916 16-DSC_4917Now sew the bottom tier to the bottom of the second tier with right sides together. Baste gathering stitches in the top of both second tier pieces and gather until they will fit the bottom of the top tier. Pin. Stitch the top of the second tier to the bottom of the first tier right sides together.

17-DSC_4918I had a little helper for this part…

18-DSC_4919Now you are ready to make your casing. Turn under the top edge about a quarter of an inch and press. Then turn under again around 3/4″ and press again. Stitch all the way around close to the open edge, leaving a couple inches open for your elastic.

19-DSC_4920 20-DSC_4921 21-DSC_4922Pin one end of your elastic to the fabric right next to the casing. On the other end, fasten a safety pin and close it. Insert the safety pin side of elastic into the casing. Scootch it through the casing al the way until it comes out the other end. Try the skirt on and pull the elastic to where it fits snugly at your waist. Pin. Stitch the elastic together. Trim. Stitch the casing closed.

09-DSC_4924 22-DSC_4923To finish off your skirt hem the bottom tier by turning under twice and stitching all the way around close to the open edge.

This skirt is easily customizable. You can play around with the number of tiers, adding or subtracting. You use the basic formula of doubling the previous measurement every time you add a tier. You can also play around with the fullness. The skirt I made was double the fullness from my natural waist. If you want a skirt that is less full add less material for fullness, like 1.5 times the width instead of two. Or you can make it even more full. Play around with it and have fun!

07-DSC_5099 02-DSC_5121 I LOVE how my skirt turned out! It is fluffy and full and twirly, so fun! You can really customize this skirt by the fabrics you choose and the length and fullness of your tiers. I hope you all will give this skirt a try for your next sewing project! It doesn’t take too much fabric and is easy to sew! My skirt cost me under five dollars to make! I know I will be making more and playing around with this style. I’ll be back soon with more fun DIY tutorials. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Vintage Crafts- Painted Shakers

vintage pepper shakers

Hi guys! I am back today to share another vintage craft with you guys. Over the years I have collected a bunch of vintage magazines. Some of my favorites are my vintage Workbasket mags. Today’s craft comes a May 1952 Issue of Workbasket Magazine and talks about making Painted Salt and Pepper shakers from bottles for Bazaars. I thought I would paint a couple of my own for my kitchen.

wbmay52_700x525 painted shakers_359x700


In the article, “Women Who Make Cent’s,” a reader uses condiment or spice jars to make her shakers. She paints them with enamel paint. I used a set of aqua enamel metal salt and pepper shakers I bought at World Market. I used Martha Stewart craft paint which works on all surfaces. I painted roses on mine inspired by my favorite vintage hanky.

2-DSC_4978 1-DSC_4984

I love how my salt and pepper shakers turned out! They look great in my kitchen and have a sweet vintage feel. I am not the best at painting, but I had a fun time painting my shakers. I hope you all will give this one a try sometime! I’ll be back with more vintage craftiness soon. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Easy DIY Hoop Paintings

06-DSC_4829 07-DSC_4825 04-DSC_4868 03-DSC_4870The first time I saw one of those large wooden quilting hoops at the fabric store, I fell in love. I bought a few of them, and then they sat in my closet for a while. I was waiting for a large piece of fabric that I liked or something special to put in them. I recently rearranged my office and needed some new wall art for in there. I love inspirational quote paintings, but I am not much of an artist, especially with lettering. However I thought I would give it a try. Instead of getting those blank canvas packs from the craft store, I decided to use what I had on hand, a drop cloth and my large hoops.

Here’s What You Need:

*Large Wooden Quilting/ Embroidery Hoops

*Canvas Drop Cloth

*Paint ( I used latex wall paint because I have a ton of it, acrylics would be great too)



*Fabric Glue and/or hot glue



First you need to cut your drop cloth. Lay your hoop on your cloth and cut around the hoop about three to four inches from the hoop all the way around. Iron your cloth if you need to.


Take the inside piece out of the hoop. Lay the hoop back on your fabric and trace the inside of the hoop.

