Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- May 24th

Favorite Vintage Finds of the Week- May 24th

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We took it easy and caught up on some netflix. A lot of you already know that I absolutely adore hankies! Some of my top favorites are children’s hankies! The designs and graphics that you can get on these little treasures are just amazing! I have never found a child’s hanky I did not love. So, this week I have curated a little collection of some vintage kid’s hankies to share with you. Here are just a few of my favorites:

il_570xN.962858184_ttfzAdorable Green, White and Black Children’s Handkerchief with Children Playing from The Pampered Pansey

il_570xN.757385849_ohg6Smokey the Bear Children’s Collectible Handkerchief Hanky from Lins Antiques

il_570xN.764262337_7conNovelty European handkie Handkerchief vintage 40s 50s girls playing by the river Child Hankie from Tulip Vintage

il_570xN.974304828_r5hfVintage Girl with Doll Mint Green and Black Handkerchief Hanky -vintage hanky, Hanky, novelty hanky, mint green hanky, girl with doll hanky from Kchoos

il_570xN.829869520_9o1qVINTAGE CHILDREN’S HANDKERCHIEF – sweet kids hanky / Rene Cloke / Bunny rabbit, deer, robin, blue flowers / for craft, sewing projects from Little Goat Vintage

il_570xN.934543810_9t64Children’s Vintage Hankie from Swankie Stuff

il_570xN.866249942_sns7Six Children’s Hankies Vintage Super Sweet from Love the Giver

il_570xN.625225074_b1sdVintage Childs Hanky-Handkerchief-Tom Lamb-Cute Bear from Flea Market Floozie

il_570xN.1010638027_okweVintage Child’s Cute Applique Teddy Bear Hankie – Vintage Teddy Bear Toy Hankie – Children’s Polka Dot Brown Bear Hand Sewn Hankie from Colors for Kids Shop

il_570xN.736653931_3ys1Vintage Childs Handkerchief 1940’s School Days from Decojumeau Antiques

il_570xN.724814860_lj8mAntique Early 1900s Grace Drayton Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross Nursery Rhyme Children’s Handkerchief Hankie RARE from Fair Oaks Antiques

il_570xN.678574302_mor8Vintage Childs Handkerchief – Tom Lamb Frog and Duck in School Hankie – 1940’s Hanky from The Jewel Seeker

Aren’t they all just adorable! I love them all! The smokey bear hankies are fantastic and the bear and kittens are wonderful too! Do you all have a favorite this week? Be sure to check out the lovely shops that these awesome hankies came from! There are lots more hankies to swoon over! I’ll be back next week with more vintage goodies. Until then…

Happy Shopping!

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  1. You find the best stuff! My favorite is the school days handkerchief. Nothing sweeter than a little children’s hankie!