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One of my favorite things in the whole world is my collection of vintage magazines! Recently I shared a recipe with you all for a citrus butter cake that was delicious. Today I am going to share a craft. I love all the DIYs they have in the craft sections of my old decorating and home magazines! I have been wanting to try some of them out for ages. So, I thought I’d share one or two of them with you all each month. My first craft review is for a DIY breakfast coozy from Everywoman’s November 1957 issue.

Here is the how to from the magazine:

breakfast coozy 2 copy


breakfast coozy

I followed the instructions with the exception of hand embroidering the wording on the outside with a simple back stitch and using a cotton quilting fabric on the inside under the vinyl. I’m not sure what buckram is. Anyone ever heard of it? It was pretty easy to sew and it turned out very cute! It was a little smaller than I expected, however, I think you could easily change the size of it by adjusting the measurements. This little coozy is meant to keep your breakfast warm until you are ready to eat.



I think my little breakfast coozy is adorable! I used it the other morning to keep my hot tea warm while I was stitching up a project. This would be a great little accessory for a breakfast in bed. I think it would be a great handmade gift for Mother’s Day or for a couple. It was pretty simple to make and it took me about an hour from start to finish. I hope you all have enjoyed my first vintage craft review! I hope to share lots more with you all! Until next time…

Happy Crafting!

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