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DIY Vintage Upcycled Window Memo Board

Hi guys! I love making memo and organizational boards around here, which is kind of funny since I am not an organized person. Making a memo board from an old window is really pretty easy. I made this one to be half a dry erase board and half a cork board. I also added knobs to the bottom so I can hang my scarves and purse on the bottom. This organizer is fun to make and you can make this project in less than a day. It’s a perfect weekend project!

Here’s What You Need:

*Small Window with 2 panes


*Razor Knife


*Cork Sheets

*MDF or Thin Plywood

*Vintage Wallpaper





*Spray Adhesive or tape


The first thing you need to do is take the glazing out of the back side of the glass panes. Cut around the glazing in the back of the glass pane and pop off pieces of the glazing until it is all gone. Leave one piece of glass in, and pop out the second pane of glass gently with a rubber mallet. Now you can add the knobs. Mark where you want your knobs to go. I made mine to be 2″ in from each side and then evenly spaced between. Drill your holes. Now you can paint your frame if you so wish. While the paint is drying you can make your inserts. For the cork board, cut a piece of board and glue the cork sheets on top, then trim down the excess. You can attach the fabric by spraying the fabric and cork with spray adhesive and then trimming the excess fabric. Or you can hot glue the excess fabric around the back of the board to secure.. To make the wallpaper back, cut a board to fit the window. Then cut a piece of wallpaper to size, and tape onto the board. Once your paint is dry, you need to pop in the boards and frame them with picture hardware, or secure them with a bead of caulk all the way around the backside. Next, insert the knobs into the predrilled holes. Tighten the knobs down. Then cut the excess bolt off of the back of the knob. To finish off your organizer, add a sawtooth hanger to the top middle on the backside. Now grab some push pins and a dry erase marker and you are ready to use your board.

I love my board! I made mine specifically to go in the kitchen. It is a great organizer to write my lists on and it holds my purse and keys. You can use this organizer in a foyer too, or hang it in your bedroom to display pictures and hold your jewelry. I used vintage wallpaper and vintage sheeting fabric for my boards, but you can use any kind of paper or fabric that you like. It is totally customizable to your style! So next time you come across an old shabby window, pick it up and turn it into an organizer for your favorite space! You’ll love it! I’ll be back next week with more lovely diy projects. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

DIY Organizer from Old Window

Today I have a fun and versatile craft for you all, we’re going to make an organizer from an old window! I made mine with some cork, chicken wire and chalkboard painted wood. It’s fairly simple to do, and the best part is that it doesn’t take long at all to make, you could craft one in an afternoon.

Here’s What You Need:

* An Old Window

*Cork Squares

*Chalkboard Spray Paint

*Chicken Wire

*1.4″ Wood ( I used plywood, but in hindsight I would recommend MDF for a much better finish)

*Sawtooth Hanger

*Power saw or table saw for cutting wood

*Wire Cutters

*Razor Knife


*Rubber Mallet

*Trim nailer, hammer and tacs, or silicone caulk

Step 1: Remove window glazing- With a sharp razor knife cut along each side of the window glazing popping pieces of it out until all the glazing has been removed. Then scrape the sides with a scraper.

Step 2: Remove the Glass- Lightly tap upwards on the glass from underneath to slowly move glass to the top and out. If you have a stubborn pane and your glass breaks, carefully pull out the glass shards, preferably with gloves. Carefully discard glass. Then, scrape down the sides of the empty window pane with the scraper until it’s relatively smooth.

Step 3: Cut Wood- Measure the inside dimensions of the window panes. Mark the measurements on your wood and cut down to size using a table saw or power saw, or you could use a hand saw if you had to.

Step 4: Prepare Cork and Blackboards- For the blackboard surface boards, clean off the wood and spray the boards with paint according to the directions on the can. Let dry. For the cork; place a generous amount of wood glue on your boards, lay cork on top and secure with a weight, then let it dry. Once your glue is dry, cut down the cork to fit the boards.

Step 5: Attach boards to your window- Place each board you have in the window pane you would like them in. You can hammer tacs into the sides of the panes, use a trim nailer to shoot small nails to secure it, or you can squeeze a bead of silicone caulk around each board to secure it as well.

Step 6: Attach Chicken Wire- Cut your wire down to a manageable size using the wire cutters. Stretch the wire and tac down with your nailer or hammer and tacs on each side, trying to keep it taut as possible. Then clip end of wire to fit window pane.

Step 7: Add hangers- You can add a sawtooth hanger to the back, just measure for the center and nail it in. And that’s it! Now you can hang and enjoy!

I made my organizer to use as a display for my jewelry at craft shows. It works great for jewelry, but it would also be fantastic as an organizer for your kitchen or mud room to make lists, reminders, clip important things to, hang up your favorite comic from the day, really anything you like. I think it would be fun to add some hangers or knobs to the bottom to hang keys or bags from! You can let your imagination run free, there are so many possibilities. So go ahead and make one, and add a little organizational piece of mind to your favorite space!

Happy Crafting!

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