Vintage Inspired Bluebird Sculptures

Vintage Inspired Bluebird Sculptures

DSC_6793 DSC_6794_edited-1 DSC_6795 DSC_6796 DSC_6798Hi guys! Today I am going to share something special I made for my mom for her birthday this year. We have a thing for bluebirds in my family, especially vintage bluebirds. So, I thought I would try and make a couple of vintage inspired bluebirds for her with some air dry clay. They were really pretty easy to make and fun too! Air dry clay brings me back to my playdoh sculpting days when I was a kid. If you haven’t tried air dry clay, pick up a pack, you’ll love it! I had a blast making these little birds! This probably is not going to be a very detailed tutorial, but I hope it gives you an idea on the application and inspires you to try it yourself…

Here’s What You Need:

*Air Dry Clay

*Styrofoam Ball

*Paints ( I use Martha Stewart craft paint)

*Mod Podge Matte

*Diamond Dust Glitter

*Little Bows, Flowers, Etc…

*Thick Jewelry Wire

*Wire Cutters

*Hot Glue


DSC_6650The first thing you will want to do is make a base for your bird. Grab your styrofoam ball and a hunk of clay. Warm up the clay in your hand and get it nice and malleable. Stretch out the clay and form it around your ball. Add more if you need to and smooth it all around until your ball is covered in a layer in clay and smooth.

DSC_6651Add some clay to the top and start forming a cone-ish shape on one side of the ball. Smooth it all out onto the ball and smooth the tip into a point. I made some heart shapes with my clay and applied them for the wings and the tails. Score the sides of each before you press them into the ball. Now you should have a bird shape. Poke two holes in the bottom for the legs. Lay it carefully to dry. It will need to dry completely before you paint. This will take a day or two.

DSC_6661For the legs, cut a piece of wire. Loop one end. Then create another loop right next to the first. Bend at a 90 degree angle and clip off where you want the leg to stop. Do the same thing with another length of wire. Add glue to the top of each leg and glue it into the holes you made in the bottom of the bird.


DSC_6662 DSC_6663

Once your clay is dry, you can paint your bird. Paint the bird blue. Add an orange beak and use a little black for the eyes and mouth. I used a little pink on the cheeks too.Once the paint is dry, you can add the glitter. Paint a layer of mod podge matte on, then apply the glitter and tap off any excess. Lay aside to dry. Glue on the bow with a little hot glue. Glue the one of the birds feet onto a block and glue on some flowers to embellish.

DSC_6792 DSC_6799 DSC_6802 DSC_6800 DSC_6804My mom loved her little birds. I made them to be a mommy and daughter duo, but you could easily make a couple or even just a single bird, or make a whole group of them. I had a lot of fun making these little gals! I hope you all will give them a try too! I’ll be back soon with more diy fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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3 Responses

  1. Your bluebirds are adorable and make me so happy (they are bluebirds of happiness!). Sharing.

  2. So cute and fun! The layer of glitter is just the right final touch!