Easy DIY Felt Easter Egg Cozies

Easy DIY Felt Easter Egg Cozies




One thing I have never made, but always wanted to try my hand at is an egg cozy. So, I thought I would give it a try for easter. I decided to make a bunny and a chick for my eggs out of felt. Turns out it was really fun, and they were so fast to whip up, I could’ve made a whole dozen in just a few hours!

Here’s What You Need:

*Felt (White, Pink, Yellow, and Orange)

*Pattern (see below)

*Marking Pen

*Embroidery Floss in black and needle

*Fabric glue

*Sewing Machine and thread

*Straight Pins


Untitled-1 copy



First you need to cut out all your piece. Draw in your face for your bunny and the eyes for your chick with a marking pen. Stitch the faces with embroidery floss. I always just use a simple back stitch. Glue your nose on the chick with your fabric glue.


Glue the pink lining onto each ear for your bunny. Then place a drop of glue in the bottom center and fold the sides in to the middle and glue down. Let dry.



Place your ears onto the front bunny piece with the ears face down and pointing towards the middle of the body. Cover with the back piece. Pin in place so the ears don’t shift when stitching, or you can stay stitch them before hand. Place the wings of the chick face down on the chick body at the sides and cover with the back. Pin.



Stitch all the way around the cozy leaving the body open at the bottom. Clip seam allowances and turn right side out. Slip onto an egg and enjoy the cuteness…



05-DSC_1870Aren’t they fun! I want to make a whole zoo now! I think these would be fun to top some special eggs in a basket, or simply to keep your breakfast eggs nice and toasty. How cute would they be on a tray for breakfast in bed! I hope some of you will give this a try sometime. They are a lot of fun to make! I’ll be back soon with another fun DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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  2. Very cute!!