Easy Letter and Vintage Wallpaper Art




05-DSC_3146Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your week! I recently picked up a partial roll of some gorgeous vintage wallpaper. There was not enough to do an accent wall anywhere in my house, so I am using it for several projects I have planned. The first project I wanted to tackle was a piece of wall art. Some scrap wood and a galvanized letter paired with my wallpaper and I ended up with a sweet piece of art perfect for my craft room!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Wallpaper

*Scrap Wood (I used a plywood scrap that was about 12×12)

*Galvanized Letter ( I got mine at Michaels)

*Decoupage Medium in Matte


*Rolling pin or Roller

*Sawtooth Hanger



First you need to cut a piece of wallpaper to use. Lay your wood on top of your wallpaper and cut out a piece that is a few inches larger on all sides than your wood.



Spread a thin layer of decoupage medium to your wood front.


Lay your wood wet side down onto the back side of the wallpaper, making sure it is centered and straight. Flip over and smooth out. I used a rolling pin to smooth out the bubbles and excess medium. Wipe away any excess medium that squeezes out the side.


Brush a little medium onto the back of the edges then fold over to the back side of the wood and smooth out. Fold the corners in and over the edges.


Let the piece dry thoroughly.



Now you are ready to add your letter. Measure your letter and subtract it from the overall width of the wood. Divide that width in half and that should be your border. Put a ruler on the side laying it the width of the border. Place glue on the back of your letter and glue down to the front of your wallpaper using the ruler to line up the letter so it is even and straight and centered. Let the glue dry. Finish off your piece with a sawtooth hanger on the back for hanging.




08-DSC_3139I absolutely love how my letter art turned out! I used a P for Park, our last name. It was really quick to whip up and was so easy! I think I might have to make some more sometime with other wallpaper. You can find some amazing wallpapers on Etsy! I hope some of you will give this easy project a try sometime for your own favorite space. I think you’ll love it too! I’ll be back soon with more DIY’s. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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  2. Sharmain Joseph

    I love this idea . Will give it a whirl

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