Love Week- You’re Such a Deer Valentines Boxes




04-DSC_1431I have to say, I am a sucker for deer! I think they are one of the cutest things on the planet! Our Beau even looks like a little fawn sometimes! This Valentine’s Day I wanted to give my family and friends something a little more than just a flat card. I found these little paper mache boxes at the craft store and thought they would be wonderful to make little valentines, and fill with conversation hearts. I wanted something cute to top them with, but couldn’t quite decide. Then, the other day, I was organizing my cabinet and found my plastic deer cupcake picks. And what could be better than deer, really? For the ones I love dearly, perfect! I realize it’s probably too late to be able to get the supplies and make these for this Valentine’s Day, but you can always save the idea for next year.

Here’s What You Need:

*Small heart shaped paper mache boxes

*Craft Paint (I used Martha Stewart Brand in matte finish and also a metallic) and paint brushes

*Deer Cupcake Toppers (I found mine at

*Little Paper Flowers

*Hot Glue

*White Cardstock

*Word program to make your labels


*Conversation Hearts



First Prime all your boxes. Then paint them and the lids the way you like. My mom and I made these together and used a combination of patterns and colors.


Break the picks off the bottom of your deer. Dab hot glue onto their feet and glue down to the lid of the box.


Use hot glue to glue down your paper flowers at the deer’s foot.


Create a document and type out your sayings in the font you like. I used Impact on size 14 font. Space them out so they are at least a few inches apart. Cut the phrases in long strips.


Bend the paper back towards the back at the beginning and end words, then bend back towards the front at about a quarter inch the other way.


Clip the ends of the paper into a notch to make the paper look like a banner.

09-DSC_1412Glue your banner to your deer with a dab of hot glue. To finish off your boxes add conversation hearts to the inside and close up. Now they are ready to be gifted.





08-DSC_1422Aren’t they so sweet! I have used all kinds of mini deer in projects before, but these little plastic cupcake toppers are some of my favorites ever! Their little red smiles melt me! These little boxes are so simple to whip up and they make a really sweet valentine gift to those you love lots! You can really customize them just by the way you paint the boxes. Of course you could use other toppers as well. I hope you all will give this craft a try sometime. They would make cute little boxes for arty favors too, not just for Valentines day. Have fun with it! I will be back soon with another sweet DIY. Until then….

Happy Crafting!


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8 Responses

  1. Tammy Jane

    Ashlee – I love these! I will be busy tonight making one for my hubby and one for my daughter! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These deer boxes are adorable…thank you for sharing them! Thanks for sharing the link to Hey YoYo too. I just visited them and placed my first order. I told them I found them on your blog too!
    Have a happy heart day!

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  4. Oh these are just too adorable!- pinning for next year- thanks for sharing the link to the deer toppers – I had been looking for some for winter and they were surprisingly hard to find! :)