DIY Fall Twig Wreath

DIY Fall Twig Wreath

06-IMG_1087 07-IMG_1084 05-IMG_1090 04-IMG_1091Hey everyone! October is here and I am so excited! Not only do my hubby and I both have birthdays, there is also Halloween and the beginnings of sweater weather in the south! I needed a new fall wreath for my door and I have been wanting to make a twig wreath for a while since seeing all those beautiful driftwood wreaths floating around Pinterest. I gathered a bunch of twigs in various sizes from my moms yard and picked up some burlap flower and leaf picks at JoAnns. Here is my how-to:

What You Need:

*MDF wood wreath form


*Hot Glue


*Floral Stems for decoration

*Burlap ribbon for hanging


10-DSC_493111-DSC_4932The first thing you need to do is gather your twigs. Get them in varying widths. You will need to decide the basic length you wish to snip them by holding one up to your wreath and marking it then snip it. Snip or break your twigs in varying lengths using the first twig as a guide. For your thicker twigs, clamping the twig in a heavy clamp to a table or something sturdy will help you break it.

12-DSC_4933 13-DSC_4934Once you have all your twigs snapped you are ready to start glueing them. Glue a twig to your wreath form with the bottom of the twig a little above the inner circle edge of your from. Glue your next twig next to the first, trying to line it up the bottom at the inner circle in line with the first twig.Glue your twigs like that all the way around your wreath. Once the wreath has been filled around, fill in gappy areas with some thinner twigs.

14-DSC_4935 09-DSC_4936Now clip the wires off of your floral picks. Arrange the picks and embellishments as you like them, then glue them all down with your hot glue. To finish off add your ribbon by tying a long loop and bow around the top of your wreath.

08-IMG_1083 03-IMG_1092 02-IMG_1095 01-IMG_1096I really like the way my wreath turned out! I think it is really cute and neutral so it could work up until the holidays. I love the burlap accents, but you can really make it your own just by the floral picks and embellishments you use. It was really pretty simple to make and took me about an hour or two from start to finish. I hope you all will give it a try some time! I think you’ll love it too! I’ll be back soon with more diy fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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4 Responses

  1. Bernadette

    Simple but lovely. Thanks.

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  3. Super cute and simple! This and a twig crown are next on my fall to-do list. :)