DIY Vase Cover from a Vintage Tablecloth

DSC_7574 DSC_7579Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make a vase bag. Who doesn’t love having fresh flowers in the house, am I right!Mother’s Day is coming up here very soon and I know a lot of us like to give our mamas flowers. Most of the time they are given in a clear generic vase. So this year I thought I would make a cover for a little vase to use for my Mother’s Day arrangement. Check it out…

Here’s What You Need:
*Vintage Tablecloth Remnant or Fabric of Your Choice
*Marking Pen or Pencil
*Measuring Tape
*Straight Pins
*Sewing Machine and Thread
*⅝” wide or wider Ribbon
*Small Safety Pin


DSC_7554The first thing you need to do is measure around your vase at its widest part. Take that measurement and add an inch to that for seam allowance. Then measure how tall your vase is and add a couple inches to that. So, you will need to cut a piece that is the width by the height measurements you have. So if my vase is 11” around and 8” high, then my piece would be 12”x11”. Then cut a circle for the bottom that is the circumference of the width of your vase plus an inch for seam allowance. Now you are ready to sew. Fold the large piece in half widthwise so that the right sides of the ends are touching. Sew a half inch seam up the side. Press open the seam. Now you have a tube.

DSC_7555Pin the bottom circle to the tube with right sides touching. Carefully stitch all the way around the bottom with a half inch seam. Clip seam allowance.

DSC_7556Now fold over the top of the bag by about a quarter inch then fold it over again to the wrong side. Press. Stitch the folded edge closed all the way around.

DSC_7558Now mark the center front of your bag. Insert your vase and mark where the neck curves in or where you will want to tie the bag. Fold the end of one side of your ribbon under and pin it to the bag all the way around the back and then back to the front. Clip the ribbon where the other side of the ribbon starts and then fold the raw edge under and stitch down. Stitch close to the edge as you can. Stitch close to the top edge then stitch a second seam close to the bottom edge. Clip excess threads.

DSC_7559 DSC_7560Tie one end of your twine to your safety pin. Insert the safety pin into the ribbon casing you made on the bag and shimmy it through the casing and then out through the other side. Clip your twine to the same length for each side. Knot the ends and then insert your vase and tie the bag closed.

DSC_7576 DSC_7580 DSC_7585I love my little vase cover! It makes me want to make more for some larger vases. This was for more of a bud vase. I have way too many flowers in here than I should, but I tend to go overboard on things. I used a remnant of a vintage tablecloth that I had on hand, but you can use any kind of fabric you like. This is a really pretty simple bag to sew and it whips up quickly. You could also use this technique to make gift bags for wine for the holidays. I hope you will give it a go sometime! I’ll be back soon with more crafty fun.


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