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DIY Salt Shaker Christmas Photo Holders




18-DSC_0201Hey everyone! One of my favorite things to craft with during the holidays is Christmas miniatures. I love creating little snow scenes, and I am head over heels for any kind of mini deer! I saw some salt shakers at Anthro last year that had little trees in them, and thought they were pretty darn cute. I wanted to make some of my own, but I wanted to add a little something extra to them since I already have jars and bell jar ornaments with snow scenes in them around my home. I thought I’d make mine to be photo holders. They are super easy to make and they make a great conversation piece to add to your holiday decor!

Here’s What You Need:

*Salt Shakers (I bought mine at Walmart)

*Christmas Miniatures (my deer were vintage, my snowmen came from AC Moore)

*Diamond Dust or glitter of your choice.

*Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun

*Extra Long Tweezers


*Glittered Poinsettia (I bought mine at Michaels)

*Jewelry Pliers

*Ribbon or Trim





First clean and dry your salt shakers. Next, grab your mini with your pliers and place a nice dab of hot glue on the bottom of your mini. Insert the mini into the open salt shaker and press into the bottom. You may need to hold it in place for a few seconds until the glue sets up.



Now, take a little spoon and spoon in a little glitter into the bottom of each shaker.






To make your top, start by clipping the stem off of your flower. Cut a length of wire about 4″ or so. Stick the wire through the center of the flower and through the center hole in the top of the shaker. Fold the bottom 1/2″ or so of the wire snugly to the bottom of the shaker lid.



To make the photo holder, start at the top end of your wire. Make a loop with your pliers. Then, with your fingers loop the wire around itself in a spiral pattern to the bottom where it meets the flower.




To finish your photo holders, glue a little trim or ribbon around the shaker lid. Screw the lid on and insert your photos into the wire between the spiral loops. If your glitter is super fine and comes out of the shaker lid easily, you may want to close up the holes in the underside of the lid with some tape or glue.




17-DSC_0200Aren’t they so fun! I love my photo holders! They are a fantastic size! My little Printstagram mini prints are just perfect displayed on top! I think these would also make wonderful place card holders for your holiday table. The best thing about them is that you can make a group of them in under an hour. It is a perfect weeknight craft and would be a sweet gift for a hostess. I hope you all will give them a try sometime. I will be back tomorrow with more holiday fun! Until then…

Happy Crafting!


Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- November 11

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We stuck around the house mostly. Sunday we went out to the flea market to shop, and Beau had a great time! I always love going out there! This week has been a little crazy since I am trying to get everything ready to set up shop next weekend at the Raleigh Flea, so I am a little behind. I did want to pop in and share some of my favorite vintage finds for this week with you all. Today I have curated a little collection of vintage finds in fallish hues of emerald and forest green. Here are my absolute favorites:


Vintage Emerald Green Winged Cat Eye Glasses Eyeglasses or Sunglasses 1950s Frame from Vintage 50′s Eyewear


50s Party Dress XS / 1950s Emerald Green Dress / The Toni Gown from Crush Vintage


Vintage 1960s Rhinestone Flower Earrings Pin Set 2 Tone Green Aluminum from Rebecca’s Vintage Salon


vintage 1950s hat / novelty hat / Pinecone from Poppycock Vintage 


1950s Emergency Kit Ammo Box, Large Green Metal Storage from Nacho Kitty


1940s 1950s Vintage TRAIN CASE – Forrest Carry On Luggage with Mirror Inside from Vintage Dame


SALE Rare Printed Vintage Child’s Handkerchief with Bambi and Mother from Lady CBIM


ON SALE 35% Off – 1950s Emerald Green Princess Coat – Fur Coat – Princess Coats – The Emeraude Coat from Aiseirigh


8 Anchor Hocking Forest Green White Daisy Tumblers in Wire Caddy – 1950 from Sharron’s Attic


Mid Century Modern Palissy Kelly Green Kontiki Kon-Tiki Atomic 2-Tier Cake Stand Boxed 1950s from Keepsies


Old Green Books, Shabby Chic Home Decor, Set of 6 Green Books, Photo Props, Home Decor Wedding Decor, Vintage Books, Faded and Worn Look from Steve’s Book Decor



Vintage 1950s Girls Forest Green Wool Coat and Matching Hat / Size 6 from Thrifty Vintage Kitten

I just love them all! Don’t you! The rich tones this time of year are so lovely! I hope you all enjoy browsing through all these amazing Etsy vintage shops. They are all brimming with wonderful vintage finds! I’ll be back next week with more vintage fun. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

My Life in Pictures- February 13th-20th

DSC_0055 (2)_497x600


Happiness is a little pink owl…

DSC_0046 (2)_800x518


My grandfather’s camera…

DSC_0019 (2) copy_800x508


My mom has been working on these little glitter houses. Aren’t they cute!

photo 2 (2)


Birthday packages for my Hannah Banana

photo 1


We got a split leash for the dogs. It fantastic, until they see a squirrel…

photo 4


Beau and his new puppy cousin Kaponi taking a walk…

photo 1 (2)

Beau pouting because the puppy was getting all the attention…

photo 5 (2)


Beau’s squirrel….

