Easy DIY Floral Independence Day Wreath

Easy DIY Floral Independence Day Wreath

06-DSC_4047 04-DSC_4055 02-DSC_4057Hi guys! Are you all gearing up for Independence Day weekend? I am looking forward to cooking out and hopefully hanging out on the lake if it is not too crowded. I have been in need for a summer wreath for my front door, and recently came across some cute faux flowers at Walmart of all places. I thought they would be cute as a wreath and would be perfect for summer and the 4th of July holiday!

Here’s What You Need:

*Large Silk Flower Daisies

*Chipboard or Particle Board Wreath Form ( I bought mine at Michaels)

*Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue

*Wire Snippers



08-DSC_3938 09-DSC_3939 10-DSC_3940

Start by snipping the tops of the flowers off of the stems. You may be able to pull the tops off as they are just little caps. If not, use the cutters and snip them off close to the top of the flower as you can get.

11-DSC_3941 12-DSC_3942 13-DSC_3943

Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the back side of the flower. Then insert the tiny bit of stem left on the back into one of the holes in the wreath form. Press down to glue to the wreath form securely. Repeat with the next flower and the next hole. Continue on repeating with the flowers until the wreath form is full and covered in flowers. MY flowers were fairly large. If your flowers are too small to space by using the holes in the wreath form, then just glue them to the form closer together and don’t worry about the holes.


Once your wreath is filled, cut a piece of ribbon to about 14″ or so and fold in half. Glue the ribbon to the back side of the wreath at the top of the wreath. Now your wreath is ready to hang and enjoy.

01-DSC_4048 03-DSC_4056 05-DSC_4053This wreath was super easy to make and I want to say the whole thing took maybe twenty minutes from start to finish. It is a really quick wreath to whip up! I used faux Gerber daisies that had a navy and white star print with large plastic red rhinestones for the centers. You could easily change up the look of your wreath just by the colors or prints of the flowers you use and the ribbon. This is so quick and easy, you could make several in just an hour and in every color you love! Give it a try sometime! I’ll be back soon with more DIY fun. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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