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Vintage Inspired Bluebird Sculptures

Hi guys! Today I am going to share something special I made for my mom for her birthday this year. We have a thing for bluebirds in my family, especially vintage bluebirds. So, I thought I would try and make … Continued

My Life in Pictures March 20th-27th

This past week we have been pretty busy. Daryl and I set up shop at the flea market last weekend. We took out a lot of my handmade items as well as some beautiful furniture from Marcy’s shop Sunflowers in … Continued

My Life in Pictures- March 6th-13th

  My sleepy Beaureguard….   Daryl and Beau at Wrightsville Beach…   Me and Beau at the beach. We’ve both got some serious fly aways…   Can I please have some oysters? Please…   Prancin’ in the sand…   My … Continued

My Life in Pictures- February 27th- March 6th

Sadie came for a sleepover this past weekend… We took the puppies to the dog park and they had a good long play session… Sadie bravely barking at the big dogs walking by… Sometimes a dog just wants to be … Continued

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