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Handmade Gifts 2014- Easy Vintage Tablecloth Fabric Handmade Hot Pads




02-DSC_0886Hey everyone! I hope you all are really enjoying the holiday season this year! The holidays are rapidly approaching, so I wanted to share one last handmade gift diy with you all. I needed an extra little gift for my mamas this year. I know they always love gifts for the kitchen, so I thought I’d whip up some quick hot pads for them! Hot pads are a super easy sewing projects and you can whip up a bunch in just an hour or so. These hot pads are a great use of larger scraps of fabrics you may have at home too! I use cutter tablecloths a lot in my crafting projects and I also make totes with them for my shop. I always end up with large scraps from them, so I knew they would be perfect. The old prints are incredibly charming as well! 

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Tablecloth Scraps

*Large Scraps of Cotton Fabric


*Heat Resistant Batting

*Basting Spray

*Ribbon or Trim

*Rotary Cutter and Self Healing Mat

*Quilting Ruler

*Marking Pen


*Sewing Machine and Thread



First gather all your supplies. Cut a front and back fabric piece to 9″ square. Cut a piece of batting and a piece of your heat resistant batting to 8″ square.


Spray both your batting pieces with basting spray on one side.


Center your batting pieces onto the wrong sides of the front piece and the back fabric piece, basting spray or sticky side down. Smooth out and iron.


Cut a piece of ribbon or trim to 4″ or so. Fold the ribbon and stack the ends at the bottom to make a loop.


Now sandwich your loop in between the right sides of the front and back pieces in one corner. Lay the loop so the loop is towards the center and the ends are in the seam allowance area. You also want the right side of the ribbon to be facing the right side of the front fabric piece.


Pin the layers together. Place a pin where your loop is too to keep it in place.


Stitch all the way around the square with a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving a couple inches open at the bottom for turning.


Clip corners.



Turn your fabric right side out and iron.


Top stitch about 1/8 to 1/4″ away from the edge all the way around.




Now, you can leave your potholder with just the edges stitched or you can top stitch a little pattern on the top to quilt it. I stitched across mine diagonally to form an x on each pot holder. Finish off your hot pad by snipping any excess threads and giving a good iron. Voila! Easy, right!




01-DSC_0887I LOVE these little hot pads! They are so much fun to make, I may have to make a few for my kitchen too! I know there are tons of tutorials on how to make pot holders and hot pads. This may not be the very best way to make one, it’s just how I have always made mine. You can really have fun with these and personalize them to your gift recipients style and color scheme. The vintage fabrics work well for my mamas since they all love pretty cottage prints. You can use your favorite fabric prints, funk it up with some ribbon, stitch a little ricrac to the edges. A few of these packaged sweetly make a wonderful stand alone gift, or use them to make a kitchen gift basket extra special. I hope you all will give this diy a go sometime. I think you’ll love it! I’ll be back soon with some fun holiday wrapping ideas. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Handmade Gifts 2014- Easy Painted Toy Animal Magnets




2-DSC_0871Happy Friday everyone! This week has just flown by so far! I am behind as usual, how does that always happen this time of year! Before we get into the weekend, I wanted to pop in with another handmade gift idea. This project is really fast to whip up, and really couldn’t get much easier than this. I am going to show you how to make these fun little animal magnets!

What You Need:

*Plastic Animals

*Paint ( I use Martha Stewart Crafts satin and pearl paints)

*Paint Brush

*Extra Strong Magnets




Gather your supplies. Clean up your plastic animals. Make sure they are clean and dry before you begin.



Paint your animals with craft paint. It will take several coats depending on the color. My darker purple took two coats. The pearly violet took about five coats. Let your paint dry thoroughly.

6-DSC_0648Once your animals are painted and thoroughly dry, you need to glue the magnets to the back side of each one using E6000. Let your glue dry and cure a full 72 hours before using.




1-DSC_0792These little magnets add a lot of fun to a message board! They are cute and whimsical. I made my little batch in under an hour plus drying time for the glue. You could really make these special for your gift recipient by using their favorite animals and their favorite colors or shades. This is a great last minute project and it is even something the kids can make themselves. Give them a try sometime, you’ll have a blast! I’ll be back next week with another handmade gift idea. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Handmade Gifts 2014- Easy DIY Button Monogram Tablet Case




4-DSC_0840Hey everybody! Today I wanted to pop in and share a really easy diy with you, a button embellished tablet case! My mom’s kindle case has seen better days. So, when I saw this sparkly case at Five Below, I thought it would be perfect to embellish for her for Christmas! One of my favorite vintage things to collect is buttons! I have bunches of them and use them all the time in my projects. I had a rather large lot of mother of pearl and shiny buttons, and I thought they would be sweet to use in a monogram on the case!

