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Revamping Vintage Linens with Plaid’s New Fabric Creations™ Line, Plus A Giveaway!

10-DSC_3679 copy

This post is brought to you by The Blueprint Social and Plaid Crafts. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. I recently had the opportunity to review Plaid Craft’s new line of craft products, Fabric Creations™. Fabric Creations™ Soft Fabric Ink is super soft fabric ink that is the perfect formulation for stamping, stenciling and brushing on fabric. It is machine washable, water based, and non-toxic. Plus it is super soft! Use printing blocks for creating unique fashions, quilts, textiles, stitching embroidery, scrapbooking, printing, and more! Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps and Fabric Ink are both available at Hobby Lobby and

I had recently snagged a bunch of old linens at the Flea Market for less than a dollar a piece. I use old embroidery and floral linens in my projects all the time as cutters. I thought it would be fun to funk some of the linens up a bit and give them a new life with the help of the fantastic block printing stamps and ink I received. I decided to stamp on an old 1960’s fringed table runner and also some pillowcases. I had so much fun with it, before I was done, I was even stamping my shoes! Check it out:

Here’s What You Need:

*Old Linens such as Pillowcases, Table Runners, Napkins, Etc…

*Fabric Creations™ Block Printing Stamps

*Fabric Creations™ Fabric Ink

*Foam Sponges

*Foam Block Printing Mat

*Paper Plate


15-DSC_3645 16-DSC_3652

I started with testing each stamp I had on a piece of scrap fabric so we could really get a feel for the design and how the stamps worked.

17-DSC_3653 18-DSC_3654

The first thing you need to do is squeeze a little fabric ink out onto a paper plate. Also, place your foam mat under the layer of fabric where you want to start stamping. Dip your sponge into the ink and then dab the ink on the white design on the wood stamp. You can use two sponges and two color inks to create an ombre type effect easily just by dabbing one color onto one part of the stamp and then the other color onto the other part of the stamp.


Carefully lay the stamp face down onto your fabric where you wish the design to be, be sure to note the orientation before you put it down.

19-DSC_3655 14-DSC_3657

Press firmly down onto your stamp into the foam and then lift the stamp straight up. Continue stamping your design. When you get to the edge of the foam matt, carefully lift your fabric and reposition the mat to the new section and continue stamping. When you are done with a color of ink and want to change colors, or if you are done with your stamp, make sure to wash it off. The bristle brush you can get to clean the stamps with is incredibly helpful and makes cleaning a snap!


I had also stamped a blue linen table scarf. I still like the way it turned out, but I will say that the colors are not quite the same and the darker colors showed up the best on them. It has a more muted antique look. I prefer the ink on white fabrics myself because the colors are so vibrant.

05-DSC_3703 07-DSC_3694 06-DSC_3695 04-DSC_3712 03-DSC_3718

I decided to do an all over print on the faded floral pillowcase in the gold ink with the square scroll stamp. It was really subtle , but turned out so sweet. The pink floral pillowcase got a pink and lime ombre stamped border, which had a fun vibe to it. The yellow floral got a bold blue paisley all over print with an elephant border. I love the boldness of the print but that you can also see the original floral behind lending its charm.

09-DSC_3682 13-DSC_3666 12-DSC_3675 11-DSC_3676

My favorite linen revamp though was probably my table runner. I loved the funky embroidery on it, but I thought it would be so cool to add some border stamps and a few elephants to the center to give it an eastern flair. The designs melded flawlessly with the original embroidery and it really enhanced the look of the whole cloth. It was fun but a little shabby before, but now it is a great centerpiece for the table. I have been displaying it on the credenza in my living room.

01-DSC_3801 02-DSC_3803

I did not want to stop stamping after I got through my linens, so I decided to try out the stamps on an old pair of espadrilles I had from a couple of summers ago. Since the fabric mat obviously would not fit into my shoe, I folded up a little newspaper and inserted into the shoe. Then I carefully stretched out the fabric with one hand so it was smooth and laid the stamp with the other. They turned out adorable too, and it took me about ten minutes to make them!

21-fabric creations pin it

Overall, I was extremely happy with the Plaid Fabric Creations™ line! I did really enjoy the stamps, but I cannot say enough good things about the fabric ink! It has such a soft hand. You can’t feel it once it is dry, like it is part of the fabric. I just love it! The wood stamps are a super nice quality too. They have a nice weight and feel in your hand and are really easy to use. They have a ton of designs, from southwestern, to eastern influence, to florals.


To celebrate the launch of their new Fabric Creations™ line, Plaid Crafts is doing a giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win a Fabric Creations™ Block Printing Kit, which includes over $125 worth of supplies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope I have inspired some of you all to give the Fabric Creations™ line a try sometime! You can stamp projects so fast and easily, and the inks are divine! I am in LOVE with the fabric inks! To see more from the Fabric Creations™ line as well as tons of other products and projects check out Plaid Crafts blog online Here, and follow along with them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I’ll be back soon with another fun project! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

Modern Masters Paint Giveaway!!!


