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Easy DIY Vintage Brooch Hair Accessories

04-IMG_0994 05-IMG_0983 02-IMG_0999 07-IMG_0980Out of all of my little collection of costume jewelry, my favorite pieces are my brooches! I have bunches of them, some of them in better shape than others, but all of them fabulous. I even have a little collection that belonged to my Great Aunt Ellen, who was quite a lady, and shared not only a love of cats, but also a birthday with me. Recently I was going through my brooches and picked out a few that were broken or just not ones I wear for repurposing. I have repurposed old pins into necklaces and magnets before. This time I thought I would try my hand at some hair accessories.

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Jewelry, Brooches, Earrings, Etc



*Hair Clip Blanks

*Headband Blanks

*Button Nippers/ Flush Nose Clippers


09-DSC_4822First you need to take the backs off of your jewelry. Take your clippers and cut the backs off of your brooch or earring. Clipp them to be as flat on the back as you can. It may take a little finagling.

10-DSC_4891 11-DSC_4892Now cut a little strip of felt to be about the size of the bottom of the brooch. Run a bead of glue onto the back of the brooch or earring.Place the brooch onto the clip or headband gluing it down. Add a little glue to your felt. Press the felt onto the back of the headband or clip so it sandwiches the clip between the brooch and the felt. Press and hold for a couple of minutes until it is set.

12-DSC_4889Let it dry completely and then clip off any bits of felt that are sticking out.

08-IMG_0978 06-IMG_0982 03-IMG_0995 01-IMG_1001I love my new hair clips and headbands! I have been wearing them a lot lately and have been getting a bunch of compliments on them. As it turned out these little accessories were a cinch to whip up. You can find broken jewelry and old brooches at your local flea market or sometimes even from the thrift store. You can use brooches, earrings, old pendants, most broken jewelry would work. So instead of tossing those old earrings and pins, make them into some adorable hair accessories to fluff up your wardrobe. I hope you will give it a try sometime! I’ll be back soon with more DIY fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- October 5th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It was very rainy here, but we managed to get in a little trip to some antique shops in Cameron and a Saturday night cook out with my father in law. I am super excited it is October! Fall is my favorite season! Everything is still quite green around here, but we should start seeing some fall colors in the next couple of weeks. Until then, I wanted to share some of my favorite fall-ish finds from Etsy with you all this week…

il_570xN.839801077_p0kzAutumn perfect vintage asymmetrical wooden leaf charm and black wooden bead necklace – c. 1960s 1970s does 1930s 1940s fall charm necklace from Chronically Vintage

il_570xN.838790018_d4qvVintage 1940s Hat – 40s Velvet Leaf Hat – The Kathleen from Bohemian Bisoux

il_570xN.650542685_1yd9vintage 1940s dress / 40s dress / Autumn Leaves from Dronning

il_570xN.818664573_kcx2Red Maple Leaf Earrings, plastic celluloid fall autumn earrings, 1950s jewelry from RMS Jewels

il_570xN.564941672_rk9wVintage 1950s Gellywog of Florida Decoupage Fall Leaf Box Handbag from Perfectly Posh Vintage

il_570xN.837514081_q7hy1930s/40s Kimono / Seasons Change Robe / Vintage 40s Silk Kimono from Caramel Vintage

il_570xN.521882582_8klfVintage 1950s Retro Fall Orange, Yellow, Teal, Brown Plants & Leaves Scalloped Edge Handkerchief from Button It Up Vintage

il_570xN.642834933_1g541950s Atomic Apron, Vintage Apron, Atomic Apron, 1950s Apron, Fall leaves, Retro Apron, Vintage Kitchen, Red, Pink, Brown, Fall Fashion from Molly Finds

il_570xN.840108896_igk51950s 50s -Barkcloth Panel – Fall Leaves Pattern – Brown – Orange – Grey – Yellow – Thanksgiving – Outdoor Wedding from No Grit No Glory

il_570xN.509187962_17fkRoyal China Falling Leaves Pattern Made in USA- 48 Pieces of Dinnerware– 1950’s from Elementree Old School

il_570xN.802822633_fi04SCARCE 1930s Tin Toy Tea Tray, Black Squirrel with leaves from Olde Tyme Notions

il_570xN.638897684_5jirFall Leaves Antique Quilt, c. 1970, Virginia # 2074 from Quilts Unlimited of VA