DSC_0064 (2)_415x600


My mom always has fresh flowers in her house. I can never have flowers because my cat is an asshole, but at least I get to enjoy them over there…

DSC_0060 (2)_430x600


Sadie in her new coat…

DSC_0066 (2)_549x600


Calling the chickens in…

DSC_0091 (2)_544x600


My beautiful fluffy little man…

DSC_0084 (2)_418x600

DSC_0102 (2)_437x600


Hangin’ out with my girls…

Here’s a few more snapshots from the week:

This week has been lovely! We have had some beautiful weather! My sister in law and her boyfriend got a new puppy, a weenie dog, named Kaponi. He is precious. They came over this past weekend and Beau had a good time playing with the puppy. He also got quite jealous that he wasn’t the center of attention. I have been babying him a little extra this week to make it up to him. He’s so spoiled! My sister Hannah turned nineteen this week. It’s her last year of teenhood. I was very excited to receive the March issue of Reloved. I have two projects in the mag this month. So it’s really been a very good week! Hope you all have had a wonderful one as well!

My Life in Pictures- January 31st- February 6th


I attended the Let’s Shop Local Shopping Spree on Saturday. There were so many great artists there! I am really looking forward to the next one!

photo 1 (6)

Beau attended the local craft show with us, and was totally exhausted after all that socializing…

photo 2 (6)

He also really loves his new bag of treats from Good Grace’s Treats….

photo 4 (6)

We went out to the dog park on Sunday with my parents. Beau and Sadie had a blast! Lily, on the other hand, was antisocial as usual….

photo 1 (5)

Beau waiting for dad to throw the rope…

photo 4 (5)

Daryl made a tortilla press and we have made home made corn tortillas for tacos three times already this week. They are amazingly good!

photo 3 (2)

Wanna know one of my guilty pleasures? I watch Perry Mason religiously before I go to bed. Apparently my great granny never missed an episode either….

photo 1 (4)

The chickens have found a new favorite spot on my mom’s front porch. My dad hates it cause they poop everywhere and eat the cat food…

photo 3 (4)

Aunt Odalee was not happy that Daryl was trying to pick her up to remove her from the porch…

photo 1

I decorated my Valentine Tree this week….

photo 4 (2)

The next day I came home to this…

This week has been pretty good! I attended the Shopping Spree down in Raleigh and got to meet a bunch of lovely locals! We went to the dog park, ate sushi for lunch, took down the christmas decorations, and put up the valentine’s decorations. Beau had a great week, he got to go out to lunch with me twice and he spent a lot of time with Sadie this week too, so he is one happy puppy! My cats have even been pretty lovey dovey this week. I hope you all have had a great week! I’ll be back next week with more pics.

Have a fantastic week!


My Life in Pictures- January 24th-30th

DSC_0143 (2)_512x600

DSC_0145 (2)_437x600

photo 5 (2)_800x566




This week we got our first real snow of the year! It started Tuesday night and by Wednesday we had a beautiful four inches of snow cover! Beau was not too sure he liked the snow. He dealt with it pretty well and we even took a walk today in it.

photo 5_450x600


Monday my parents and I took the dogs out to the dog park. Beau and Sadie had a fantastic time! It is always so much fun to watch them run and play!

DSC_0034 (3)_643x600

DSC_0045 (3)_800x516


Sadie managed to flip her ears inside out she was playing so hard…

photo 2_547x600


Jack decided to take a nap on Daryl. He has some funny sleeping positions sometimes…

photo 1_800x600

Luckily I was able to find a flip flop that matched my boot….

This week has been a little extra quiet. Last weekend we took it easy since my toe was pretty sore. I managed to find a flip flop that matched my boots so my different footwear at least matched a little. Daryl and Jack Jack got some cuddle time in. It snowed here on Tuesday so I haven’t ventured out anywhere this week. Beau has been spending extra time in the bed getting cozy under the covers. I took him out in the snow a little bit yesterday, and we went on a walk around the neighborhood today. Luckily he got some great play time with his sister, Sadie, on Monday when we went to the dog park. I hope you all have  a wonderful week! I’ll be back next week with more photos.


Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- January 20th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all having a good start to the week! It’s been pretty cold the last week. We’ve had some frosting which cast kind of a silvery sheen to the yard. It made me think of all the pretty silvery tones of winter. So, I have compiled a little collection of lovely silver finds from Etsy’s wonderful vintage shops to share with you all today. Vintage silvers are fantastic! Here are a few of my favorites:


Unique Dorset Rex Vintage1950s silver tone metal basket style handbag with acrylic lucite handle and lid from The Vutique


Vintage 1950s Silver Kitsch Chandelier Dangle Earrings from Bijou Pour Tous


1950s heels / metallic leather heels from No Carnations


Vintage1950s Silver mesh tone Chain White Elegant from Doris Vintage


cat eye glasses Silver rhinestone vintage 1950s eyewear cateye frames Vintage Optical Shop


1950s Style Rock n Roll Charm Bracelet from Hey Viv


Vintage Faux Diamond Rhinestone Statement Necklace – Mid Century 1950s from MaeJean Vintage


1950s wedding dress/ white and silver silk from Gidgette Bardot


Mid Century Vintage Lucite Vanity Set from Dotti Rose Studio


1950s Toastmaster Plastic Toy Toaster from Whatever is Lovely


Ombre Mirrored Glassware Set of 8 from Ffog Shop


Jello Mold Cups Instant Collection Set (10)  from One Rusty Nail

Aren’t they all just so lovely! I love love love the lucite finds! I love them all really! I hope you all enjoy browsing through these fantastic Etsy vintage shops as much as I did! I’ll be back next week with more fun vintage finds. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

DIY Easy Studded Sweater




diy studded sweaterHi guys! I hope you are all getting a good start to 2014! I am just coming out of my Christmas coma and have been getting caught up on everything. Today I wanted to share this week’s upcycled sweater project. I am going to show you how easy it is to revamp an old sweater with metal studs. These studs are fun and easy to work with, and you can get them in several different shapes. I chose a mix of conical and square pyramid studs for my sweater in an antique brass color.


*Pull Over Sweater

*Metal studs with prongs on the bottom(it’s fun to use different shapes too)

*Jewelry Pliers (optional)

*Ruler (optional)



The first thing you need to do is decide on a design. I wanted rows that form down to a point from the shoulders.





I started off with the square pyramid studs. To attach the stud to your sweater, push the prongs through the front of your sweater and hold it in place while you turn the sweater so you can see the underside of the sweater and the prongs. Bend the prongs down towards the center. I had no problem using my fingers to push them down, but if your studs are difficult, then you can use a pair of jewelry pliers to bend the prongs down.


Start off with your first row of studs right below your shoulder seam. Space the studs out evenly. I made my first row to have eight studs. Then start your second row under the first and where the first gap between the studs is. Make your second row to be one less stud than your first stud, then your third row one less than that and so on until you only have one piece in your last row.  I alternated the square pyramid stud rows with the conical studs in rows. Add a few studs around the neck and then you are done.




You can really make this project your own by playing around with the patterns shapes and colors of your studs. I bought my studs at Joanns and with a coupon this sweater update only cost me a little over $6. It’s so easy and you can whip it up in under an hour too. So next time your cleaning out your closet, don’t toss that old sweater. Repurpose it into a fun new piece with just a little embellishment! I’ll be back next week with another sweater update. Until then….

Happy Crafting!

Fun Shrinky Ornament Christmas Tags

DSC_0076 (5)_600x600

DSC_0077 (5)_600x600

DSC_0079 (4)_600x600


Hi guys! It’s been a little crazy around here. I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already! I still have not even made a dent in my wrapping! Before the Christmas holiday I wanted to share one last Christmas-y thing, free printable tags! I have included printable sheets below for regular paper printable tags, and then ones for shrinky inkjet paper for an even more special tag.

Here is the printable for the paper tags:

printable ornament xmas tags

And here are the printables for the shrinky tags, they have already been lightened for you, so they are 100% ready to print on your shrinky paper…


shrinky tags 1

shrinky tags 2

shrinky tags 3



DSC_0073 (5)_600x600

DSC_0080 (4)_526x600

Aren’t they fun! To make the shrinky tags, print them out on your inkjet shrinky paper, cut them out and then bake. There are really simple instructions on the back of the package for the paper. You can write the name of the recipient and the gift giver on the back with a sharpie. I hope you all enjoy these printable tags! May they add a little extra cheer to your Christmas packages!