Here’s What You Need:

*Tablet Case


*Glue- I used Fabritac

*Marking Pen



First you need to gather your supplies. Grab your case, your buttons and your glue.


I used a pen to draw in my letter. So you want to start out by making your letter with one line of buttons. Play around with your buttons until you have a layout you like.


Once you like your layout, glue each button down one by one with your fabritac glue.

5-DSC_0636You can leave the case with one layer of buttons or you can build the buttons up for a more dimensional piece. Once the buttons have been all glued down, set the case aside to dry. Once the glue is nice and dry you are ready to use your case or wrap it up and gift it to someone special!



2-DSC_0844I think it turned out pretty cute! I built mine up a little too much so it is a bit bulky. But, I think it would be fantastic with just one layer of buttons too! You can find vintage buttons at flea markets and antique malls. You can always find buttons at your local thrift stores sometimes too. This case took me less than an hour to make and cost me less than ten dollars. So, go by Five Below and grab a tablet case and make it extra special for someone you love this year! I’ll be back tomorrow with another handmade gift. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Handmade Gifts 2014- DIY Pet Pillows





07-DSC_0773I’m sure most of you already know how much of an animal lover I am! My dog Beau goes everywhere with me. So of course I would have to make something pet related in my handmade gifts this year! I have long been a fan of Spoonflower, and absolutely love getting things printed from them! For those of you unfamiliar with this company, Spoonflower is a company where you can get your designs printed on all kinds of fabric as well as wallpaper and gift wrap. I’ve used them several times in the past for projects and I just can’t say enough good things about them! So, this year, I thought I’d get some of my favorite pet photos printed and make pillows for the family.

Here’s What You Need:

*Pet Photos

*Photo Editing Software

*Sewing Machine


*Fabric for Backing

*Straight Pins

*Stuffing like fiber fill

*Hand sewing needle and thread

*Spoonflower Fabric- I used the Canvas




If you have never used Spoonflower to print fabric before, you can find a ton of info on their help page Here. This is how I made my files…. I used photoshop elements, and I made a new blank file. You can make it to the size fabric you want to order. You will need to decide the fabric choice you want to print on and the width of the fabric if you plan on getting yardage. For a fat quarter the measurement is 27″x18.” You will need to cut out your pet’s image. I used the polygonal lasso tool and selected around Sadie in her photo. Once you go all the way around the image selection will be highlighted.



Now, click the move tool and drag and drop the pet image from its photo to the blank canvas. If you are printing more than one pillow, be sure to space the photos at leat an inch apart so you will have room for a seam allowance.



Fit your photos on your blank canvas the way you like best, making sure there is plenty of room for your seam allowances. Now, save your file as a jpeg at at least 150dpi and upload it to your Spoonflower account. Decide your fabric type and order your fabric. I bought a fat quarter of the eco canvas fabric. I meant to pop this tutorial up earlier this year, but life got in the way, and I ended up behind on everything this year. You can still order this fabric and have it in time for Christmas, but you will have to order the faster shipping.



Once you receive your fabric, you will need to cut out your photos. Cut out each photo at about 1/2″ or so away from the edges of the photo.


Pin your cut out face down onto your backing fabric which should be face up so that the right sides are facing. Cut out the fabric cutting along the edges of the pet photo fabric.



Now you should be ready to stitch the pillow. Stitch around the edges of the fabric with a half inch seam allowance all the way around leaving a couple inches open at the bottom for turning and stuffing.


Clip the curved parts of the seam allowance and trim where you feel you need to. Turn the fabric right side out through the opening in the bottom.


Next, take your polyfil and stuff your pillow. A chopstick or dowel may help you pack stuffing into tight spots. Stuff it nice and full.




To finish off, close up the bottom by hand stitching the opening closed with a ladder stitch or a whip stitch. Now your pillow is ready for gifting!





03-DSC_0777Aren’t they so darn cute! I think my family is going to go a little crazy for them! Our pets are super special you know! Aren’t they all though! These little pillows are super easy to whip up and they make a really fun one of a kind gift! I hope you all will try this one sometime too. I think you’ll love it! You can stitch them up yourself, or get the fabric and make a kit for your favorite diy enthusiast! I’ll be back next week with more handmade gifts. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- December 8th

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It has been one heck of a week here. I have been a little overwhelmed but I did want to pop in and share my vintage finds of the week with you all. It is always my favorite post of the week! One of my absolute favorite things to collect during the holidays are vintage deer and reindeer! They are so fantastic! So, this week I am going to share a little collection of some of my favorite vintage reindeer finds from Etsy’s wonderful world of vintage shops. Check them out:


