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Easy DIY Vintage Fabric Covered Letter Block Art

A few weeks ago I was sifting through the dollar section at Michael’s and I found some cute wooden blocks that had thin wooden letters on them that were stained in bright colors. I was going to get one or … Continued

DIY Upcycled Knife Bracelet

One of my favorite things to upcycle is old silverware! I have made all kinds of projects with them for holiday gifts in the past. I also have a couple of DIY projects using silverware on the blog like my … Continued

I Heart Etsy Fridays- Madie’s Charms

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all are having a lovely Valentine’s Day! My hubby actually had the day off of work today which was fantastic since he is usually out of town most of the time! Today I wanted … Continued

DIY Sweet Stenciled Picnic Plates

Some of my best summer memories from when I was a kid involve summer picnics. I loved helping my mom pack our lunch! It has been a really long time since I have been on a proper picnic, and so … Continued

DIY Vintage Wallpaper Letters

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you have all had an amazing week! Today I am going to share with you a fun DIY you can do with vintage wallpaper. These little letters are so sweet and they are so fast … Continued

I Heart Etsy Fridays- Raw Bone Studio

Happy Friday everybody! Today I am very excited to share one of my new favorite shops on Etsy with you, Raw Bone Studio. Robin, the fantastic artist behind the shop, creates a wonderful array of mixed media fiber folk art … Continued

I Heart Etsy Fridays- Shop Marmalade

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have one of my favorite jewelry shops on Etsy to share with you, Shop Marmalade. Kate Singer, the fantastic Toronto bases artist behind the brand, creates adorable rings, pendants, and earrings with her printed fabric … Continued

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