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Love Week- Fun Scrappy DIY Valentine’s Tree



02-DSC_1340I’m not big into scrapbooking, but I do love all the papers and embellishments! My mom and I are always picking up scrapbooking supplies, but we seem to hoard it more than use it. I have been wanting to make a scrappy tree with a paper mache cone for a while now, and I thought a tree for Valentine’s Day would be perfect to use up some of my favorite papers and embellishments. This tree was really easy to make and it was a lot of fun!  I know there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to make all kinds of scrappy trees. Here is how I made mine:

Here’s What You Need:

*Paper Mache Cone

*Scrapbook Paper

*Mod Podge or Rubber Cement

*Foam Cone

*Wood Finial

*Heart Paper Punch

*Ribbon, trim, etc…

*Hot Glue






The first thing I did was make my tree topper. Punch out six paper hearts. Fold each heart in half. Spread rubber cement on the back of your hearts. Glue one heart to another at the sides matching the folds. Then add another heart to the other side. Continue until you have gotten to your sixth heart and glue the open side of the sixth to the open side of the first. Set aside.


17-DSC_1280 (2)




After I made my topper, I added the paper to my tree base. Spread rubber cement or mod podge on the cone. Line up the edge of your paper to the seam on your paper mache cone. Smooth the paper onto the cone a little at a time, applying your adhesive as you go to places that may have dried or you missed. Keep smoothing the paper onto your cone until you reach where you started. Wrap and fold the excess paper at the bottom into the underside of the cone. Glue your styrofoam cone inside the paper cone. This is what you are going to glue your base into. Hollow out a little space in the middle for the top of the finial.




Now you can embellish your tree. I glued hearts upside down around the bottom and then topped with ribbon and ball trim. Then I added ribbon and trim to the top. To finish your tree, glue on the heart topper and then glue the finial into the styrofoam base.



03-DSC_1338I really enjoyed making my Valentine’s tree! It looks so adorable on the shelf in my living room with my other Valentine’s decor! What is great about this tree is that it is so customizable to any celebration, holiday, or style you choose. You can easily make it your own just by the colors, patterns and embellishments you use. This is such a fun project to make and would be fantastic for a craft night with your kids or your favorite crafty pals. I do hope you will give it a try sometime! I’ll be back soon with another fun Valentine’s inspired DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Easy Chalkboard Mini Liquor Bottle Favor Place Cards




01-DSC_1150Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! We are taking it easy this year and just having a nice dinner at home. Before the year comes to a close I thought I’d share one more easy diy with you all. I always like to use place cards and set the table nicely when we have special dinners. I wanted something more than just a simple paper place card. So, I thought it would be fun to use a little airplane bottle of liquor as a name tag. Check out the easy how to:

Here’s What You Need:

*Little Bottles of Liquor

*Chalkboard Paint


*Painters tape or washi tape


*Rubbing Alcohol









08-DSC_1136This diy is super simple! The first thing you need to do is clean the label off your bottle. Peel the label off. If it doesn’t come off clean use a little goof off or soap and hot water. Clean the glass with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Then you need to paint your bottle. I used Martha Stewart Crafts Black Chalkboard Paint. You paint it on in layers and let it dry thoroughly in between coats. If you want something faster you can use the spray paint chalkboard paint by rustoleum. Wrap the top of the bottle or lid with painters tape or washi tape. Paint your bottle and let it dry. Peel off the tape on the top. Once the paint it good and dry, gently rub a little chalk over the bottle to prime it. Gently wipe the chalk off the bottle. Now you can gently write the name on the front of your bottle and the type of liquor on the back. Finish it off by tying a little sparkly ribbon around the top.



03-DSC_1144This diy is so simple and fun to make for a grown up party! I mean it’s not just a name card, it’s your own personalized tiny bottle of booze, what’s not to love? I don’t drink, but my hubby and the rest of the family absolutely love these! I realize it’s a little late to make these for your New Year’s Eve parties this year, but there is always next year. Or you can use this idea for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc. Give it a try sometime! I hope you all have a wonderfully fun and safe New Year’s Eve! See you next year!