8″ Vintage Reindeer Figurine, Red Rhinestone Jewel Eyes, Vintage Rudolph Reindeer, Kitsch Kitschy Christmas Deer, Japan Reindeer Decorations from Vintage by Jade


2 Adorable Reindeer Hang Ups – Midcentury Die Cut Cardboard Christmas Reindeer Wall Decor for Doors, Windows, Classroom from Little Vintage Stories


Vintage Christmas Reindeer, 1960’s Rudolph Reindeer Bank, Ceramic Reindeer Bank, Figurine, Christmas Decor, Christmas Figurine from Thirsty Owl Vintage


Vintage Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer book; Robert L. May for Montgomery Ward from The Gold Gator


Vintage Reindeer Christmas Candle Holder Candlestick from efine Gifts


Vintage Christmas Deer Reindeer Enamel Brooch Rhinestone Pin Jewelry from Plucky Maidens


Vintage Wool Shawl Christmas Red and White THICK and WARM from Annie Banannies Shop


Vintage Christmas Reindeer, 1960’s Ceramic Reindeer, White Reindeer Figurine, Christmas Decor, Holiday Decoration from Thirsty Owl Vintage


Rubber Reindeer Figurines, Vintage Reindeer, 50s 60s Christmas Deer Reindeer Decorations, Plastic Deer, Vintage Reindeer from Vintage by Jade


Vintage Reindeer Punchwork Needlepoint Velvet Throw Pillow – Stag – Cushion – Christmas – Holiday Home Decor from French Toast Kitty


50’s Reindeer Pair from Retro Refaire


Vintage Reindeer Red Velvet Deer Christmas Decoration Stuffed Animal Plushie Ornament Hopsack from Hopsack

Aren’t they all just adorable! I obviously would love any and all of them! I try to add to my vintage reindeer collection every year! I hope you all enjoy browsing through these wonderful Etsy vintage shops as much as I did! I’ll be back next week with more holiday vintage finds. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Handmade Gifts 2014- DIY Fabric and Leather Upcycled Belt



03-DSC_0589There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t make it to the thrift store at least once. One of the staples I always seem to walk out with are leather belts. I use them all the time when I make my upcycled bags. I found this adorable fabric on Etsy last month that looks like vintage feedsack patchwork. It was so adorable I knew I wanted to make a belt( and about a hundred other things) with it! I have made belts with webbing before, but this belt I felt was needing a little something special. I thought I’d try and stitch the fabric directly on the leather, but I could not find any nice leather belts that were thin enough thickness wise or wide enough and my size. So, I bought one that I could use with my webbing and as it turns out this was a super easy, fast, and inexpensive project!

Here’s What You Need:

*1.25″ Cotton Webbing


*Basting Spray or Stitch Witchery

*Leather Belt


*Sewing Machine and Heavy Duty Thread



The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies and cut your webbing fabric and belt. Decide how much of the leather belt you wish to show at the front. Cut the belt on each side where you like. Measure your hips or waist where you are going to wear the belt. Measure the leather belt piece and subtract that measurement from the total length. Add an inch to the length for your seam overlap. Cut your webbing to the length you measured. Cut your fabric to be 2″ wide by the length of your webbing.



Fold one side under by 1/2″ and iron down. Then fold the other side in by half an inch and iron down. Spray starch will help keep your fabric allowance nice and flat if you need some extra hold.


Now, you can either use double sided stitch witchery between the fabric and webbing and iron down, or you can spray the back of your fabric piece with basting spray and mount it to your webbing.




Now you are ready to sew. Stitch close to the edge of your fabric. Stitch up one side, then pivot and stitch across the bottom, then pivot and stitch up the other side.


Snip off the very ends of your webbing to clean up the edges.



Lay your first side of your leather belt piece overlapping one side of the webbing by half an inch. Top stitch close to the end and then right below where the webbing ends. Do the same thing for the other side of the belt. Clip threads. Snip and blend the leather to the webbing if the leather is wider than the webbing. And that’s it, easy right!



I think this belt turned out super cute! It was really easy and fast to whip up, and it was really inexpensive too! I made this belt in about a half an hour. The fabric I used was Lecien’s Old New. I used a strip off of a fat quarter and still had most of my piece left over. So, you can easily get by with long scraps or by buying an 1/8th or quarter yard at the store. I think this would make a wonderful gift for ladies, especially teens or young women! I hope you all will think about making one for one of your favorite girls or yourself sometime! I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun handmade gift. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Handmade Gifts 2014- DIY Vintage Fabric and Webbing Key Chains



05-DSC_0618Hey everyone! Have you all started making up your Christmas lists? I usually make a lot of my holiday gifts. Handmade items are really fun to make and gift! I always strive to make items that are something that my family will love and want to use. I also have a lot of family, so my handmade items have to be fairly easy and quick to whip up. One of the easiest gifts I have been making this year for my fellas are these fun vintage wool key fobs. You can whip up a whole batch of them in under an hour too!

