Easy Five Minute Vintage Tray Lazy Susan

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Back in April my mammas and I took a trip out to Liberty for the Spring Antique Festival. I picked up a lot of goodies that day, but one of my favorites was this wonderful metal rooster serving tray. I knew it would be fabulous in my kitchen! I couldn’t decide where to put it. I had originally thought of hanging it on the wall, but it didn’t fit anywhere I wanted it to go. My mom suggested that it would make a cool lazy susan for the table. She can come up with the best ideas!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Metal Tray

*Lazy Susan ( Mine was a wood one we had from IKEA)

*Glue ( I used E6000)


Paint your lazy susan to be the color of the bottom of the tray. Then add a generous amount of glue to the top of the lazy susan. Turn the tray over so it is face down. Place the lazy susan face down onto the back side of the tray, making sure it is centered, glue it down to the tray. Let the glue dry, then it is ready to use.

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Isn’t it adorable! I love it! It is so cute on my gingham tabletop too! I love to display my little hen salt and pepper shaker set on it, and I am looking for a cute napkin holder to add to it too. So, if you have an old vintage tray you love but just don’t know what to do with it but keep it in your cupboard, turn it into a great display piece and make it into a lazy susan! I’ll be back soon with more crafty fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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