DIY Heart in a Jar Valentine Pin

heart valentine pins

heart in a jar valentine

painted wooden hearts

mason jar printable valentines

stenciled heart pins


Hi guys! I hope you are all having a fabulous week! We are getting hit pretty hard with a winter storm here. So we are hunkering down and praying the power doesn’t go out. I thought I would share a last minute valentine with you all today. I picked up these little wooden hearts at JoAnns a few weeks ago to make Valentine pins with for my family. I loved the valentines I had in my round up last week with the mason jars and thought I would draw one for my little pins to fasten to. I think it turned out pretty cute…

Here’s What You Need:

*Small Wooden Hearts

*Craft Paint

*Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils


*Pin Blanks


*Paint Brush or Foam Pouncer

*Micron Pen (optional)







The first thing you need to do is paint the base layer of your hearts. Paint a few layers on the front and sides. Let dry completely.


Peel the stencil off of the backing and lay it on the heart where you like it. Smooth it down so it’s nice and stuck to the heart and paint can’t seep in.




Now grab a little paint on your paint brush and dab it all over the stencil area. Peel off the stencil and let the stenciled heart dry. Repeat with your other hearts.



Once your hearts are dry, lay them face down and glue the pin backs to the backside of your hearts. Let the glue dry completely.

Print out the printable and cut out the jars. Push the pin into the paper and back through. Close up the pin and you are ready to gift your valentines.

mason jar valentine

painted wooden heart pins

diy stenciled wooden heart pins

wooden heart pin valentines

stenciled wooden heart pins

Aren’t they fun! I love any excuse to use my Martha Stewart stencils. I just adore them! These little pins are fun to make and really easy. You can totally customize them too with your colors and stencils that you use. If you are looking for even more design options, I saw these little heart pins at See Kate Sew this week. She leaves some of the wood exposed which is a really cool look too. I hope you guys enjoy the free printable! Have fun making your valentines! I’ll be back again next week with more fun DIY’s. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

DIY Retro Valentine’s Day Teapot

sweet valentine teapot

diy image transfer teapot

diy retro teapot

you're my cup of tea


I am an avid tea drinker! Ice tea is my favorite, but on cold days like today I like a strong cup of hot tea! Usually I just pop a cup in the microwave for a couple of minutes, but sometimes I like to make a kettle if I plan on having more than a cup or if I have company. A few weeks ago I picked up a cute plain white teapot at Kirklands. I really loved the shape, but it was a little plain, so I thought it would be fun to decorate it for Valentine’s day.

Here’s What You Need:

*Ceramic Tea Pot (I bought mine at Kirklands)

*Lazertran Image Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers

*Sharpie Paint Markers

*Food Grade Shellac or other food safe lacquer

*Rubbing Alcohol


teapot copy



01-DSC_0013 (3)

The first thing you need to do is clean your teapot with rubbing alcohol. Go ahead and print out the printable. Resize the image if you need to. Set aside the paper print to dry for at least a half an hour.

02-DSC_0015 (2)

Decorate your teapot with your sharpie paint markers. I used a pink marker on mine at first, but I thought the pink was a bit too bright so I toned it down with some red.

03-DSC_0018 (2)

Cut out your image.Trim the corners little by little until you have a shape that fits. If you want to be more precise with the image fit, you can trace the teapot middle on paper and then measure in the width of the outer lip all the way around and mark. Cut out the inner oval and then use that as a template to trace on the image transfers.



Fill a bowl with lukewarm water. Drop your transfer in the water. It will curl up. Once it starts to uncurl it is ready to take out of the water. Carefully pull the backing off of the transfer and lay it on the teapot centering it and smoothing out any bubbles. Let the transfer dry completely.

To finish off the teapot, spray the image with a food grade shellac such as bullseye. Let dry thoroughly and make sure to wash the teapot before you use it.

retro valentine teapot

diy image transfer teapot

DIY image transfer on ceramics


Isn’t it cute! My hands are always a little shaky, so I’m not the best with detailed lines, so my sharpie lines aren’t the prettiest. Overall though I think it is a cute teapot that we can use for Valentine’s Day breakfast. I hope some of you guys will give this one a try! You can use the printable I included above, or you can use one of your own photos or scans. I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun Valentine for you all. See you soon…

And Happy Crafting!