Here’s What You Need:

*Cotton Webbing 1.25″ ( you can get four key fobs out of a yard)

*Fabric Scraps

*Double Sided Stitch Witchery or Basting Spray

*Key Fob Hardware ( I bought mine Here)

*Sewing Machine and Thread


*Ruler and Marking Pen





Gather your supplies. Cut your webbing to 9″. Cut your fabric to 2″x9″.



Fold under a half inch to the back side of your fabric down one side and iron, then do the same with the other side. You should end up with a piece that is 1″x9″.


Now, you can use double sided stitch witchery sandwiched in between the fabric and the webbing and iron, or you can spray the back of the fabric with basting spray and stick it on to the webbing.




Now you are ready to stitch. Sew close to the edge of the fabric. Stitch up one side then pivot and stitch across the bottom and then stitch up the other side. Clip threads.



Clip off the very ends so you have nice neat edges.



Fold the piece in half, lining up the edges.



Now, slide your ends into the key fob hardware. Carefully smoosh it all the way in making sure it is even and the edges are lined up inside.


Hammer down the hardware. You can buy pliers that are made specifically for the hardware if you plan on making a bunch. I am pretty comfortable using the hammer, so it works well for me.


Attach the key ring to the end of the key fob hardware. And now it is ready for some keys!



06-DSC_0615I love how easy and fast these key chains are to whip up. A while back I came across some beautiful vintage wool fabric that I have been using to make bags for the shop. I thought they would be fantastic as key chains as well. The plaid wools are great for winter and they are nice for everyone since they are pretty gender neutral. You can use this same method with any kind of fabric you’d like to use. It’s really easy to customize them to your liking! I hope you will give them a try sometime! It’s a great project for beginners too! I’ll be back tomorrow with another handmade gift idea. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Holiday Gift Guides 2014- Gifts for Teens

Hey guys! The past few weeks have been a little of a whirlwind! I can’t belive this year is already almost over, I swear it has gone by so fast! I am knee-deep in making holiday gifts for my own crew this year. I did want to pop in and share a few of my favorite gift ideas for teens. Check em’ out:


Red Squirrel Serenade – Tote Bag / Book Bag – 16″ x 16″ by Iota Illustration


mermaid print 8 x 12 sea how cute I am by BoopsieDaisy


On Sale!!! LOLA’S SWEET DREAM Ooak Cameo Vintage Inspired Art Brooch by Odd Princess, Wearable Art by Odd Princess


Unicorn i phone Slim Case – i phone Case – i phone 5 Case – i phone 5s Case by Pai and Pear


Coastal Pillow Happy Girls are the Prettiest Pillow Audrey Hepburn Beach Decor Gift Girls Room Throw Pillow Cover Decorative Throw Retro Art by Vintage Beach


Hummingbirds Zipper Pouch Little Coin Purse ECO Friendly Padded NEW Hummers Delight by J Pat Purses


Goldie and the Bear Hugs – limited edition giclee print of an original illustration (8 x 10 in) by Helen Dardik


Crochet Ring – Tiny Landscape – House and Tree on a Hill – Mini Amigurumi Adjustable Ring – Statement Ring by Biribis


clutch – ipad case – minibag by Nuria Diaz Shop


Macbook Decal Sticker for Macbook Sticker Macbook Pro Decal Macbook Air Sticker Snoopy SN by The CJ Store


Harry Potter Dumbledore quote print – Happiness can be found – Typographic print, Inspirational Art poster, giclee print wall art by Simple Serene



2015 Calendar Printable INSTANT DOWNLOAD/ Illustrated magical travel wall/ desk calendar by BelsArt

Aren’t they so flippin’ cute! I realize that most of these finds are rather feminine, but check out these amazing shops and you could certainly find something for just about everyone on your list. There are so many talented artists on Etsy! I am in awe every week! I hope you have enjoyed my little gift guide. Hopefully it has given an idea or two for someone on your list. I’ll be back soon with another fun gift guide. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Holiday Gift Guides 2014- Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Hey everyone! I’ve gotten a little behind on my gift guides this year with so much going on around here lately. So we will be playing catch up this week. The first guide I am going to share with you is a collection of gifts for pet lovers and our favorite furry friends. This is always one of my favorite guides to put together! We have quite a few pets in our family, and we are all definitely all animal lovers! It was hard to narrow down my list. Here are just a few of my favorites:


