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New Custom Embroidered Necklaces Coming to the Shop This Week

I’m very excited to be adding some more styles to my custom initial embroidered line of vintage fabric necklaces to my Etsy shop, Sweet Sophie Blue’s this week! Now you can get up to three lower case initials on a necklace, as well as a sweetheart design, custom date, and my personal favorite; custom birthstone colored embroidered heart necklaces. Check em’ out:

These custom heart necklaces are my new favorite thing. Each heart color represents a “birthstone” for the month of a loved one’s birth. The aqua one I made for my Mother-in-law for Mother’s day this year. Each heart represented one of her children. My husband is october with the opaly blue, my brother in law is amethyst for feburary, and my sister in laws are yellow for november, and deep red for january. You can customize any number of hearts for your loved ones. Get one to celebrate your kids, you and your spouse, sisters, mother and daughters, I did one for myself with my pets birth hearts. That one was covered in hearts!

You can now get up to three lower case letters on a custom embroidered initial necklace. Get your own monogram, or you and your bff.

Custom date necklaces to celebrate a special occasion are so sweet!

Custom Initial Embroidered Necklaces with little hearts!

Customize a Sweetheart Necklace to wear a little piece of your love with you throughout the day!

All of these lovely necklaces are being added this week to my Etsy shop, Sweet Sophie Blue. Check them out on Etsy here:

New Necklaces @ Sweet Sophie Blue’s


I just added some new necklaces to my Etsy shop, Sweet Sophie Blue. These sweet necklaces are made from vintage hankies and fabrics. They make an adorable addition to your spring wardrobe, and they’re fun to wear! It’s like carrying a little piece of vintage happiness with you throughout the day! Check em’ out here:


Sweet Sophie Blue Embroidered Necklaces





I am so excited to announce my new hand embroidered necklaces are now in my etsy shop. Each one of a kind necklace is hand stitched with your choice of letter and vintage fabric. These would make great gifts for your bridesmaid, best friend, mom, or favorite little gal. And of course you can always treat yourself! Check em’ out here:

Just in, Two OOAK Brooch Necklaces

I’ve just added these two sweet vintage brooch necklaces to my shop. They are both made with vintage silvertone brooches and a mix of new and vintage beads. One of my favorite things in the world is vintage moonglow beads! They have this fabulous sheen about them, like a glowing moon, simply fantastic! And both of these beauties are adorned with moonglows! These one of a kind lovelies, along with everything else in my shop are now on sale until Valentine’s day(see the storefront for cupon code). So go ahead, buy your best gal something fabulous, or pamper yourself.  Oh and p.s., follow me on facebook for fans only deals and giveaways 😉


Vintage China Jewelry Holder

I have been making jewelry holders out of old plates for a while now to display my jewelry at craft shows, but I finally decided to make one for my personal jewelry I keep on my vanity bookcase. The design is really simple, the bottom is a diner plate, the middle is a cereal bowl, and the top is a condiment dish, all separated with glass candlestick holders and glued in place. I added my favorite tea cup to the top to hold my earrings. Teacups are great for earring storage! It’s probably not the most organized of jewelry organizers, but I love it, and it works for me. It’s such a versatile design. You could use them for tea service, craft organization, or just as a general catchall. I love to repurpose, especially when it’s cute and vintage!

Vintage Brooch Necklaces

Vintage Aqua Bow Brooch Necklace

Aqua Vintage Bow Brooch Necklace Close Up


Vintage Bee Brooch Necklace


Vintage Bee Brooch Necklace 2


Vintage Bee Brooch Necklace View 3


Vintage Owl Brooch Necklace


Vintage Owl Brooch Necklace 2


Vintage Owl Brooch Necklace View 3


I’m very excited to announce the opening of my updated Etsy shop Sweet Sophie Blue( )! I have been adding several items over the last couple of days, my favorites I have to say are the vintage brooch necklaces I have recently finished. I love them all as I hope you do too!

All images are by Kim Crenshaw Photography-


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