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Local Gems- From The Heart Antiques

One of the things I love the most about living so close to Raleigh is that we have an excellent Flea Market that’s open pretty much all year! There are always lots of wonderful things to see, but my favorite vendor at the market is From the Heart Antiques, owned by Molly Walker. Her booth is inside the commercial building, and it is the best! Everything she has is just precious! I get most of my hankies from her. Miss Molly’s booth is packed full with all kinds of amazing things. She always has the greatest vintage glasses, some of them still with the carriers, like the feather tumbler set I couldn’t resist. She has a fantastic selection of sour cream glasses too! I love the selection of little ceramic animals, salt and pepper shakers, and vintage knick knacks. There is also a great collection of Hardy Boy’s books, hats, a purse or two, vintage tin trays and canisters, glass pictures, kitchen gadgets, and sewing ephemera. And occasionally she gets some fantastic linens and tablecloths. I love that there is always something new to see!


 In my family we have a little flea market routine just about every weekend. We go for the hubby to get boiled peanuts, for Beau to get some socialization, and for me to go see Miss Molly’s booth. It’s our little flea market ritual. So, if you are ever in Raleigh be sure to stop by the Flea Market and visit Miss Molly’s booth in the commercial building. She’s there from 9am to 6pm Saturdays and Sundays. It’s not to be missed, one of my absolute favorite things here in Raleigh! You can get directions and flea market happenings at their website here. Miss Molly also has a booth in the Antiques at Gresham Lake, an antique mall on the other side of Raleigh. You can visit their website here.
Happy Shopping!

Flea Market- June 18th

Today we decided to take Beau to the Raleigh Flea Market as he has been couped up in the house most of the week, and it’s his favorite place to go. We didn’t have any moolah to spend today, but that’s the great thing about the Flea Market, there’s always lots of cool stuff to see! Here’s some of the cool stuff I really loved today:

I just loved this old Coke cooler! One of my favorite vendors sells all kinds of old cast iron pieces as well as metal yard art. I have a smaller version of this rooster in my yard. And the chest would be something my mom would just swoon over.

I have to say, I fell head over heels for this table! It would be perfect in my kitchen, and the pattern on the top is so adorable!

The other amazing attraction at the flea market today was the awesome vintage roaming trailer shop, The Go Girl Shoppe. Owner Meghan Wagner has created a shoppe filled with both vintage and handmade goodies all in and around her vintage metal travel trailer. It’s simply, in a word, fantastic! Check it out:




Don’t you just love it! You can follow The Go Girl Shoppe on Facebook and on the blog, Go Girl Shoppe Blog to see where this fab roaming shop will be landing next.

Hope everone has a fantastic Sunday! And Happy Father’s Day to all the cool Daddy-O’s out there!

Flea Market Finds June 3rd







Today we decided to take Beau to the Flea Market down in Raleigh. It was so beautiful outside, and there was a lot of vendors out, which is always great! I saw a lot of furniture I would love to have bought, but our budget doesn’t allow for bigger purchases for now. I did however find two awesome cutter tablecloths and an adorable 45 record case. Pretty great scores today, if I do say so myself!

Flea Market Finds from Sunday May 6th

Yesterday my hubby and I took Beau out to the Raleigh flea market. He LOVES the attention! And I love all the wonderful vintage items to browse through, especially the furniture, and dishes! This week we didn’t have a lot of time to spend, but I still managed to find some great stuff. Check em’ out:

Aren’t they all cute! And I spent less than $15. The hankies aren’t in the best shape, but they can be repurposed, the squirrel was just one of many super cute ceramic cuties that I saw, but I just couldn’t resist him, he had the cutest face! The thermos is still in super great shape. It’s hard to find them where the glass inside isn’t broken. My favorite though and the piece I spent the most on is the daisy print sour cream glass. I could spend the entire day at the flea market if I was by myself, but it is friendlier on the wallet to take the hubby with me. He’d never admit it, but I know he has a fun time too…


Flea Market Finds- Jan. 28th


One of my absolute favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to the flea market in Raleigh. I love love love when I can score cute vintage finds, and today i’d say I did pretty well. I got all of these lovelies for less than $30(book-$7, hankies and bunny creamer-$15, deer, kitty, cat purfume bottle, and dog-$2.50.)  My Mama Wanda would be proud!


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