Aren’t they all wonderful! I LOVE the fabrics and the dishes! Do you all have a favorite this week? I just love vintage shopping don’t you! Be sure to check out the lovely Etsy vintage shops that these items came from today. I think you will love them too! I’ll be back soon with more vintage goodies. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- September 30th

Hey guys! I am a little under the weather this week, so I am a bit off of my normal routine. I meant to post this back on Monday. I have tons of vintage loves, including linens, mid century, art deco, etc. One of my little obsessions is vintage westerns and western goods. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite vintage cowboy finds with you all this week. Here is my top twelve…

il_570xN.839520757_ifukCowboy Figures. Vintage 1930s Cast Metal. Painted Miniatures. Pair of 2. Lincoln Log Signed. Lasso Rope & Pistol Figurine Lead Toys from Bohemian Trading

il_570xN.804767738_8ar3Lime green and Red Justin 1940’s cowboy boots from Vardo Antiques

il_570xN.826921699_hbg9Vintage chatelaine enamel brooch with a cowboy and a horse gold tone with chain, 1930s from Aerosvar

il_570xN.810063836_kx22Vintage Whitman Publishing Cozy Corner Book Yippee! Cowboy published 1947 color illustrations from Vintage Reading Room

il_570xN.828863193_slnhDavy Crockett Style Vintage Rocking Horse With Clip Clop Bell from Simply Creative Living

il_570xN.721546519_5gdfVintage Wallace China Rodeo Westward Ho 10 inch Dinner Plate Till Goodan Cowboy Dishes from Oceanside Castle

il_570xN.800117029_2lnc40s Child’s Vest * Vintage Leather Novelty Vest * American Indian * size 5 6 7 from sparvintheieletree

il_570xN.819285772_99vcToy Texas Ranger Cap Gun, Wood Handle, Leather Holster, Star Studs, Vintage 1940s 1950s, Children’s Toy, Western Pretend Play, Role Playing from Neutral Nellies

il_570xN.719674466_ng2aVintage Shirt / Vintage 1940’s Western Shirt // 40s / Rockabilly / h bar c shirt / 1940s / viva las vegas from Vintage Box Fashions

il_570xN.764978838_n7knVintage 1940’s Gene Autry Cowboy Print Scarf from 65 Cobblestone

il_570xN.622727038_j642VinTAgE TaBLeCLoth -whimsical startex Rodeo from Gramas Attic

il_570xN.664165891_c48rPretty Little COWGIRL With SKINNY LEGS Stands Next to Her Horse Photo Circa 1930s from Niepce Gallery

Don’t you just love them! I am head over heels for the brooch, and the china and tablecloth! Do you have a favorite this week? I hope you enjoy browsing through these lovely Etsy vintage shops as much as I did! I’ll be back next week with some fall goodies. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- September 14th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! School is back in session, and fall is on it’s way. I can’t wait for some cooler weather! I was cleaning up my craft room the other day and came across my grandmother’s high school year book from in Mobile, Alabama. It is one of my favorite possessions in the world! I love reading what her friends wrote and seeing her photos in the clubs she was in! So, this week inspired by my grandmother’s year book, I have put together a “school days” collection of vintage finds for you all. Here are my favorites:

il_570xN.618150576_grwa1941 Tattler Year Book Logansport Indiana High School Felix the Cat from 13th Street Emporium

il_570xN.804383099_s939vintage 50s plaid skirt pleat midi / full circle pleated skirt from Soda Folk

il_570xN.791920249_p2bbVintage College Pennant ALABAMA University Red School vtg SMALL MINI Felt Pennant Flag 1940s-1960s Dorm Collectible Sports Decor Man Cave from The Old Time Junk Shop

il_570xN.829998743_n0cqCool Old School Clock from Vintage Mementos

il_570xN.523756731_3s91Vintage Black and white illustrations Childrens picture flash cards 1941 Small, Family theme Set of 6 from Sunshine and Suitcase

