Handmade Gifts 2014- Easy Painted Toy Animal Magnets




2-DSC_0871Happy Friday everyone! This week has just flown by so far! I am behind as usual, how does that always happen this time of year! Before we get into the weekend, I wanted to pop in with another handmade gift idea. This project is really fast to whip up, and really couldn’t get much easier than this. I am going to show you how to make these fun little animal magnets!

What You Need:

*Plastic Animals

*Paint ( I use Martha Stewart Crafts satin and pearl paints)

*Paint Brush

*Extra Strong Magnets




Gather your supplies. Clean up your plastic animals. Make sure they are clean and dry before you begin.



Paint your animals with craft paint. It will take several coats depending on the color. My darker purple took two coats. The pearly violet took about five coats. Let your paint dry thoroughly.

6-DSC_0648Once your animals are painted and thoroughly dry, you need to glue the magnets to the back side of each one using E6000. Let your glue dry and cure a full 72 hours before using.




1-DSC_0792These little magnets add a lot of fun to a message board! They are cute and whimsical. I made my little batch in under an hour plus drying time for the glue. You could really make these special for your gift recipient by using their favorite animals and their favorite colors or shades. This is a great last minute project and it is even something the kids can make themselves. Give them a try sometime, you’ll have a blast! I’ll be back next week with another handmade gift idea. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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3 Responses

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  2. What a fun idea! Love these. And that pearly violet paint is gorgeous!