Personalize Your Pooch – Dog Art Block – 4″ x 5″- Personalized Gift Idea for Mom- Personalized Gifts for Pets- Dogs Gifts for Christmas by John W Golden


Pink Squirrel Dog Collar, Adjustable, Ribbon Collar, Woodland Pet Collar by Day Dog Designs


Silly porcelain dog earrings,kawaii,ceramic jewellery,porcelain earring,real gold plated on brass earring,small cute gift,for dog lovers by Silly Rice


My Favoritest Thing – Cute Art Print of a Pug with his Dog Toy; a Drawing for Dog Lovers by Inkpug


My cat is the coolest person I know mug,cup,coffee,funny,present,gift,cat lover by Knits Chic


Ceramic Tuxedo Cat Sculpture & Vase by Maid of Clay


Whimsical Cat and Dog Art Print – FoLLow YouR BliSS – Fun Aqua Teal Blue Green Artwork by 3 Crows


Gift for couple – Wooden Keychain – Personalized Anniversary Gift – Bridal Shower Gift – Cats print – Handmade Keyring by Good Mood Woods


Custom Dog Breed Necklace – Bronze or Antique Silver Cameo Pendant – Customized Dog Breed Necklace – Gift for Pet Lover, Dog Owner by Jersey Maids


Custom pet portrait tote bag.Custom pet portrait. For one or two pets. Personalized Tote bag. Gift for pet owners. Gift for animal lovers by Carol’s Atelier


Medium Dog Tag – Dog ID Tag – Pet Tag – Bull Terrier- Bully by Doggone Tags


Felt succulent planter / Kitty cat vase / Natural colors / Kawaii gift / cat lover gift /set of three – Choose your color by The Yarn Kitchen


Custom Dog Wine Stopper by Wolf’s Folk Art


Hedgehog Needle Minder / Keeper, Walnut, Laser Cut Wood by Tangerine 8


Feline Retribution Cat Toys – organic catnip filled, handmade — SciFi fans, feminists, progressives, vengeance is yours by 100 Ladies


Labrador dog embossing, laser engraved wooden rolling pin by Boon Homeware

I just love every one of them! Can’t pick a favorite this time, they are all fantastic! Do you have a favorite? I hope this little guide has given you a few gift ideas for someone you love. Be sure to check out all the fantastic shops that all of these wonderful items came from, you’ll love them! They are amazing! I’ll be back soon with another gift guide. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- December 1st

Happy Monday everyone! Today is the first of December, can you believe it! Before you know it Christmas will be here. Even though we’ve only had a white Christmas two times in my entire life living in the south, I always associate Christmas with snow. So, this week, I am starting out the month with a little collection of vintage finds inspired by a snowy white Christmas. Enjoy!


Vintage white ceramic christmas tree with glowing electric bulbs from Lititz Carriage House


Creamy White Vintage Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments Snow Capped Silver Glitter Set of 3 Three 1950’s from Relics and Rhinestones


Vintage Sleigh reindeer Ornaments by Rosbro Plastics (set of 3) from Lazy Days Relics


Vintage Spun Head Christmas Angel Decoration white 1950s halo wings composition paper cardboard made in West Germany from The Heirloom Shoppe


50s Christmas Tree Earrings Vintage White porcelain Gold Unique Ceramic Xmas Earrings Handmade Ceramic from Bone Structure


winter wonderland – Christmas tree candles with glitter and sequins, retro vintage holiday décor, kitschy 1950s fun, set of 2 from Faye Travis Vintage


50’s Lace Dress and Jacket. // Rhinestone Button. Wedding Shift, Matching 2 Piece Set from Salvato Collection


Vintage Christmas Wrapping from the 1950s . White doves with gold from Brookside Vintage


Darling 1950s Holt Howard Christmas Angel- Made in Japan from Peppermint Pigs


festive vintage 1950s set of 8 12 oz Christmas SNOWFLAKE mid century DRINKING GLASSES highball lemonade iced tea from Our Vintage House


Christmas, Sheep, Nativity, Figurines, Miniatures, Lambs, Clay, Handmade, 1940s, 1950s, Set of 3 from Vintage Dotti Rose



Ceramic German Christmas Tree Stand from Nesting Wren

Aren’t they all so sweet! I love them all! Vintage holiday decorations are probably one of my favorite things ever! I hope you all have enjoyed my little wintry collection! Be sure to check out all these fantastic items and the wonderful shops they came from! I’ll be back next week with more holiday vintage goodies. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

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