11-DSC_4813 12-DSC_4814

Paint your back ground and let it dry completely

13-DSC_4815 14-DSC_4816

Draw in your saying or wording with a pencil. Paint over your lettering. Let dry. Add any other paint embellishing you wish to. Paint your outer hoop. I painted mine white and then added stripes of color when the white dried.

15-DSC_4817 16-DSC_4818 17-DSC_4819

Once your fabric and hoops are dry you can assemble. Lay the cloth over the inside hoop. You can add a little fabric glue to the outside of the inner hoop for extra hold if you like. Position the fabric so it is centered and everything looks good. Place the outer hoop over the cloth and inner hoop. Press and stretch the fabric, pressing the hoop all the way over the inner hoop. It is difficult to get it taut right away. You will have to finagle and pull the fabric from the back side and keep working it until it is tightly bound tightening the outer hoops screw as you go.


Once your cloth is bound, you need to trim the back. Trim the fabric to about an inch or a little over an inch from the edge of the hoop.


Now take your hot glue and run glue around the inside back of the hoop. Press the excess fabric onto the glue on the inner wall of the hoop. Do this all the way around to finish off your hoop.

05-DSC_4838 02-DSC_4874 01-DSC_4876Even though my lettering skills are lacking, I think my painting turned out pretty cute. I free-handed everything, but I think for a neater look stencils would be perfect. These hoops took me most of a saturday afternoon. The painting is the long part. And of course the waiting for the paint to dry. What I love the most about this project is that the hoops are awesome little frames and since you are the artist, you can put your own personal style and color scheme to work. It’s a unique piece of art for your blank spaces. Give it a try sometime! I think you’ll love it too. I’ll be back soon with more crafty projects. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- August 18th

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We took the pups on a walk and also took a trip to the flea market and the dog park. It was a pretty good weekend, especially for the dogs! There were some gorgeous vintage enamel daisy brooches at the flea market this weekend I was swooning over. Daisies are definitely some of my favorite flowers ever! So, this week I thought I’d share some beautiful vintage daisy finds with you guys. Here are just a few of my favorites:


40s Vintage Floral Bolero in White Lace Daisies Vintage 1940s Cropped Lightweight Summer Shrug Size Small from Stutterin’ Mama


1930s Dress // Daisy Love Cotton Dress // vintage 30s dress from Deth Rose Vintage


The Daisy Housecoat ~ Vintage 40s Painted Silk Long Sheer Robe S ~ HUGE Celluloid Buttons from LaBelle Boudoir


Late 1950s Deweese Daisy Applique swimsuit and matching cover up–near pristine! from Le Dressing De Mabel


1950s Medium Hat Straw Sun Daisy Daisies Floral Flower Summer Church Wedding Retro Pin Up Resort Beach Kitsch Rockabilly Picnic Kawaii Doll from Topanga Hidden Treasures


Vintage Dainty Painted Oval Link Bracelet Yellow Goldtone Metal 1950s 1960s Fashion from WM Daughter


1950s DAISY ENAMEL brooch- fair vintage condition from Buckaroo Bear


1950s Vintage DAISY Necklace & EARRING Set Hand Colored Plastic from The Popular Jewelry


1940s Vintage Feed Sack Fabric Dish Towel 37″ x 37″ Cornflower Blue Daisy Printed Dishtowel Tea Towel Kitchen Quilting Crafts Cotton Flower from Hand Maid Marian


Glass Tumbler Culver Daisy Flower Floral Beverage Water Swanky Swig White Unique Applied Design from DDB7


1930’s divided serving tray with rattan handle, handled serving plate made in Japan from Mathilda’s Attic



10% OFF! 1950s MAXEY, 19″ Tray, Center Design Navy Background, White, Red Daisies, White, Gold Leaves, Boarder, White w Red, Gold Daisies from Gwendalysa Arts

It was so hard to narrow down my list this week, there were so many amazing items to choose from! I love them all! The swimsuit, and the house coat and the dress, I can’t even find words for them! Do you all have a favorite this week? Be sure to check out these awesome Etsy shops too, there are some great vintage goodies in them! I’ll be back next week with more vintage fun. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

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