DIY Vintage Planter Candles

DIY Vintage Planter Candles

DSC_6776 DSC_6772 DSC_6762Hi guys! There are tons of vintage things that I love to craft with, and one of my favorites has got to be vintage planters. I use them for organizing pens and pencils. They hold my remote controls, and I even use some of them as actual planters. My mom had the idea of making one into a candle, and since I had a couple that would make fab candles, I decided to give it a try!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Planter


*Candle Wax

*Candle Thermometer

*Old pots or bowls for melting


DSC_6614The first thing you want to do is wash and dry your planter. Place your candle wax in a pot over another pot with a little water in it and bring the water to a boil.

DSC_6616 DSC_6618When the wax begins to mets, dip the metal part of your candle wick into the wax and then press into the bottom of your planter. You can wrap the top of the wick around a wood skewer to keep it straight.

DSC_6619 DSC_6620Once your wax melts and the temperature of the wax registers around 170 degrees it is ready to pour. Pour your wax into your planter leaving room at the top to add more later. Let the wax cool completely.

DSC_6621Once your first pour has cooled you will find that it has shrunk and isn’t terribly pretty. So, you now can melt more wax and then top off the candle with a new pour of wax. Let the wax cool and you should have a nice candle. I ended up having a little extra shrinkage on my second pour so I ended up having to do a third, but it topped off nicely.

*If you want to add color or scent, you will need to buy the dye and scents to do so, and follow the directions on the package on how to add them. I made mine unscented since I didn’t like any of the scents they had at the store.

DSC_6770 DSC_6767 DSC_6768Aren’t they adorable! I just love finding new ways to use old planters! These little darlings are great tucked on a shelf or as part of a table centerpiece. I have mine on my sideboard in my living room. They add a little more fun to the room! The great thing is when you are finished burning the candle you can clean out your planter and reuse it for another one or something totally new. I hope you all will add this to your crafty bucket list. It’s easy and a lot of fun to make! I’ll be back soon with more diy fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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5 Responses

  1. Dawn Gilmore

    I love this idea! I’ve always loved vintage planters but could never figure out what to do with them as IMO they are too small for plants.

  2. Sylvia Heacock

    I would be afraid that vintage pottery cannot take the heat generated from a candle. Hope yours do not crack.

    • Hadn’t really thought of that. So far it has been fine. It was 180 degrees when I poured it, so I am thinking it would have cracked then if it was going to, hoping it doesn’t but if something does happen I will post an update :)

  3. Really cute! The nice thing is that once the candle is gone, you can still re-use the planter!