Gifts for the Foodie- People’s Choice Jerkey

Gifts for the Foodie- People’s Choice Jerkey

dsc_8247Hi guys! As a blogger I get several opportunities yearly to try out and review products for companies looking to spread the word about their brand. I am incredibly selective in the products that I choose to review. It has to be something I feel excited about from the beginning. A little while ago, the fellas at People’s Choice Jerky in Los Angeles asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their artisan jerky. Although I don’t really eat jerky, my husband does, so I thought I would give him the chance to review something for me.

dsc_8238We received this awesome box of jerky. The packaging was fantastic! I know a lot of you don’t really care about a products package, but for me the extra details and beauty in the way an item comes displayed the first time you see it is important to my first impression. People’s Choice has a beautifully simple but cohesive design that makes you feel like this is a special product right from the moment your post man delivers it.

dsc_8240I am not a big fan of jerky or really a big meat eater to begin with, so I only tried the original flavor. I actually liked it a lot. It wasn’t too heavily seasoned or salty and the meat didn’t have that fake taste that you often get with processed prepackaged jerky. You can taste the beef here, the flavors just enhance it. I love that the company focuses on the quality of their meat and that they use cuts of beef instead of highly processed stuff. All natural ingredients are key here.

dsc_8246My hubby was the one who got to sample all the flavors. I cannot think of a better judge than him really, as he is not only extremely picky, especially when it comes to quality, but also a big jerky eater. He bought a dehydrator years ago and makes his own jerky often. For someone as particular as Daryl, I was surprised that he not only really liked the jerky, he raved about it. He liked the jerky so much he took it to work to share with his partner, who also liked it a lot! So, there you have it, if Daryl says it is awesome, it is assuredly awesome! He liked all of the flavors we were sent. Some he liked more than others. I know the habanero was his favorite. Here is what he had to say about the different jerky packs he tried:

The Sweet Chile Habanero- Perfect balance of sweet and hot, kind of a nice fruity sweetness with a habanero kick that leaves your mouth tingling, hands down the favorite!

The Old Fashioned Original- Nicely balanced seasoning with a nice meaty flavor and the jerky had a good bite and texture

Old Fashioned Hot and Spicy- No frills meat and heat with balanced seasoning

Orange Honey Teriyaki- Moist, sweet, hint of orange with a great teriyaki taste

Garlic Ginger- Mild meaty flavor with a good balance of sweet and salty and equal notes of both the garlic and ginger

Sriracha- Had a simple great sriracha flavor, a must try for sriracha lovers

Carne Sece Lime- Bold meaty flavor with hints of chile pepper, spicy, and slight acidity from the lime

dsc_8251People’s Choice is a family grown business that started back in the late 1920’s with grandfather John Bianchetti’s passion for quality meats. He started People’s Old Market which soon turned into People’s Sausage company in downtown Los Angeles that sold quality specialty meats, sausage and jerky. Their business now spans three generations and has kept the legacy of quality and passion in their product. You can read more about the history behind People’s Choice Jerky here. You can also read about their process here.

tastingkitchen_sweetchilihabanero_556b59a7-e0c7-45d3-9dfa-54763479aeeb_1024x1024Daryl and I would highly recommend giving this jerky a try. We think it would be a great holiday gift for foodies, and especially for guys. It seems to be a widely known fact that men love meat candy. So if you would like to snag some of this amazing jerky for the fella in your life, you can order anything from single packs to curated gift boxes on People’s Choice’s website Here. You can also follow along with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

People’s Choice is having a Black Friday sale going on today 11/25 to 11/28. Use code  BLACKFRIDAY2016  at checkout to receive 15% off your online order!


*Disclosure- I received complimentary product to try for my review today. All opinions are my own ( and my hubby’s). This is some fabulous jerky!

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