Hey guys! I am so excited to announce that Modern Masters Paint is partnering up with me to host a giveaway of their fabulous paint! I had the chance to review some of their gorgeous metallic paint a couple of weeks ago and painted a side table with a wallpapered top which you can see here. This is such a great line and it’s really easy to use! What I love the most is the amazing color palette they have in their lines! So, on to the giveaway…

If you would like to enter here is what you need to do:

1- Browse the company website, Modern Masters, and select one of the following products you’d like to use for a project:

  • Metallic Paint Collection or Matte Metallics (options provided)
    One Quart and One 6 oz. container – your choice of color OR
    Four 6 oz. containers – your choice of color
  • Metal Effects (kit contains all, unless otherwise specified)
    One Pint Primer
    One Pint Reactive Paint – your choice of color
    One 4 oz. Solution or Rust Activator
    One Spritzer Cap
    One Pint of Permacoat Xtreme [Rust Only]
  • Front Door Paint
    One Quart – any color
  • Dead Flat Varnish – One Quart

2- Return to my blog and leave a comment below on which products you like and how/where you would use it.

You all can also acquire one bonus entry each for:

If you choose to follow any of the Modern Masters social pages for extra entries make sure you let me know in your entry comment you leave me.


This giveaway will be open for one week only. The winner will be drawn at random and announced on the morning of Friday May 8th. Good luck to you all! If you love to paint furniture and decor pieces, I know you would love using the Modern Masters Paint! I had a blast making my side table and I am still using some of my samples for frames and such. Have a wonderful day!


Fun Shrinky Ornament Christmas Tags

DSC_0076 (5)_600x600

DSC_0077 (5)_600x600

DSC_0079 (4)_600x600


Hi guys! It’s been a little crazy around here. I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already! I still have not even made a dent in my wrapping! Before the Christmas holiday I wanted to share one last Christmas-y thing, free printable tags! I have included printable sheets below for regular paper printable tags, and then ones for shrinky inkjet paper for an even more special tag.

Here is the printable for the paper tags:

printable ornament xmas tags

And here are the printables for the shrinky tags, they have already been lightened for you, so they are 100% ready to print on your shrinky paper…


shrinky tags 1

shrinky tags 2

shrinky tags 3



DSC_0073 (5)_600x600

DSC_0080 (4)_526x600

Aren’t they fun! To make the shrinky tags, print them out on your inkjet shrinky paper, cut them out and then bake. There are really simple instructions on the back of the package for the paper. You can write the name of the recipient and the gift giver on the back with a sharpie. I hope you all enjoy these printable tags! May they add a little extra cheer to your Christmas packages!

Happy Wrapping!


Free Printable 2013 Calendar

Hi everyone! Today I have a fun freebie for you, a cool printable calendar! It features some of my favorite projects and pictures from last year. I created this calendar to size to fit inside a cd case. You just take out the plastic part that holds the cd, remove the back paper, insert your calendar month and snap the plastic back in place. You could also hang these from a line of twine, or just pin one up each month to your favorite bulletin board. I created this calendar as a “thank you” to all my lovely readers! You guys are awesome, seriously! To save the pages you just click to open the pictures and then right click them to “save as.” There are two months on each 8.5×11 page. You will need to cut them down to the size you like. To cut them down to fit a cd case, they need to measure 4.625×5.375″. I hope you all enjoy!

Here they are:

Happy 2013!


Free Printable Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

Today I am in the midst of the enormity that is my holiday wrapping! I have a habit of picking up little things all year long, and by the time Christmas comes along I have what feels like a million things to wrap. I had originally wanted to create a more detailed set of Christmas Tags to share with you all, but time got away from me a bit this year, so I had to do something a little simpler. I created this little set of tags for all of my amazing followers to use if they wish in their holiday wrapping! You guys are awesome, and I love sharing with you! You can cut them out using a circle punch or scissors. I used a scalloped edge circle punch that was 2″ round. The small circles are 1″ and I made it into a little garland by sandwiching a little twine between two circles and taping from the inside with double stick tape. My printer running out of ink, so my tags printed a little dull, but they would be a lot brighter if I had printed them properly(oops). Anyways, I hope you all enjoy them! To save them you can just right click and hit save as. Stay tuned for more wrapping ideas a little later on…

Happy Wrapping!

Come on Get Happy Free Printable

Hi Everyone! I have something special for you all today! As a big welcome to my new and slightly improved blog, I have a free printable for you. This sweet little printable is inspired by one of my favorite songs! There are four different options for you all. You can save them all or just the one you like best. They are all sized for a 5×7 frame. And in case you are wondering, I snagged this fantastic frame at IKEA. Hope you all enjoy them!