il_570xN.793342458_71p1Vintage Pencil Sharpener – Apsco Giant Clear Side Mechanical Hand Crank – Adjustable Wall Mount Model – 1940s Manual Pencil Mill from Vintage PDX

il_570xN.621969699_odohAll Around Us Vintage 1940s Children’s School Reader or Textbook by Scott Foresman and Co. with Scottie on Cover from Grandmother’s Attic

il_570xN.777732857_suxzVintage 1940s Richmond Spelling & Numbers Board – Educational Toy from Retro Reaction

il_570xN.497433958_6wuwVintage brass Perfect Attendance pin 1940’s excellent condition back to school goal from Love Me 2 Times Vintage

il_570xN.736942948_169dVintage 1940s Handmade Cotton School Gym Bag with Colorful College Pennant Design from Fun Old Stuff

il_570xN.481048936_koppSchool Charm Bracelet Wood and Lucite 30s Vintage from Syrtis 4

il_570xN.736653821_ql5wVintage Childs Handkerchief 1940’s School Days from Decojumeau Antiques

Aren’t they all adorable! There is something so wonderful about a plaid pleated skirt! And vintage flash cards and early readers are beyond charming! I hope you all have enjoyed my little collection this week! Be sure to check out the lovely Etsy vintage shops they all came from too. I’l be back soon with more vintage cuties. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

DIY Upcycled Tiered Pull On Skirt From a Vintage Bedsheet

01-DSC_5122 08-DSC_5097 05-DSC_5109 04-DSC_5113

Hi guys! Today I am going to share how to make an easy tiered skirt without a pattern. I made my skirt from a vintage bed sheet. One of my favorite things in the whole world are vintage bed sheets. The prints are so fun! This project is great for beginners and only takes a few hours to make. I’ll tell you how to change it up some to customize it to the look you want too!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Bed sheet or 2-3 yards of fabric

*Ruler and Marking Pen


*Sewing Machine and Thread

*1/2″ elastic

*Safety Pin


10-DSC_4508 The first thing you need to do is determine the measurements so you can cut your fabric. Measure your waist. Take that measurement and double it, then add an inch for seam allowance. So if your waist is 24″ then your first tier will be 49″ (24×2=48+1=49). Decide where your first tier will hit from your waist area. I wanted mine to hit at 7″ down from my waist. For the top tier you will make a self casing so you will need to add that to the height. For my half inch casing I will add a half inch for hem and ease, then an inch for the casing. So if I want my first tier to be 7″ finished my finished height will be 9″ (7+1+.5=8.5 +seam allowance .5=9.) So my first tier will be cut 49″x7″. I was able to get this in one piece from the width of my sheet. If your fabric is not wide enough, divide the measurement and cut two. Decide how long you want your second tier. I made mine at 10″ finished, so 11″ with seam allowance. For the second tier you will double the first width measurement. So take your width from the first tier and double it, (49×2=98″) You can cut two 49″x11″ pieces. For the third tier you will decide your length again. I chose 6″, so 8″ with seam allowance and hem. You will want to double the second tier width, (98×2=196″). So my third tier was 196″x8. I cut four pieces at 49×8. See a pattern here? You basically start with one width, then double it, then double the second.

11-DSC_4509Now to start you need to sew together your tier pieces. If you have two first tier pieces stitch them together at the side seams. Sew together the tier two pieces together at the side seams and the third tiers together at the side seams. You should now have three rings of fabric.

12-DSC_4913 13-DSC_4914 14-DSC_4915Next you need to gather your tiers. On the largest loop, the bottom tier, stitch a basting stitch about a quarter inch from the top, then another right above it. Stitch your basting stitches, stopping and starting again at each seam. Pull the two strings from one side to gather your fabric. Play and fanagle your gathers until you have gathered the fabric enough to fit to the bottom of the second tier.

15-DSC_4916 16-DSC_4917Now sew the bottom tier to the bottom of the second tier with right sides together. Baste gathering stitches in the top of both second tier pieces and gather until they will fit the bottom of the top tier. Pin. Stitch the top of the second tier to the bottom of the first tier right sides together.

