DIY Easy Upcycled Painted Easter Baskets

DIY Easy Upcycled Painted Easter Baskets






11-DSC_1827Hey everyone! As I mentioned yesterday, this week on the blog I am going to be sharing Easter things all this week! Today I am going to share some easy DIY Easter Baskets with you all. These two baskets I picked up at the thrift store for a dollar. I liked the shape of them and decided they’d be cute painted and embellished. A little paint, some fabric scraps, a handmade medallion, and shredded scrapbook paper later, I ended up with some seriously cute boutique baskets!

Here’s What You Need:
*Thrift Store Baskets
*Paint (I used regular latex, but spray paint would be great too)
*Hot Glue
*Fabric Scraps cut into 1″ strips
*Embellishments such as medallions, bows, doilies, etc…
*Scrapbook paper
*Paper Shredder


First paint your basket. I used materials that I had laying around the house. So, I painted my baskets with regular latex paint. I love being able to choose my favorite colors, but it did take a few coats and took a lot longer than spray painting them would have. You can decide how you want to paint your basket.




Once your basket is painted and then dried you can ad embellishments with hot glue. I made this medallion with ribbon, a doily, and a vintage milk cap a while ago and thought it would be cute on my basket.



To make the fabric handle basket, cut one inch strips of fabric. I used scraps from an old fat quarter of a vintage bed sheet. Glue the end of the first strip down tot he inside of the basket before the handle starts. Wrap and glue your fabric around the handle. When you run out of a strip, glue another down where the last one ended. Stop at the top. If you have a short piece trim it and then glue on another strip, or if your piece is still long, leave it. Do the other side the same way. Tie the excess fabric strips at the top into a bow and trim neatly.



To make the grass filler, I shredded scrapbook paper in my paper shredder and then crumpled it up a bit. It’s so easy!







Aren’t they cute! My favorite is the mint basket, which I shall be using to hold napkins after Easter. These baskets were super simple to make and pretty fast to whip up, faster if you spray paint them. I love how customizable they are too! I had everything but the baskets and scrapbook paper on hand, so this craft only cost me a couple of dollars to make. If you had to purchase the paint and embellishments it could cost around ten dollars for both. So if you all are looking for a fun DIY to do for Easter, give this basket a go! I’ll be back tomorrow with another DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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