To save the files, just right click and open pictures in a new tab, then right click and “save as”


Free Printable- Craft Show Checklist

Get Ready for Summer and Fall Craft Shows with this handy checklist! This is my go to list when prepping for shows. I love to make lists, and I wanted to share this one with all my crafty buddies out there in hopes that it will be a useful tool to anyone who wishes to use it!

Click on my to open, then right click and “save as”

And speaking of craft shows, I’ll be at the Designer’s Downtown Market tomorrow, Saturday July 14th, from 9am to 3pm. If you are in the area, stop in and say “Hi”, and you can check out Designer’s Downtown Market’s Page Here

Beau and Roux’s Corner- Freebie Cat Toy Pattern and DIY

Hey all you pet lovers out there! Today I have something special for you. My cat Roux loves wand toys, especially ones with feathers! So, we have a freebie pattern for a kitty bear stuffed wand toy with feather paws, just for all you cat lovers!

Here’s what you need:


*Fleece 1/4 yard or less

*Felt for paws

*Felt for face

*Embroidery thread



*Ribbon or satin cording, or both

*Wooden dowel

*Glue (I used hot glue)

Please note- there are two sizes of paws on this pattern, you can use whichever you like

Step one: Cut out pieces- Cut out pattern and then either pin on fabric or trace with a marking pen and cut out your pieces of felt and fleece.

Step 2: Stitch together paws- place satin cording or ribbon sandwiched in between top of paw. Stitch down. Before you get to the tip of the paw, sandwich in feather, then stitch and backstitch over spot where feather is, and continue stitching around paw until you’ve got a stitch all around sandwiching in both the cording and feather on opposite sides.

Step 3: Stitch face- Stich face to the front of the front body piece. Draw your face on the felt with a tiny pen or a marking pen, then embroider face over your markings.

Step 4:Staystich limbs and ribbon- place your arms and legs facing in towards the belly of the body and staystich them down on the edge.

Step 5: Sew- Begin at the bottom and carefully stitch 1/4 inch seam allowance, making sure you don’t stitch down any pieces of the limbs, all the way around leaving a couple of inches at the bottom for turning. Clip threads and then turn right side out.

Step 6: Stuff- Stuff polyfill into the opening you have at the bottom of the toy, when filled to your liking hand stitch closed.

Step 7: Glue ribbon- Glue and wrap ribbon around the top of your wooden dowel. And now you are done!

Step 8: Find your kitty and play!

This toy has already gotten a lot of attention in my house from all the cats and my dog too! They love the feathers! I wish I had had some catnip to put in with the stuffing, then they’d really go nuts. This toy was fun and easy to make! Hope you enjoy making this little cutie for your favorite furry friend!

14 Days of Love Finale- Sweet Sophie Blue Necklace Giveaway!






To wrap up my “14 Days of Love” Valentine special, today I’m doing a very special giveaway from my Etsy shop, Sweet Sophie Blue.

This sweet necklace features a kissing couple from a vintage greeting card. The couple is set behind a one inch round glass dome and rests in a vintage brass lace edge setting. This adorable pendant hangs from a cute brass bow and tiny antique brass 18″ chain finished with lobster clasp.

If you would like to add this lovely necklace to your jewelry box, leave me a comment below with your name.

I’ll be picking a name at random and the winner of this fabulous giveaway will be posted tomorrow night. Have a fantastic day everyone!

14 Days of Love- Lovey Dovey Bear Pattern





*1/2 yard of fleece

*Felt for contrast


*Embroidery floss

*Poly fill stuffing

*Pattern from below

Step 1: Cut out pieces from pattern and cut fabric.

Step 2: Sew on eye, nose, and belly to front body piece

Step 3: Sew on little ears to big ear fronts

Step 4: Embroider the mouth with black embroidery thread. I freehand sewed it on, but you could use a marking pen to draw the mouth on as a guide if you like. Also sew on buttons for eyes and belly button.

Step 5: Sew arm front and backs and ear front and backs, right sides together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step 6: Clip curves and turn right side out.

Step 7: Add a little stuffing to the arms

Step 8: Sew the arms and ears with a stay stitch to the body front.

Step 9: Pin the body front and back together, right sides together. Sew 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving a couple inches open for turning.

Step 10: Clip curves and turn right side out .

Step 11: Stuff bear with polyfill

Step 12: Hand sew opening in side of bear with a slipstitch

Step 13(optional) You can sew a little heart for the bear to hold. I drew hearts on felt cut them out and sewed them stacked, and then stuffed a little polyfill inside. You can then handstitch the heart to the bears paws. And you’re done.

Click on pattern pieces to open, then right click and “save as”

This funny lovey dovey bear would make a great valentine’s treat for your favorite little sweetie, or, he could be your cuddle bug or new couch buddy. Enjoy! And be sure to check out the blog tomorrow, for my final Valentine’s day special, I’ll be posting a sweet giveaway from my etsy shop!

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