DIY Vintage Paper Straw Garland

DIY Vintage Paper Straw Garland

straw garland DSC_5479Hi guys! I hope you all have been enjoying my Kitschmas series this month! Today I am going to share another vintage craft I love, a garland made with paper straws. I found this project in a December 1961 issue of Pack-O-Fun Magazine. Pack o fun is one of my favorite series since it was the original green magazine. It urged kids to make things with scraps and things they could find around the house. This project stuck out at me since it was a Christmas garland made with straws. I am a sucker for paper straws, so this was right up my alley!

Here’s What You Need:



*Embroidery Floss or Thread and Needle


Here’s The Original:

Untitled-97 Untitled-96Instructions:

Cut your paper straws to be a little over an inch long. Knot the end of your embroidery floss. Insert your needle into the middle of a straw piece and string on the floss. Do the same with a few more straws. Then string a bead on the floss. Then string another group of straws. Continue stringing straws and beads until your garland is as long as you like it. Knot the end.

DSC_5473 DSC_5478 DSC_5472I think this garland turned out really cute! I added it to one of my Christmas trees. My garland was only a few feet. I think I may make another that is longer with some different beads. I thought this was really fun to make! It is a great craft for weeknight crafting in front of the tv, or even for kids who are old enough to handle a needle properly. Add it to your holiday crafting schedule and make this fun garland for your Christmas tree! I’ll be back tomorrow with more Christmas fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!


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