DIY Mini Framed Vintage Christmas Paper Ornaments




01-DSC_0507Hey everyone! Today I am going to share one more ornament tutorial with you all! I am going to show you how to make a super easy and quick treat for your tree using some of those little mini frames you can get in the dollar section at Michaels. You only need a few items and you can make several in under an hour, making it a perfect weeknight craft or craft party candidate! I had a blast making these the other day! I love them so much, I may have to make some more. 

Here’s What You Need:

*Mini Frames (michaels)

*Vintage wrapping paper scraps (small prints work best)

*Old books, magazines, etc for words


*Pen or pencil

*Rubber cement


*Cupcake picks, vintage minis, floral picks like holly, etc…


*Hot Glue and glue gun



First gather up all your supplies and decide what papers and words you want to use.


Take the paper insert out of the frame and use it as a template for your wrapping paper. Trace the shape and then cut out your wrap.


Then, cut out words you want to use from your ephemera.


Glue your wrapping paper to the white side of the frame insert with rubber cement. Put a little rubber cement on the back of your words and place them where you want them on the wrapping piece with your tweezers. Smooth down and rub off any excess glue.


Decide what minis or embellishments you want to add to the outside of your frame.


Glue the embellishment to the front with hot glue.




Cut a length of ribbon to about 4-5″ long. Glue the bottoms of the ribbon together to form a loop. Then glue the bottom of your loop onto the top back side of your frame. Hang on your tree and enjoy!




02-DSC_0503Aren’t they so dang cute! You guys know me, if I can make something with vintage stuff I ALWAYS have to! My wrapping paper and paper ephemera was all vintage as well as my little plastic deer. You can make these easily with your own paper scraps or with some fun new wrapping paper (Target has some super cute wrap this year!) Have fun with it and make it your own! I hope you guys will give this one a try for your next mid-week make, or party! They are so easy and fast to whip up, and they make really cute and inexpensive last-minute hostess gifts for those holiday parties! I’ll be back tomorrow with another Christmas diy. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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  2. These are charming! Love the use of cupcake picks!- I’ve been having trouble finding vintage Christmas items

  3. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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