Vintage Crafts- Painted Easter Eggs

Vintage Crafts- Painted Easter Eggs








I have been having such a blast with my vintage craft series so far this year! So, I thought it would be fun to make an Easter craft and share it with you guys this week. My mom and I got together the other day and made these adorable painted easter eggs from a vintage April 1955 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine. We loved the eggs as cupcake toppers, but I think our favorite was the fish! We thought we’d give both a try…

Here’s The Original How to:

vintage egg wd ap 55

vintage egg wd ap 55 inst

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In the original, they used real eggs that they broke and dyed then painted with watercolors. We did not have dye or watercolors around so we used acrylic craft paint. We also are not that good with delicate things, so I purchased some of those plastic white dyeable eggs from Walmart and cut them with a hot knife. We cut the eggs in a wavy pattern below the middle and then painted those pieces as tails for the fish. Then we painted whole eggs for the fish bodies, and also for a couple of toppers or place tags. Once the fish dried we simply glued the tails on with some hot glue. I did not have any golf tees, so I glued my name tag eggs to wooden disks or straws and embellished them with sparkly twine.



05-DSC_2054I think they turned out super cute. Of course the best part was crafting with my mom! That’s always fun! I’m not great at painting, but I can just imagine what some of you artists could do with these! I think they would be a fun craft for the kids to try their hands at too, sans the glueing part. I hope you all will give this DIY a try sometime! I had a blast with it and I’m sure you all would love it too! I’ll be back next week with another DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!


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4 Responses

  1. What a great idea. I saw them at Walmart also but wasn’t sure what to do with them…now I want to rush out and buy some so I can make some fish.

    • Thank you Beth Anne! I squealed when I saw the original in the magazine and knew we had to make some! Hope you have a blast making your own little fish :)

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  3. tammyCA

    So cute! I’ve never heard of the plastic dyeable eggs, but what a great idea if you want something more permanent.