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11 Years

Nothin Can Change This Love

Miu miu

Kate spade jewelry

White gold earrings
$36 –

Stella mccartney
$260 –

Eleven years ago yesterday my husband and I had our first date. We were so young back then, just out of highschool, but right from the start we knew we were something special. My husband is seriously the best, and I love him to bits! Always have , always will! Since we’ve been married for a while now we don’t really count our dating anniversary as our anniversary, but we do like to go out on a date to celebrate the years we’ve spent together. So, if I could pick a perfect date night ensemble it would have to be this one! This set is inspired by one of my favorite date night songs, one of our songs; “Nothin’ Can Change This Love” by the great Sam Cooke. Any night could be a date night with Sam! If you have never heard the song look him up on ITunes. He’s just lovely!

Fashion Playlist- Eleanor

Recently we lost one of my absolute favorite chickens, Eleanor Blue, to a hawk. It was just a horrible experience, and we are all a little broken up about it around here. A little over a year ago I picked her out at the feed store, and immediately knew that she was an Eleanor. I named her after the song, Eleanor, by the Turtles, and sang it to her all the time when she was a chick. She was sweet, strong, and a total priss! She was obsessed with nesting, and I know she would have made an excellent mother if she had gotten the chance. But my favorite thing about Eleanor was that even though she was the smallest gal in the flock being a silkie bantam, she had the biggest heart and personality! I miss seeing her every day!

If you tune in to my blog, you know that every month I do a fashion and music mash up that I make into a “playlist.” I absolutely love music, and I absolutely love fashion design! So for me, even though it takes a lot of time, it’s a treat. I have a whole list of “playlists” to create and share, including one themed for Eleanors. I have been wanting to do this one for a while, and cannot think of a better time than now. It is an expression of love, and design, straight fom my heart for my best little gal. Ellie Bean, this one’s for you, love!



J Crew knit top

Sia Dimitriadi full skirt

Houndstooth handbag

Chain jewelry

House of Harlow 1960 black jewelry
$155 –

Block hat


Short dress

High heels

Dolce Gabbana quilted handbag
$820 –

Flagship Eleanor

Slimming top

Flat heels

Shoulder bag

Nickel free jewelry

River Island heart jewelry
$4.74 –

Genuine leather belt

Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On

Wool sweater

Lee short shorts
$62 –

Leather handbag

Brass jewelry

Gucci jewelry
$140 –

Gold jewelry

Floppy hat

Eleanor Rigby

Striped tee

Madewell shoes

Tote handbag

Chain jewelry

Rose jewelry

Mulberry blue hat

Miso feather hair accessory
$3.16 –


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