DIY Little Barn Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

DIY Little Barn Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

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Last year for my birthday my mom gave me the most adorable set of vintage rooster spice shaker set. I wanted to display it in my kitchen, and had them on my windowsil for a while, but I kept knocking them off, so I decided we needed a holder for them. I thought it would be fun to make them a little barn to sit in. Here’s how I made my shaker holder:

Here’s What You Need:

*Scrap of Nice Plywood 3/8 or 1/2″ thick

*Mini Picket Fencing (I bought mine at JoAnns)

*1/8″ thick Plywood

*1/8″ square dowel

*Wood Glue

*Paint (I use Martha Stewart brand)

*Table Saw or Circular Saw

*Sawtooth Picture Hanger

*Pin Nailer and Pin Nails

*Jewelry Wire Snippers



Please excuse my lack of photos near the end, they were lost in a corrupted card. I will try and be as thorough as I can. You all are always welcome to email me with questions if you need help with a project.

First you need to measure your shakers to see the depth and height to make your pieces. Cut a piece for your base to be the length to hold all your shakers comfortably by the width of the shakers plus about a half inch for allowance.



Cut the back piece to be the lengh of your bottom piece by the height you want. My bottom piece was around 2″x9″, and my back was about 9″x7″. Cut the top edge of your back piece at an angle for your roof. Then cut your roof piece out of the 1/8″ to be the width of your holder by a few inches. Mine was about 9″x3″.


Glue your bast to the front of the back piece at the bottom. Put a few pin nails in the back for extra hold.


Paint your base in your grass green. And the back to be like your barn or house like you like it.



Cut your tiny dowels to be the width of your roof. Glue them down to your top of your roof piece about an inch or so apart. Let the glue dry. Paint your roof. Then glue your roof onto the top angled part of your holder. Next you will need to add your fencing. Place the end of the fencing flush with the edge and bottom of the base bottom piece. Nail the first pickett to the base with your pin nailer. Then nail the second and so on. When you get to the corner wrap the fencing around tightly to the front and nail. Continue nailing all the way around to the other end. Clip your excess fencing off with your jewelry snippers. To finish off your spice holder, attach your sawtooth hanger to the middle of the top of the back of your holder.

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I really love how it turned out! This was really pretty simple to make. I hung it on the side of my upper cabinets by sink. They look very cute and cheery and I love the cuteness they add to the decor in my kitchen! You could easily make this a little house instead of a barn just by painting it differently. So, if you have a collection of vintage shakers laying around make a fun little holder to show them off in your kitchen! I’ll be back soon with more projects. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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2 Responses

  1. kerry ann robertson

    This si TOO cute! I found the chickens on ebay and can’t wait to make their new barn home! Thank YOU for the really cool idea and directions.