DIY Fabric Lined Easter Basket

DIY Fabric Lined Easter Basket

DSC_7522 DSC_7514 DSC_7516Hi guys! I have run out to snatch up the last of the Hunger Games movies today, and am getting ready to have a little movie night with the hubby. Before I turn off the computer for the day, I wanted to share another little Easter basket with you. I picked up this blue carton style plastic basket at Target for a dollar the other day. It was seriously cute! I wanted to jazz it up a little so I decided to make a liner for it. Check out my how-to:

Here’s What You Need:

*Fabric (I used vintage bedsheets)

*Twine or Ribbon



*Marking Pen

*Sewing Machine and Thread


So, the first thing you need to do is measure the total width of all sides of your basket combined. Mine was 23.5″. Then measure the height, mine was 4.5″. Then measure the square for the bottom, mine was 5″ square. So You will need to add on seam allowance for all of those and cut them out, add a 1/2″ for each seam side. Cut one for your bottom square (5×5 plus allowance= 6×6), cut one long piece for your sides ( 23.5width x 4.5″ height = 24.5″x5.5″). You will need to also cut a band to go over the top and fold over and tie at the sides where the handles are. Measure around the top from one side where the handle is to the other side where the handle is. Mine was 11, and I wanted my band to lay at 1.5″, cut two of these bands pieces (11×1.5 with allowance = 12×2.5″)

Once you have all your pieces cut you are ready to sew. Take the long piece for the inside width of your basket (24.5×5.5 piece,) and fold it in half with right sides together. Stitch a half inch seam across the open end. Open up and iron seam allowance open.

DSC_7210Now pin the square for the bottom to the bottom edge of the loop you just sewed. Right sides should be together. Stitch around the square forming the base of your basket liner. Clip corners.

DSC_7211Now you are ready to sew the bands on. Fold the bottom and sides of each band piece in towards the back and iron flat. Stitch in place so you have a nice finished edge.Now lay the liner in the basket and mark where your bands will need to start and stop on the top of the lining.

DSC_7215Pin the raw edge of your bands to the basket liner in between the marks from one side to the other on the front and the back on the top raw edge of the basket liner. Stitch with a half inch seam.

DSC_7216Cut four lengths of ribbon or twine. Stitch one end of your ribbon to the center of the short side of each of the bands side.

DSC_7217Now insert your liner into your basket. Fold the band over the front of the basket and then tie the bands together at the sides of the basket below the handle.

DSC_7513 DSC_7521 DSC_7525I think this basket turned out really cute! It took very little fabric and I was able to whip it up in under an hour. I used bedsheet fabric I had on hand, but you could easily use any fabric you fancy. I think 1/4 yard would be plenty. You can easily customize the basket to your little ones taste. It is amazing how much more substantial this basket looks with a liner. It doesn’t take much to take it from cute to awesomely adorable, just a little fabric. So, go snag up a cheap basket and make an awesome liner for it to make an extra special basket for your lovees this year! I’ll be back soon with more diy fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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