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DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

07 DSC 0005 3 DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

05 DSC 0007 3 DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

04 DSC 0012 3 DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

02 DSC 0021 3 DIY Reclaimed Wood StarUpcycling pallets has become very popular over the last year or so. Pallets have become one of my favorite materials to work with, so I can totally see the charm. They are free and the wood is nice and old looking. They are also fun to work with! I had a bunch of scrap pieces from the pallet art I have been making for the Flea Market. I thought it would be fun to use the scraps to make large shape that I can use for an art piece for the back porch. We decided to make a large star shape. This DIY was really pretty easy! I had a blast making it with the hubby this past weekend!

Here’s What You Need:

*Reclaimed Wood (Scrap wood, Pallet wood, etc…)

*Pencil and/ a marker

*Band saw or circular saw

*Brad Nailer and Nails

*Sawtooth Hanger


08 photo 1 DIY Reclaimed Wood StarThe first thing you need to do is arrange your scrap pieces on a flat surface face down forming a canvas. Free hand your shape on the back side of your scrap wood carefully. Draw over the final shape with a marker.

09 photo 2 DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

10 photo 3 DIY Reclaimed Wood StarStarting with the bottom pieces, cut the wood where it was marked with your saw. After you cut each piece, lay it back where it was so you can keep your pieces straight and together. Cut all of the marked areas and lay the pieces out so they make up your shape, in my case, a star.

11 photo 4 DIY Reclaimed Wood StarTake a few of the scraps from the wood you cut and lay them out on the back side of your shape so that you will have a surface for all the pieces to be nailed to so nothing comes apart. Once you have plenty of backing wood, you are ready to nail it.

12 photo 1 2 DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

13 photo 2 2 DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

14 photo 3 2 DIY Reclaimed Wood StarNail the backing wood to the back of your wood shape. Put several nails in each piece. To finish off the pallet art, attach a saw tooth hanger to the back of the star support pieces. Now it is ready to hang.

06 DSC 0006 3 DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

03 DSC 0019 3 DIY Reclaimed Wood Star

01 DSC 0024 3 DIY Reclaimed Wood StarI absolutely LOVE my star! It is going to look fabulous on the back porch wall! I think I may try a few more sometime soon. Maybe a peace sign next time though. If any of you guys decide to make one of your own, let me know. I love it when you all try my projects, and I love seeing how you put your spin on it! I’ll be back next week with another fun DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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