Modern Masters Metallic Paint Review- Updating a Side Table with Metallic Paint and Vintage Wallpaper





03-DSC_3225Recently I had the opportunity to review some of Modern Masters Metallic Paint.  I was so excited to try this paint out as there are so many gorgeous colors available! Narrowing down exactly which colors to choose was so difficult, as I wanted them all! I got some small samples of a few colors that would compliment my favorite vintage wallpaper. I used an old colonial style side table my mom had in storage that she was going to be getting rid of soon. It had some cool lines and the table top was framed in a way that I could add the wallpaper to the top to go with my metallic paint embellishing. Check out my how-to:

Here’s What You Need:

*Modern Masters Metallic Paint (I used SnowflakePink PearlOlympic GoldShimmering Sky from the Metallic Paint Collection)

*Side Table

*Primer (I used Killz)

*Paint Brush

*Detail Paint Brushes (Small craft paint brushes are fine)


*Spray Adhesive and Glass Custom Cut to Fit or Wallpaper Paste







The first thing I did was paint a couple of coats of primer on my table and drawer. The wood on this table had a really dark stain, so I ended up with three coats of primer to cover it to my satisfaction. In reality I probably could have done two and been fine. I started by painting all my pink areas first. I painted each of the legs and the sides as well as the front of the drawer. I used three coats of the pink. Again I probably could have done two and been fine. I let the pink dry for a few hours. Then I started in with the blue accents with a craft brush that was about an inch wide. I mixed the blue with the white at a 90/10 ratio to make the lighter hue of blue. Then, I painted the band around the top of the table, the line in the middle of the drawer and all the corners that framed in the middle pieces as well as the front facing pieces. I think I used two coats on the blue areas of the table. I also painted the hardware in the blue. This took several coats since it was thin and very light. Once all the blue areas had dried, I got out my smaller skinny brush to free hand the details in the gold paint. I made the quilted pattern on the panels by painting diagonal stripes in one direction and letting the stripes dry, then painting stripes in the other direction. I did two coats on each of the stripes. I free-handed the tassels with feathery strokes on the tops of each leg. I also added a little line of gold dots on the blue band of the drawer. Once the paint was thoroughly dry, I added the hardware back on to the drawer and put the drawer back in. I measured the inside of my table top and cut a piece of wallpaper to fit the space. Then I used spray adhesive to stick the wallpaper to the table top. I am getting a piece of glass custom cut to fit the table top inside and protect my wallpaper.





02-DSC_3227I LOVE how my table turned out! I could not be happier with the Modern Masters Paint line either! It was super easy to use, and the colors are gorgeous! The metallic has a lovely sheen to it and it has a nice semi gloss smooth feel to the dried paint surface without being shiny too, which I like. It shimmers and sparkles without looking too fake. I also love how smooth a finish it has. A lot of the craft metallics I have used in the past have looked a bit splotchy. Over all I was thrilled with the outcome of my project and would highly recommend trying out Modern Masters paint for your next furniture or wall project!To find your local Modern Masters retailer, you can use their Retail Locator or their Online Shop . Be sure to check out their blog too, Modern Masters Café Blog, for inspiration and diy’s, and of course on social media FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle+ and YouTube too! Also if you are interested, check out the Top 5 Tips for Working with Metallic Paints – A Modern Masters Café Blog Post for some great tips! I’ll be back soon with another fun project. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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6 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Beautiful! I love that you hand did the quilted pattern.I think things look better when they are hand done. It’s gorgeous.

  2. It is absolutely beautiful. I have several pieces of dollhouse furniture that I detest. I think this may be the answer. Thank you for the suggestion!!! And sharing the tut! And the demonstration!

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