My Life in Pictures- January 31st- February 6th


I attended the Let’s Shop Local Shopping Spree on Saturday. There were so many great artists there! I am really looking forward to the next one!

photo 1 (6)

Beau attended the local craft show with us, and was totally exhausted after all that socializing…

photo 2 (6)

He also really loves his new bag of treats from Good Grace’s Treats….

photo 4 (6)

We went out to the dog park on Sunday with my parents. Beau and Sadie had a blast! Lily, on the other hand, was antisocial as usual….

photo 1 (5)

Beau waiting for dad to throw the rope…

photo 4 (5)

Daryl made a tortilla press and we have made home made corn tortillas for tacos three times already this week. They are amazingly good!

photo 3 (2)

Wanna know one of my guilty pleasures? I watch Perry Mason religiously before I go to bed. Apparently my great granny never missed an episode either….

photo 1 (4)

The chickens have found a new favorite spot on my mom’s front porch. My dad hates it cause they poop everywhere and eat the cat food…

photo 3 (4)

Aunt Odalee was not happy that Daryl was trying to pick her up to remove her from the porch…

photo 1

I decorated my Valentine Tree this week….

photo 4 (2)

The next day I came home to this…

This week has been pretty good! I attended the Shopping Spree down in Raleigh and got to meet a bunch of lovely locals! We went to the dog park, ate sushi for lunch, took down the christmas decorations, and put up the valentine’s decorations. Beau had a great week, he got to go out to lunch with me twice and he spent a lot of time with Sadie this week too, so he is one happy puppy! My cats have even been pretty lovey dovey this week. I hope you all have had a great week! I’ll be back next week with more pics.

Have a fantastic week!


14 Days of Love- His and Hers Hand Embroidered Pillowcases

Hi everybody! I’m sorry that day eleven is late! It’s been a crazy week so far. On the plus side, today I will have two diy projects for you. This first project is a free pattern for these sweet and vintage kitsch inspired hand embroidered pillowcases. Embroidery is easy and really fun! I absolutely adore vintage embroidered pillowcases. These two cases are inspired both by vintage his and her cases and a set I had found a while back that were appliqued with his and her underwear. They were fantastic!

Here is the pattern:

The picture should print at an 8.5×11. To transfer your design you can use transfer paper or a marking pen. I held my cases up to the window with the printed out words in between the window and the pillowcase. Then I traced the design with a disappearing ink marking pen. You can use a light box as well to trace the design. Put your fabric into a hoop and embroider your pattern. I used mostly a basic back stitch. For the dots I did french knots. I used the full six strands of the floss for the outlining of the words and underwear. For the accented hearts and dots I used three strands. I could not find my stabilizer, but that also comes in handy to put on the underside of your fabric. You can kinda see in my pictures that the fabric is just ever so slightly wrinkled on my design where the embroidered words are. I believe stabilizer would have eliminated this problem. Once you are finished stitching, knot your end and snip excess threads. Now you are ready to enjoy.

I just love these! They are quirky and kitschy. You can use my pattern, or you can choose your favorite font to make your own his and hers pillowcases(or his and his, or hers and hers) You can change up this pattern really easily by just using different colored embroidery floss. I hope you all enjoy my free pattern! Be sure to tune in later for more fun valentines projects!

Happy Crafting!

Like my little vintage spool necklaces? Want to win one? I am going to be giving away one of these sweet little accessories this week in honor of Valentine’s Day. All you have to do to enter is follow my blog and then tell me in the comments below. To gain additional entries you can follow me on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter. I will be announcing the winner next Monday the 18th.  Have a wonderful week!


Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- February 11th

Happy Monday everyone! Since this coming thursday is Valentine’s Day, I have some fantastic valentine themed vintage lovelies to share with you all. I found so many amazing love and valentine goodies on etsy over the last few weeks! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Check out this fabulous 1950’s Vintage Toque Hat from The Vintage Hat Shop Here

Check out this sweet 1950’s -60’s Vintage Moonglow Double Strand Necklace from Rags and Rhinestones Here

Check out this lovely 1950’s Vintage Rhinestone Brooch from Antique to Modern Here

Check out this fabulous 1950’s Roses are Red Polka Dot Dress from Swell Farewell Here

Check out these awesome 1950’s Valentine’s Day Cupcake Toppers from Magellan’s Belly Studio Here

Check out these sweet Midcentury Unused Valentines from Zip Zap Kap Here

Check out these cool Vintage Letter Dice L-O-V-E from Elizabeth Wren Vintage Here

Check out this adorable Vintage Josef Original February Birthday Girl Figurine from Khadi Vintage Here

Check out this amazing 1940’s Collegiate Sweater from Aquanetta Here

Check out this cool Vintage Chip and Dip Bowl from Bee Jay Kay Here

Check out this lovely 1950’s Vintage Valentine Hanky from Frugal Fairy Vintage Here

Check out this fantastic Vintage Red and White Polka Dot Pillowcase from Fallaloft Here

Check out this fabulous Vintage Rhinestone Heart Brooch from Eratique Jewels Here

Check out these beautiful Vintage 1950’s Rhinestone Heart Shaped Earrings from Joon E Here

Aren’t they all just so sweet! I would love to have them all! I am totally swooning for that fantastic dress too! Be sure to check out these amazing Etsy vintage shops for more shopping fun! Until next week…..

Happy Shopping!


14 Days of Love- Chickens in Love

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to day ten of my 14 Days of Love special. Today I have a pattern and tutorial for these sweet little lovey dovey felt chickens. I have always loved birds, but I am fast becoming a chicken lady. There’s nothing like looking out the window and seeing my gals tail up pecking in the yard. They are fantastic pets, and they warm my heart. My little felt hen and rooster are easy to assemble with fabric glue, although you could sew them instead if you have the time. I really enjoyed making these little guys! They whip up pretty fast too.

Here’s What You Need:

*Felt (2-3 colors)


*Embroidery Floss


*Thick gauge wire

*Fabric Glue

*Wire Tinsel Garland

*Pipe Cleaners

*1/4″ Dowel


*Ribbon, trim, embellishments…


The first thing you need to do is cut out all of your pattern pieces. Draw in or embroider the eyes on the front head pieces. Now on the wrong side of the front head piece glue on the comb, waddle, and beak down facing out. Now glue the wing onto the front body piece. Next cut a long strip of wire and bend it in half loosely. Glue the wire into the back body where you want your legs to be. Glue a couple of feathers onto the back body tail end. Then put a generous amount of glue onto the back body piece over the wire and the feather ends too and glue the top body to the back body. Now add glue to the back head piece, and glue the body down onto the back head piece. Add more glue to the head and glue the top head to the back sandwiching in the body. Now you are ready to add the chickens to the dowel. I painted my dowel with regular craft paint. Once it dries lay out your hen and rooster where you like. I tried to make mine look like they were kissing. Wrap the wire around the dowel three times and then snip to about 1/2 inch or so and wrap around the leg at the bottom. Now twist three pipe cleaners together. Lay it out over the chickens and their perch and clip the excess pipe cleaner off. Now wrap the wire heart tinsel around the pipe cleaners leaving about an inch and a half on each end. Wrap this excess wire from the tinsel around each end of the dowel so the chickens are framed below the dome of the tinsel  wrapped pipe cleaner. Embellish with little hearts, flowers, etc. Now loop a length of ribbon and tie a few inches from the top for hanging.


I really like my little hen and rooster. They look like they love each other, don’t they? You could make these as little birds as well if you leave off the comb and waddle pieces. You can also change up the look by using different color felts, and embellishments. I think these little chickens would look so sweet hanging from a window or on a door. You could also use them as a mobile and hang over a crib or bed for your little one. I hope you all enjoy this free pattern! Be sure to tune in next week for more Valentine’s fun, including a giveaway. Have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Crafting!


14 Days of Love- Sweet Vintage Spool Necklaces

Hello! Welcome to day nine of my 14 Days of Love special! Today I have a sweet jewelry diy for you all, vintage thread spool necklaces. These little necklaces are simple to make and are really sweet. You can find vintage thread spools on Ebay and Etsy’s wonderful vintage shops. They come in various sizes. I would categorize these as medium. They are about an inch and a half long. You can find a lot of vintage charms and beads on Etsy too. These are pretty fast to make as well. You could make a whole batch of them in an afternoon.

