Retro Wool Blanket Swing Coat

Retro Wool Blanket Swing Coat

4-DSC_5203 5-DSC_5201Hi guys! A while ago I picked up a vintage pink plaid wool blanket. The previous owner had apparently not known it was wool as it had most likely been washed in hot water or stuck in the dryer and had shrunk and felted. I thought it would be a great blanket to make a winter coat or jacket with. Originally I wanted to make a big pea coat with it but there was not enough material to work with, so I opted for a vintage reproduction pattern swing coat instead.

Here’s What You Need:

*Old Wool Blanket

*Contrasting Fabric ( I used some vintage barkcloth I had)

*Lining Fabric


*Simplicity Pattern 1319

*Sewing Machine and Thread


7-DSC_4985 8-DSC_4986I followed the pattern for the Simplicity 1319 coat fairly close. I made the sleeves a little longer by adding a couple inches to the sleeve area on the front jacket pattern and on the front lining. I used barkcloth for my facing and cuff pieces. For the lining fabric I used a cotton pink polka dot. The pattern is pretty easy to follow. I used the pattern for the longer jacket to make my coat. It is an easy jacket to make since it is open and swingy and there are no plackets or buttonholes. I had not made anything with a lining in a long time but the instructions were clear enough that I figured it out. Overall it is a pretty great intermediate sewing project..

3-DSC_5206 2-DSC_5208 1-DSC_5213I LOVE how my swing jacket turned out! It is retro and cute and pink. I can definitely tell it was a blanket, but I think that makes it fun. I have to say it is super warm, so it is more of a winter jacket than a fall jacket. After five minutes in this baby I was sweating. I really enjoyed using this Simplicity pattern! I think I will be making a lighter weight Christmas jacket with it soon. I hope I have inspired some of you gals to give this pattern a try. I think you’ll love it too! I’ll be back soon with more projects. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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6 Responses

  1. So cute! The pink plaid with the barkcloth is a winning combo.

  2. Sapphire Shiohwan

    I just got the fabric to make this jacket! I decided to do Pattern “A”. I was cutting out the patterns for it and noticed the front self pattern has an extended piece on the neckline, and I’m a little confused by it…how is that small extension sewn?

    • If it is the piece I think it is, the small extension that is about 2 or 3 inches wide at the top? You sew the ends together, right sides facing so it joins both front sides at the back neck seam and youll have one continuous piece. If that’s not the piece you are thinking of, shoot me a pic and I will try to help :)

  3. Omg!!! I have never seen anything even similar to the coat I have hanging in my closet! Mine belonged to my mother (she wore it as a young woman in the 50s). It’s store bought (still has the label of Rhapsody Fashions), is off white, and I believe made of nylon, and fully lines. The style is identical. I now have a name for it. Yay!

    Yours is adorable btw. :-)