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Let’s Shop Local Shopping Spree Event

Hi guys! This past weekend I had the pleasure to attend the first Let’s Shop Local Shopping Spree at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.  Let’s Shop Local is a triangle North Carolina organization devoted to showcasing local artists. Their shows … Continued

Let’s Shop Local Shopping Spree

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share something with my local North Carolinians. Let’s Shop Local, a lovely new website dedicated to supporting local artists, is putting on it’s first “local love” show in Raleigh on February 1st! The event … Continued

DIY Vintage Inspired Family Bell Jars

Hi guys! As some of you know by now, my little bell jars are nothing new around here. My small obsession with them started with this post last Christmas. They are so fun to make, I have been making some … Continued

DIY Fun Party Cake Buntings

Hi guys! As many of you know all know, I am a sucker for buntings! I love creating them and have dozens around my place. When I was planning Hannah’s graduation party, I knew I had to do at least … Continued

DIY Sweet Vintage Doily Bunting

Today I have a fabulous and really simple craft for you all, doily buntings! These shabby buntings are great to decorate with! It’s a great use for your doily collection, and if you don’t already have your own, you can … Continued

I Heart Etsy Fridays- Cherry Time

Yesterday I stumbled upon this beautiful Etsy shop, and just decided that it had to be my featured shop of the week this week. Vesna & Mojca are the creative team behind Cherry Time, a fabulous Etsy shop filled with … Continued

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