Introducing Baby Sam

Introducing Baby Sam

IMG_0668cSo, this is what I have been waiting to share with you for so long now, our baby boy is here! Actually he has been for a few months, but I am just now getting to a bit of free time to share.

IMG_0592 IMG_0550As some of you know, I was not feeling well for my whole pregnancy. I didn’t have bad morning sickness, but did have motion sickness a lot and just generally felt crummy, which is why I wasn’t blogging much. I had a very healthy pregnancy up until the end. Right after Thanksgiving my blood pressure shot up and I had to be monitored and on light bed rest. Not even two weeks later I was in the hospital with preclampsia. Luckily it was not a bad case, but bad enough that I needed to be induced.

IMG_0556 IMG_0555 IMG_0600They gave me something to soften my cervix overnight and in the morning we were going to start pitocin. Well, in the morning everything was looking good, but they were having a hard time getting to my cervix and could not feel him, so they decided to do an ultrasound. It turned out that he was way up high and in a breech position. We consulted with our doctor and midwife and decided to have a cesarean.

IMG_20170125_105029_879So that evening at 8:30 they wheeled me into surgery and numbed me up. Daryl was there with me by my head, and the anesthesiologist was on the other side explaining everything as we went along. He told us when they were taking him out and Daryl shot straight up and looked over the drape. And then I heard a little cry and he was here. They cleaned him up, Daryl got to trim the cord, and they wrapped him up and put him on my chest. It was perfect!

IMG_0668On Wednesday December 7th, at 9:03 pm, Baby Sam entered the world. He was three weeks early, but healthy and almost seven pounds. He had a lot of hair and long fingers and toes. Our whole family was there and everyone was so excited to meet him. It was so wonderful!

sam square IMG_0658 IMG_0695 IMG_0721 IMG_0739 IMG_0744 IMG_0711 IMG_0764The photos above on the blue blanket were taken when he was a day old in the hospital. The nine above and the title photo were taken when he was a week old.

IMG_20170128_144017_869 IMG_20170128_143808_797 IMG_20170128_143731_961 IMG_20170128_143717_197 IMG_20170128_143703_828 IMG_20170128_143647_132We have had a few issues with jaundice the first couple of weeks but he got over it pretty quickly. He is a chunk already and growing so fast! We have been enjoying his sweet little noises and his many expressions! These photos above were taken when he was a little over a month and the ones below are from his most recent photo session at a little over two months.

IMG_20170220_015638_855 IMG_20170220_020305_435 IMG_20170220_020053_803 IMG_20170220_020023_479 IMG_20170220_015835_664 IMG_20170220_015602_242 IMG_20170220_015434_434So now I am laying here writing this with a three-month old Sam napping on my chest because he will not have it any other way, and truth be told I wouldn’t want it any other way. These precious moments fly by so fast, I just want to hold on as tight as I can before I turn around and he’s all grown up! Everything they say is true, your whole world changes, you can’t remember what it was like before he was here, and it is the most amazing feeling. You can’t explain how much love you feel, it’s amazing! I love being a mommy!

IMG_20170220_015452_006I hope you all enjoyed meeting my little bear! I am sure you will be seeing more of him here and there on the blog as he grows. Thank you all for your love and support of my little blog! I will be back soon with some fun projects!



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7 Responses

  1. Pat Schwab

    Congrats! Sam is adorable. They do grow up fast ( all of mine are in college) so take all the special time you can! Pat S

  2. Look at that precious baby! You have a beautiful family! Congratulations!

  3. Janice

    Prettiest baby in the world! You can see that he is surrounded by love.
    I noticed that you have some people who are talented in crochet and knitting. The blanket with his name, the hat with the ears.
    What a joyful time for you. I can tell you treasure each moment.

  4. What a precious child. Continue enjoying him and allow your love for him bring you and hubby closer together than ever before. Blessings on your family.

  5. He is SO adorable! Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations! What a precious baby. 💙

  7. Laura Strack

    Congratulations Ashley! Sam is just so perfect and precious as can be. So glad you are savoring every moment. They do grow too fast. You photos are too cute and you will cherish them forever. So happy for you all.