Kitschmas Gifts- DIY Vintage Hanky Hair Kerchief

Kitschmas Gifts- DIY Vintage Hanky Hair Kerchief

DSC_6151 DSC_6140 DSC_6145Hi guys! As many of you all know I am big time into collecting vintage hankies. I can’t ever seem to pass one up! I love making things with them! Today I am going to share how to make a cute vintage hanky hair kerchief with you. This craft idea came from a vintage 1964 December Issue of Womans Day Magazine. The original was for a lace kerchief from the gifts to make section they had for years annually in their November issues. I originally thought I would use lace, but I couldn’t find any that I really liked, so I subbed hankies instead.

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Hanky


*Ruler and Marking Pen


*Sewing Machine and Thread

Here’s The Original:

Untitled-12 Untitled-11Instructions:

DSC_5355The first thing you need to do is cut your hanky. Lay your ruler across the hanky on the diagonal from one end to the other. Draw a line across. Cut on the line, cutting your hanky in half. Now, fold the raw edge of the hanky under by 1/4″ and press. Stitch across the folded edge, close to the edge.

DSC_5356Next, grab your ribbon. Decide how much you need to go around your head plus extra for tying. Fold the ribbon in half. Fold the hanky in half. Lay the ribbon over the stitched hanky edge and pin the centers together. Pin the ribbon down each side of the hanky.

DSC_5357Stitch the ribbon to the hanky in the middle of the ribbon. Fray check your ribbon ends or hem the raw ends.

DSC_6133 DSC_6131 DSC_6153What do you think? Pretty cute huh! I used a couple of medium-sized hankies. Larger hankies would be better for my head. Small hankies I think would be great for kids. This is a really inexpensive gift to make and you can whip up a whole batch of them in under an hour. They are really fun to make too! I hope you all will give this diy a try for your holiday gifting this year! Make a couple for your favorite gals! I’ll be back tomorrow with another vintage kitschmas gift. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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7 Responses

  1. Cheryl Hoffmann

    I too love the vintage hankies. I have several from my now deceased Grandma and my ex-husbands grandma. My grandma made my daughter (her great granddaughter) a hankerchief hat when she was born that she wore on her head at her christening. All I had to do was clip a stitch or two and it became a hankie for her to use at her own wedding. My daughter was so excited that she had her Great Grandmother there (in her hankie) because she died when she was a little girl. Both my girls wore the hat and both had it with them on their wedding day.

    I have never found a pattern for it and would love it if you or anyone could help me out in where to look for one.


    Cheryl in MI

  2. How cute are these!! I just need a free afternoon so I can sew up a stack of them! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow that features your tutorial: –Anne

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  4. I love vintage kerchiefs! Just adorable!! Nice tutorial too!! Why don’t you come over to my craft party (new every Thursday 7pm EST) and link this and future projects up! I pin every one of them!