Love Week- Fun Scrappy DIY Valentine’s Tree



02-DSC_1340I’m not big into scrapbooking, but I do love all the papers and embellishments! My mom and I are always picking up scrapbooking supplies, but we seem to hoard it more than use it. I have been wanting to make a scrappy tree with a paper mache cone for a while now, and I thought a tree for Valentine’s Day would be perfect to use up some of my favorite papers and embellishments. This tree was really easy to make and it was a lot of fun!  I know there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to make all kinds of scrappy trees. Here is how I made mine:

Here’s What You Need:

*Paper Mache Cone

*Scrapbook Paper

*Mod Podge or Rubber Cement

*Foam Cone

*Wood Finial

*Heart Paper Punch

*Ribbon, trim, etc…

*Hot Glue






The first thing I did was make my tree topper. Punch out six paper hearts. Fold each heart in half. Spread rubber cement on the back of your hearts. Glue one heart to another at the sides matching the folds. Then add another heart to the other side. Continue until you have gotten to your sixth heart and glue the open side of the sixth to the open side of the first. Set aside.


17-DSC_1280 (2)




After I made my topper, I added the paper to my tree base. Spread rubber cement or mod podge on the cone. Line up the edge of your paper to the seam on your paper mache cone. Smooth the paper onto the cone a little at a time, applying your adhesive as you go to places that may have dried or you missed. Keep smoothing the paper onto your cone until you reach where you started. Wrap and fold the excess paper at the bottom into the underside of the cone. Glue your styrofoam cone inside the paper cone. This is what you are going to glue your base into. Hollow out a little space in the middle for the top of the finial.




Now you can embellish your tree. I glued hearts upside down around the bottom and then topped with ribbon and ball trim. Then I added ribbon and trim to the top. To finish your tree, glue on the heart topper and then glue the finial into the styrofoam base.



03-DSC_1338I really enjoyed making my Valentine’s tree! It looks so adorable on the shelf in my living room with my other Valentine’s decor! What is great about this tree is that it is so customizable to any celebration, holiday, or style you choose. You can easily make it your own just by the colors, patterns and embellishments you use. This is such a fun project to make and would be fantastic for a craft night with your kids or your favorite crafty pals. I do hope you will give it a try sometime! I’ll be back soon with another fun Valentine’s inspired DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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