17-DSC_4918I had a little helper for this part…

18-DSC_4919Now you are ready to make your casing. Turn under the top edge about a quarter of an inch and press. Then turn under again around 3/4″ and press again. Stitch all the way around close to the open edge, leaving a couple inches open for your elastic.

19-DSC_4920 20-DSC_4921 21-DSC_4922Pin one end of your elastic to the fabric right next to the casing. On the other end, fasten a safety pin and close it. Insert the safety pin side of elastic into the casing. Scootch it through the casing al the way until it comes out the other end. Try the skirt on and pull the elastic to where it fits snugly at your waist. Pin. Stitch the elastic together. Trim. Stitch the casing closed.

09-DSC_4924 22-DSC_4923To finish off your skirt hem the bottom tier by turning under twice and stitching all the way around close to the open edge.

This skirt is easily customizable. You can play around with the number of tiers, adding or subtracting. You use the basic formula of doubling the previous measurement every time you add a tier. You can also play around with the fullness. The skirt I made was double the fullness from my natural waist. If you want a skirt that is less full add less material for fullness, like 1.5 times the width instead of two. Or you can make it even more full. Play around with it and have fun!

07-DSC_5099 02-DSC_5121 I LOVE how my skirt turned out! It is fluffy and full and twirly, so fun! You can really customize this skirt by the fabrics you choose and the length and fullness of your tiers. I hope you all will give this skirt a try for your next sewing project! It doesn’t take too much fabric and is easy to sew! My skirt cost me under five dollars to make! I know I will be making more and playing around with this style. I’ll be back soon with more fun DIY tutorials. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Vintage Crafts- Painted Shakers

vintage pepper shakers

Hi guys! I am back today to share another vintage craft with you guys. Over the years I have collected a bunch of vintage magazines. Some of my favorites are my vintage Workbasket mags. Today’s craft comes a May 1952 Issue of Workbasket Magazine and talks about making Painted Salt and Pepper shakers from bottles for Bazaars. I thought I would paint a couple of my own for my kitchen.

wbmay52_700x525 painted shakers_359x700


In the article, “Women Who Make Cent’s,” a reader uses condiment or spice jars to make her shakers. She paints them with enamel paint. I used a set of aqua enamel metal salt and pepper shakers I bought at World Market. I used Martha Stewart craft paint which works on all surfaces. I painted roses on mine inspired by my favorite vintage hanky.

2-DSC_4978 1-DSC_4984

I love how my salt and pepper shakers turned out! They look great in my kitchen and have a sweet vintage feel. I am not the best at painting, but I had a fun time painting my shakers. I hope you all will give this one a try sometime! I’ll be back with more vintage craftiness soon. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Cathrineholm Inspired Perler Bead Coasters

catherineholm coasters 06-DSC_4961 03-DSC_4968 02-DSC_4970

One of the best things in this whole world is vintage dishes! The old patterns are just fantastic! Of all the mid century dish ware lines, Cathrineholm’s enamel ware is definitely one of my absolute favorites! The lines and colors of the lotus dishware is to die for. I recently had an impulse buy of a huge tub of perler beads. I had bought them for my sister and I to use for a craft night when she was home for summer. Well, they never were cracked open, so I decided to play around with them and see if I could whip up some coasters. I was inspired to make my coasters with a retro design, and I couldn’t think of anything more fun than Cathrineholm’s Lotus pattern.

Here’s What You Need:

*Perler Beads

*Square Bead Form

*Perler Bead Ironing Paper


*Pick up and scoop tool(optional)


09-DSC_4800 10-DSC_4801 11-DSC_4803 12-DSC_4804 13-DSC_4806 14-DSC_4807 08-DSC_4809 15-DSC_4808

The basic way to make your perler bead coasters is as follows. Grab a bunch of beads in the colors that you are using and gather them into a bowl or lid. Follow the patterns as I have listed below. Place each bead on a peg following the pattern. Once you have your whole pattern set, you are ready to iron. Place a sheet of ironing paper on top of the beads. Iron according to the directions. Flip the coaster over. Take the pegform off from the back side. Place the ironing paper on the back and then iron the backside.