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Wooden Spools

*Scrapbook paper, wallpaper scraps, etc…



*Charms, beads, etc (optional)


*Jump rings, eye pins, headpins…

*Jewelry Pliers

*Modge Podge


The first thing you will need to do is decoupage the spools. Cut a strip of paper a little smaller than the middle part of the spool. Glue the paper down to the spool with the modge podge. Then paint a layer of modge podge onto the top of the paper. I used the matte modge podge. Once your modge podge dries you are ready to make the spool into a pendant. Start with a long strip of wire. Make a tiny loop at the half way point and wrap one end at the top of the loop a few times. Thread your button face down onto the two ends of wire and pull it all the way down to the loop. Now twist the wire to secure the button taught and insert the wire through the hole in the spool. Now thread the top button face up onto the wires. Pull the button down the wire to the top of the spool. Twist one wire around the other at the base once or twice. Trim this piece down and stuff the end into the top of the spool back through the button. Now loop your other wire and wrap around the loop several times and end wrapping at the top of the button. Snip excess wire off and press wire down so it is not jagged or sticking up anywhere at the end. Thread beads onto an eye pin, snip the wire and make a loop. Attach the dangle and any charms you may like onto the bottom loop of the spool. Now add your pendant to a chain. I used a dainty ball chain. I then tied a little piece of ribbon around the top of each spool pendant where the top loop is. Snip the ends of your ribbon and you are ready to wear.

I think these little spool necklaces turned out so sweet! I love the vintage charm they have! These are great because they are so customizable to your style. You can easily change up the look by the type of paper and the charms and embellishment you use. These would make great gifts too, or a great craft for girl’s night!  So go ahead and make a bunch for all your favorite gals this Valentine’s Day! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more sweet Valentine projects! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

14 Days of Love- DIY Sweetheart Cake Bunting and Picks

Welcome to day eight of my 14 Days of Love Special. Today I am going to show you how to make this sweet cake bunting and party picks. You all know how much I love buntings! And who wouldn’t love one of these sweeties to liven up their Valentine’s desserts! These are super easy to do and only require a few inexpensive supplies. The best thing about this easy project is you can make the bunting and picks in under half an hour!

Here’s What You Need:

*Patterned Paper/ Scrapbook paper

*Heart Punch (You can also draw your hearts and cut them out with scissors if you don’t want to get a punch)

*Double Stick Tape


*Ribbon(mine was 1/4″ wide)

*Bamboo Skewers



These really could not get any easier! The first thing you do is punch out a bunch of hearts. Keep your patterns separated if you are going for a specific design repeat like I did. You will need a front and back to create one heart. So, if you want your bunting to have a strand of nine hearts, you would punch eighteen. For the bunting you first want to cut a length of twine. Now put a piece of double stick tape on the wrong side of a heart. Lay your twine in the middle of the heart on top of the tape. Now cover the bottom heart with a top heart, sandwiching the twine in between the two. You want to have the wrong sides of the paper facing in and taped up with the twine, and the right sides facing out. Once you have a line long enough you are ready to tie. My top strand I made to be seven hearts across, the bottom strand is nine hearts across. Tie a knot after the last heart on each side. Now split the twine strands in half and untwist until you have two separate strands. Tie one side onto one of your skewers about an inch from the top. Then tie the other side to the other skewer about an inch from the top. You can use one strand, or you can tie another strand of hearts on like you did the first. Snip excess threads. Now tie a little ribbon onto each side where you tied the heart strands. Your cake bunting is now finished. The picks are easy too! All you do is sandwich a toothpick in between two hearts with some double stick tape. It’s just like the bunting, but instead of twine in the middle you have a toothpick for each heart. Easy peasy!

This little bunting is just too sweet! And the picks turned out pretty cute as well! These will be a fantastic addition to my Valentine’s day goodies! These are so quick to make up, they would be great for a party! You can change up the feel of these really easily too by just using different patterns of scrapbook paper. So fun, right! I hope you all will try them, you won’t regret it! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for another sweet Valentine’s Day project! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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