DIY Vintage Beach Cover Up

DIY Vintage Beach Cover Up

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Hey guys! I have been sewing a lot lately, mostly for myself. I’ve been using a combination of vintage and new patterns and drafting some elements myself. A few weeks ago I came across this fantastic vintage pattern on Pinterest and followed the link to flickr. I found some adorable polka dot terry cloth at JoAnns and knew I had to make this vintage cover up for the lake and pool this summer!

Here’s What You Need:

*Terrycloth Fabric- I used 3.5 yards

*Craft Paper

*Pencil, Ruler Scissors

*Sewing Machine and Thread

*Bias Tape- 1-2 packs

*Velcro- Sew on


Find the link to the original source for the pattern on Flickr Here

Here is how I changed mine up and added the hoodie:

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To draft my hoodie I foded a sweatshirt so the hood was flat. Then I traced the hood onto my fabric with a marking pen and then added a half inch at the bottom for seam allowance. Cut two pieces.


Stitch fom the top of the hoodie to the bottom leaving the neck area and front area where the face goes unstitched.


Now sandwich the front edge between bias tape and pin. Then top stitch the bias tape close to the edge. Set your hood piece aside.

09-DSC_4439 10-DSC_4440

Craft paper is great for drafting a pattern like the one from this vintage piece. I am a big gal so I added in a couple inches in length and about an inch or two overall to each of the pieces. I cut one back piece on the fold. I did not do the pockets on mine. Follow the steps omitting step four. You will be adding your hoodie before you make the self facing. Stitch the front to the back, add in the sleeves and stitch up the sleeve and sides. I did not leave a space open for a drawstring in my side seams. Hem your sleeves. Stitch bias tape to the bottom of your cover up finishing off the raw edge. You should now have a jacket pretty much formed.

14-DSC_4445 15-DSC_4446 16-DSC_4447

Starting at the center backs with right sides together, pin the hoodie to the neck. Remember you want your hoodie to stop half way between your shoulder seam and the end of the front facing area so you have room to turn the facing under. My hoodie was a little too long so I had to trim it a little so it fit right. Make adjustments if you need to. Stitch the hoodie to the body of your cover up at the neck. Now is a good time to finish off the neck seam where the raw edges are.


Now you can form the facing. Finish off the raw edges either by turning under or serging. Turn under the raw edge on the top. Then fold the facing back towards the wrong side of the jacket to the shoulder seam and pin in place. Top stitch close to the edge.


Pin under the facing down the front of each side. Pin and then tack the facing in place. Try the jacket on and decide where you would like the buttons to go. Mark where the buttons would stop and start.  Use this line for your velcro. Stitch the velcro, one on the back side of one facing and one on the front side of the other facing. Use your marks as a guide to stitch the velcro then double check the opposite side to make sure the hook and loop parts are even on your facings. To finish off your jacket sew on your buttons onto each spot you put your velcro. I had three buttons and three velcro closures.

03-DSC_4607 02-DSC_4613 01-DSC_4619

I absolutely adore my cover up! It is swingy and fun! Even though the weather is hot, I usually get pretty chilly once I get out of the lake when it is later in the afternoon. This cover up is perfect for keeping out the chill and helping dry you off. This did take a considerable amount of a saturday to make, but I feel like it was worth it. I hope you all will give it a try sometime too, either a copy of the original or my hooded version. Also, a huge thank you to Barb for sharing this wonderful diy pattern on her flickr account! I had a blast making mine! I’ll be back soon with more crafty fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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8 Responses

  1. Too cute! You are a clever girl!

  2. Cute cover up, but at 66 you will never see me in anything I need to cover up. But I did want to say I love your hair style, got directions?

    • That gave me a much needed giggle today Linda! I may end up doing a tutorial for the hair, but until then, I found videos on YouTube for a vintage style scarf roll. If you do a search you should find a bunch. Let me know if you come up empty and I’ll search one out for you :)

  3. It’s so cute! Love the buttons.

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  5. Super cute! And it looks so cozy for putting on, like you said, when you’re a little cool from swimming!