Here is the pattern for the regular coasters, it reads from top to bottom. C=color W=white

Row 1-  20C beads

Row 2- 20C

Row 3- 4C, 10W, 6C

Row4- 3C, 13W, 4C

Row 5- 3C, 15W, 2C

Row 6- 20C

Row 7- 3C, 15W, 2C

Row 8- 3C, 13W, 4C

Row 9- 4C, 10W, 6C

Row 10- 20C

Row 11- 20C

Row 12- 4C, 10W, 6C

Row 13- 3C, 13W, 4C

Row 14- 3C, 15W, 2C

Row 15- 20C

Row 16- 3C, 15W, 2C

Row 17- 3C, 13W, 4C

Row 18- 4C, 10W, 6C

Row 19- 20C

Row 20- 20C

07-DSC_4958 05-DSC_4962 04-DSC_4966 01-DSC_4972

I think they turned out pretty fun! I found my little venture into perler bead crafting pretty therapeutic. It is a great weeknight project to make while catching up on some Netflix. One thing I would suggest is getting the bags of the solid colors. It took me forever to dig out the colors I wanted out of my big bucket of multicolored beads. I really enjoyed playing around with my perler beads! I am sure I’ll be making more things with them soon. I hope I have inspired you to try your hand at making your own perler coasters! I think you’ll love it too! I’ll be back soon with more DIY fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- August 24th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We spent a little time at the flea market and even fit in a date night at our favorite sushi place. We’ve been talking about taking a nice vacation next spring some time and have been thinking about some of the great national parks like Yellowstone or Yosemite or Sequoia. So, this week I thought I would share a few vintage nick nacks from our nations amazing national parks. Check em’ out:


Vintage Green1960s Chalkware Souvenir Piggy Bank, Paradise Valley, Mt. Rainier National Park from Planet Alissa


Yellowstone National Park Vintage Souvenir Travel Patch from Voyager – New In Original Package from Heyday Road Trip


Vintage 50s Wyoming State Souvenir Silver & Green Enamel Bracelet Charm from So Cal Jewel Box


1950s New Mexico Travel & Tourism Ad Vintage Advertising Carlsbad Canyons National Park Illustrated Print, Wall Art Decor from Ad Vintage Com


Great Smoky Mountains National Park Vintage Red Felt Pennant – Banner – Flag – Day-Glo from You Bet Your Glass Etc.


vintage souvenir plate – Yellowstone National Park from Forrestina Vintage


Yellowstone National Park Vintage 50s Souvenir Tablecloth Cactus Cloth Yucca Print DavisCo from Rare Rags and Treasures


Vintage Log Cabin Ceramic South Dakota Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Badlands National Park from Randall Johnson Blades


BADLANDS, North & South Dakota – 1950s postcard sets – Tichnor Quality Views, Photo souvenir folder: National Monument from Cammoo


Ruins Trail to Citadel-Nalakihu – Wupatki National Monument Brochure {1952} Vintage Paper Ephemera from Jessica Ann’s Emporium


Vintage Smoky Mountains Souvenir Plate – Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Tennessee North Carolina – 1950’s Kitchen Art Wall Decor Dish from Zippity Doodle



Moro Rock Sequoia National Park Bracelet Charm Vintage Bates & Klinke Sterling Silver from Sterling Revival

Aren’t they so cool! I love vintage travel souvenirs! Although I love them all, I think the piggy bank is my absolute favorite this week. What about you? Anything strike your fancy? I hope you enjoy browsing through these fantastic Etsy vintage shops as much as I did this week. I’ll be back soon with more vintage fun. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- August 18th

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We took the pups on a walk and also took a trip to the flea market and the dog park. It was a pretty good weekend, especially for the dogs! There were some gorgeous vintage enamel daisy brooches at the flea market this weekend I was swooning over. Daisies are definitely some of my favorite flowers ever! So, this week I thought I’d share some beautiful vintage daisy finds with you guys. Here are just a few of my favorites:


