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DIY Tiny Vintage Feed Sack Spool Necklaces

vintage flour sack tiny spool necklaces

tiny spool necklaces

tiny feedsack spool necklaces

vintage feedsack spool necklace


One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is vintage flour sack fabric! These little cotton prints are amazing! I have a ton of scrap flour sack fabrics and I love to use them for all kinds of projects. I was looking for a sweet small gift to send my sister for Valentine’s day, and I was toying around with the idea of a dainty spool necklace. I decided to try using my little scraps and boy am I glad I did! These tiny fabric covered spool necklaces are super easy to make and perfect for your favorite gals!

Here’s What You Need:

*Tiny Wooden Spools (I bought mine at AC Moore)

*Fabric Scraps ( small prints work best)

*Decoupage Medium Matte Finish

*Paint (optional)


*Paint Brush

*Tiny Ball Chain




First thing you need to do is paint your spools if you are going to paint them. Set them aside and let them dry.


Cut strips of your fabric scraps to be the same width as the inside of your spools. You can measure the spool and cut the fabric accordingly or you can eyeball it. I cut my strips to be a little over a quarter inch.


Take your fabric strip and wrap it around the spool. Allow for a little overlap and then snip off the excess fabric.



Paint a layer of decoupage medium on the inside area of your spool and also on the backside of your fabric strip.



Lay the fabric strip centered in the middle of the spool, and wrap it around the spool, smoothing it down as you go and overlapping it on the back.


Paint a layer of decoupage medium over the top of the fabric, paying extra attention to the end of the fabric making sure everything is nice and flattened. Set them aside to let them dry.


Once the spools are dry, you can string your spools on your tiny ball chain. Then they are ready to wear!

dainty spool necklaces

vintage fabric tiny spool necklace

vintage tiny spool necklace

1-DSC_0008 (3)

2-DSC_0011 (3)

Don’t you just love them! I think they are adorable! You can wear a single spool on your chain for a sweet and dainty look, or you can pile a few on for a little more pattern and funky style! I love the flour sack prints, but you can use any small print fabric or paper you like. It’s a very versatile project. I know my Hannah banana is going to love hers! I can’t wait to give it to her! I hope some of you guys will give this one a try, you’ll have a blast! I’ll be back next week with another fun DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

DIY Holiday Spool Necklaces

Hello everybody! I am really excited today because this is the first day of my 12 Days of Christmas series! Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this month I will be posting a Holiday DIY project. I know some of you are probably thinking “Whoa! Christmas already!,” but I like to start making my decorations and handmade gifts early in November. As an avid crafter, it’s what works for me. Christmas is my favorite holiday and my favorite time of year! I start my decorating well before Thanksgiving, and leave up my decorations well into January. Spreading the Christmas cheer through my home and blog makes me happy, and I some of you guys will join in the holiday fun with me this year. It will be so much fun! Today I am going to start off my first DIY of Christmas with these DIY Vintage Wrapping paper covered Spool Necklaces….

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Wooden Spools

*Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

*Matte Decoupage Medium

*Vintage Buttons

*Colored Craft Wire

*Ribbon or Fabric Scraps

*Charms, beads, etc..

*Chain for necklaces




Back in February I made some fun spool necklaces for Valentine’s day. You can see the full tutorial here. The changes I made with these necklaces was that I used vintage wrapping paper to wrap and decoupage around the little spools. I also used Christmas colored buttons, and red and green charms. I used a few different sized spools, and some fabric scraps instead of ribbon for a few of the necklaces.

I LOVE these Christmas Spool Necklaces! They are so festive and cute! You can easily use them as ornaments just by stringing the top loop of wire by some ribbon instead of chain. You can completely customize these little necklaces by changing up your papers and colors. These would make fun hostess gifts! They would also be fun to add to your favorite gal’s stocking, and be sure to make one for yourself! They are a lot of fun to wear! I hope some of you guys will give this one a try! I’ll be back tomorrow with another holiday DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!


14 Days of Love- Sweet Vintage Spool Necklaces

Hello! Welcome to day nine of my 14 Days of Love special! Today I have a sweet jewelry diy for you all, vintage thread spool necklaces. These little necklaces are simple to make and are really sweet. You can find vintage thread spools on Ebay and Etsy’s wonderful vintage shops. They come in various sizes. I would categorize these as medium. They are about an inch and a half long. You can find a lot of vintage charms and beads on Etsy too. These are pretty fast to make as well. You could make a whole batch of them in an afternoon.

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Wooden Spools

*Scrapbook paper, wallpaper scraps, etc…



*Charms, beads, etc (optional)


*Jump rings, eye pins, headpins…

*Jewelry Pliers

*Modge Podge


The first thing you will need to do is decoupage the spools. Cut a strip of paper a little smaller than the middle part of the spool. Glue the paper down to the spool with the modge podge. Then paint a layer of modge podge onto the top of the paper. I used the matte modge podge. Once your modge podge dries you are ready to make the spool into a pendant. Start with a long strip of wire. Make a tiny loop at the half way point and wrap one end at the top of the loop a few times. Thread your button face down onto the two ends of wire and pull it all the way down to the loop. Now twist the wire to secure the button taught and insert the wire through the hole in the spool. Now thread the top button face up onto the wires. Pull the button down the wire to the top of the spool. Twist one wire around the other at the base once or twice. Trim this piece down and stuff the end into the top of the spool back through the button. Now loop your other wire and wrap around the loop several times and end wrapping at the top of the button. Snip excess wire off and press wire down so it is not jagged or sticking up anywhere at the end. Thread beads onto an eye pin, snip the wire and make a loop. Attach the dangle and any charms you may like onto the bottom loop of the spool. Now add your pendant to a chain. I used a dainty ball chain. I then tied a little piece of ribbon around the top of each spool pendant where the top loop is. Snip the ends of your ribbon and you are ready to wear.

I think these little spool necklaces turned out so sweet! I love the vintage charm they have! These are great because they are so customizable to your style. You can easily change up the look by the type of paper and the charms and embellishment you use. These would make great gifts too, or a great craft for girl’s night! ┬áSo go ahead and make a bunch for all your favorite gals this Valentine’s Day! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more sweet Valentine projects! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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