Happy Wrapping!


DIY Souvenir Snow Globe Necklace





DSC_0001 (2)_431x600

Hi everyone! Welcome to day ten of my 12 Days of Handmade Gifts! I love snow globes! The kitschy-er the better! When I was little whenever we went somewhere really cool I bought one of those tacky snow globes as a souvenir to take home. I still have the one I bought when I went to Paris with my family years ago. It is so tacky it’s cute. I saw these fun glass globe pendant blanks on Etsy a while back and just had to get them. I had originally planned on making them into wearable mini scenes with vintage plastic miniatures that I have. I thought it would be awesome to have little minis of cities that I’d love to travel to. Since I couldn’t find any, I thought I’d make some mini cities instead.

Here’s What You Need:

*Mini Globe Bottle Pendants(Here)

*Printable Shrinky Dinks

*Photos of landmarks




*Wax Paper



*Jewelry Pliers








The first thing you need to do is make your shrinky city. Find a photo of a landmark you like and reduce the photo down to be around 1.75″” wide by no more than 3″ tall. Print out the photo onto your shrinky paper according to the directions on the pattern. Make sure you lighten the photo by 50% before printing or it will be too dark. Preheat your oven per the package directions. Tear up a paper bag and place a piece of it on a cookie sheet. Cut out around your landmark. Place it on your paper on the baking sheet. Then, bake for 3-5 minutes. While the shrinky is baking, fold up a piece of wax paper and lay it opened on an open book. Remove your shrinky from the oven and place it on the wax paper, then close the book sandwiching the shrinky between the wax paper and book pages. Press down on the book to help flatten the shrinky. Once your shrinky is cooled, you are ready to assemble your necklace. Spread some glue onto the inside of the setting bottom. Press your shrinky into the glue in the middle of the setting. Let the glue set up. The shrinky may move a little in the glue, just readjust it as needed. Take the glass globe and insert the eye pin-up through the hole in the top and the bead cap. Snip the wire down to about a half-inch from the top of the globe and loop the wire around making the loop for hanging your pendant. Now, turn the globe upside down and add a few pinches of glitter to the inside. Run a bead of glue around the lip of the globe and insert the setting onto the globe.  Turn the globe right side up and set aside to dry. Once the necklace is fully dried and cured, string it onto a chain.





Don’t you just love them! I don’t know which one I like more. These are really so fun to make! You can customize the jar, just by the shrinky you choose to print and use. I thought about making one for my mom with our family home. I am going to be adding a few kits to my shop for these fun necklaces next week. So if any of you are interested in grabbing one, stay tuned. They are coming soon. I had such a blast making these two. I hope you guys will make some, you’ll have a great time too! I’ll be back next week with the final two handmade gift tutorials and some fun holiday wrapping ideas and printables. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

DIY Five Minute Upcycled Pet Snood or Dickie

Hi guys! Welcome to day seven of my 12 Days of Handmade Gifts. Today I am going to show you how to make these super simple pet snoods. We have Italian greyhounds, which is a breed that gets cold so easily. Beau and Sadie have quite a collection of sweaters which we usually break out once it hits below seventy outside. When the days get really chilly Sadie’s little ears turn into icicles. She just shakes and shakes. I have seen beautiful hand knit snoods for little dogs on Pinterest, but I do not know how to knit, so I thought I’d do the next best thing and upcycle a sweater.

All you need is a sweater, scissors, and a sewing machine(Or a needle and thread.) You need to measure your dogs neck, and test fit the sleeve to make sure it fits around their face. Cut the sleeve of your sweater to be the length of your dog’s neck plus a couple of inches. Turn the sleeve piece inside out. Turn up the bottom of the sleeve where you cut it, turn it up about half an inch and sew it down to form the hem of the snood. Stitch the hem all the way around the bottom, back stitch at the ends, and then clip excess threads. And that’s it.

Sadie seems to love her new snood! It keeps her neck and her little ears nice and toasty. I made one for Beau too, he doesn’t like his around his face and will shake it down so it sits around his neck like a dickie in his sweater. So, if you have a little pooch that get’s über cold in the winter, make them a little snood for Christmas. Or if you have a super laid back kitty who would like a fashionable neck warmer, you make one for them too. This project is super fast! It takes about five minutes to make, and you can find sweaters at your thrift store for under five dollars. It’s a fast fun project, and I hope my fellow little dog mommies and daddies will give this one a try! I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun handmade gift tutorial. Until then….

Happy Crafting!

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