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06-DSC_1308I am a big fan of quirky! Things that are a little unusual and a little funny, a little cute, always make me giddy! I’ve seen some really cute stamped silver spoons on Etsy, stamped with the words “lets spoon” on them. I thought framing a spoon for Valentine’s Day decor would be a kind of fun and quirky gift for my hubby. Instead of stamping I used craft wire to write my message. Here’s my how-to:

What You Need:

*Shadowbox Frame

*Vintage Spoon  (or spoon of your choice)

*Thick Craft Wire

*Jewelry Pliers

*Paper and Pen


*Matboard or Thick Paper like cardstock or watercolor paper




The first step is to form your wire word. Write out the word you want to form on a piece of paper to size.


Next, bend your wire carefully following the curves of the letters. I held one end down to the paper while I used my other hand to form the wire.



When you get to the letter “t” you may need to use your jewelry pliers to squeeze the wire together.



To make the cross on the “t” bend the wire at a right angle and form a small loop on the left side. Squeeze the loop flat, then make another loop on the right size and flatten. Bend the wire at another right angle and continue on to form the rest of your word.



Snip of the excess wire when you are done forming your word. Set aside.



To make the apostrophe form a loop and then clip the wire at the end of the large loop.


Cut a piece of mat board or paper to fit your frame. Mine was 8×10. Smear a little E6000 onto the back of your wire word and glue down to your paper. Then Glue down your old spoon underneath. Let dry completely. To finish off, insert your art piece into the shadowbox frame and close up the back.



01-DSC_1325Isn’t it fun! I LOVE it! This was a seriously easy DIY and it was pretty darned fast to whip up. You can even use old cast away spoons from your kitchen. I really hope some of you guys will try this one yourselves, I think you’ll have a blast! It makes a great last minute Valentine gift, or even for an anniversary. Cute, fast, and inexpensive too! I’ll be back soon with another fun DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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