40s Vintage Floral Bolero in White Lace Daisies Vintage 1940s Cropped Lightweight Summer Shrug Size Small from Stutterin’ Mama


1930s Dress // Daisy Love Cotton Dress // vintage 30s dress from Deth Rose Vintage


The Daisy Housecoat ~ Vintage 40s Painted Silk Long Sheer Robe S ~ HUGE Celluloid Buttons from LaBelle Boudoir


Late 1950s Deweese Daisy Applique swimsuit and matching cover up–near pristine! from Le Dressing De Mabel


1950s Medium Hat Straw Sun Daisy Daisies Floral Flower Summer Church Wedding Retro Pin Up Resort Beach Kitsch Rockabilly Picnic Kawaii Doll from Topanga Hidden Treasures


Vintage Dainty Painted Oval Link Bracelet Yellow Goldtone Metal 1950s 1960s Fashion from WM Daughter


1950s DAISY ENAMEL brooch- fair vintage condition from Buckaroo Bear


1950s Vintage DAISY Necklace & EARRING Set Hand Colored Plastic from The Popular Jewelry


1940s Vintage Feed Sack Fabric Dish Towel 37″ x 37″ Cornflower Blue Daisy Printed Dishtowel Tea Towel Kitchen Quilting Crafts Cotton Flower from Hand Maid Marian


Glass Tumbler Culver Daisy Flower Floral Beverage Water Swanky Swig White Unique Applied Design from DDB7


1930’s divided serving tray with rattan handle, handled serving plate made in Japan from Mathilda’s Attic



10% OFF! 1950s MAXEY, 19″ Tray, Center Design Navy Background, White, Red Daisies, White, Gold Leaves, Boarder, White w Red, Gold Daisies from Gwendalysa Arts

It was so hard to narrow down my list this week, there were so many amazing items to choose from! I love them all! The swimsuit, and the house coat and the dress, I can’t even find words for them! Do you all have a favorite this week? Be sure to check out these awesome Etsy shops too, there are some great vintage goodies in them! I’ll be back next week with more vintage fun. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- August 10th

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing weekend. We both worked through the weekend here, and spent a little time summer cleaning the chicken coup. One of my favorite things is hanging out in our backyard on the weekends in the hammock with a book. This week I thought I would share some of my favorite summery grass green vintage finds with you all today. Check em’ out:



vintage 1950s dress / 50s green cotton plaid dress / 1950s full skirt dress from Simplicity is Bliss


Mid Century Serving Dish, Retro Palissy Kelly Green Kontiki Atomic Oval Serving Platter 1950s from Keepsies


Vintage GE Transistor Radio P-726A, Retro Turquoise Green Transistor Radio, Portable Radio, 1950’s Transistor Radio, General Electric Radio from RD1 Vintage


Vintage 1940s green desk lamp with yellow fabric wire from Rustic Italia


Rare Scotts Lawn Care Book 1948 / Instructional, How-To, Green Thumb / Reusable Ring Binder, Set Prop from Atty’s Vintage


2 1950’s Crochet Pot Holders-Pretty Green and White-Never Used from Moon Maiden Emporium


vintage starburst lighter – 1950s-60s mid century green atomic Five Star reusable lighter pristine in original box from Mk Mack


1950s Plas-tex Jadite Green Plastic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set from Houseless Homewares


Retro 1950s Green Tea Trio from Lavender Rose Cottage


VINTAGE JAPAN 1950’s Green Pair of Geta , Child Geta , Wooden Flip Flap , Kids Sandal , Rabbit Motif , Small Size , New Old Stock from Time Trip and Co.


Vintage 1950s Green Plastic Jaguar XK120 Roadster Car Toy Made In U.S.A. XK 120 Convertible Matchbox from Vintage Inquisitor



1950’s Vintage Wallpaper – Green and White Floral Wallpaper with Bird from Hannah’s Treasures

I love all of these green beauties! I love this color! I really love the radio and the serving tray. Do you have a favorite this week? I hope you all enjoy browsing through these wonderful Etsy vintage shops as much as I did this week! I’ll be back next week with more vintage fun. Until then…Happy Shopping!

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