DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Halloween Wreath

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02-DSC_0090 (2)Hi guys! Today I am going to share my new Halloween wreath DIY with you all! I have been a fan of Tim Burton and Nightmare Before Christmas since I saw the movie when it came out in theaters when I was a kid! One of my favorite things from the film is the “Christmas” toys and decorations the Halloweentown villagers make. There is a spooky possessed christmas wreath that I love and have always wanted to make one of my own. So, this year I thought I’d make my own monster wreath for Halloween. I swapped out the traditional green wreath and red bow for a spookier black and orange . I have seen lots of Monster wreaths on Pinterest this past year that were adorable like this one. Here is how I made mine…

Here’s What You Need:

*Black Tinsel Holiday Wreath

*Black Tinsel ( I bought skull tinsel at Dollar Tree)

*Halloween Bow or Ribbon

*Stiff White Felt

*Marking Pen or Pencil


*Pumpkin Fac Set ( I bought mine at Dollar Tree)

*Hot Glue





First, lay your wreath on top of your stiff white felt sheet. Draw in the teeth with a marking pen or pencil.



Carefully flip the wreath and felt over and trace a circle around the wreath on the felt where you need to cut it out.



Cut out the teeth felt pieces. I wasn’t happy with my first set, so I flipped the felt over and drew in another set on the other side, that is why there are pencil marks on the back.Glue the felt mouth pieces to the back side of the wreath with hot glue or strong craft glue.



Next, take your pumpkin face kit out and get the eye piece. Hot glue the eye piece to the top front of the wreath where you like it.


Now if you want you can add the tinsel arms and the bow tie. I used tinsel garland that had skulls on it with black and silver tinsel. I just cut all the skulls off, then I cut the tinsel into two short pieces and two long pieces for a total of four arms. Glue the tinsel arms to the back bottom of your wreath. To finish off glue or tie on the Halloween bow.

07-DSC_0077 (2)

05-DSC_0084 (2)

04-DSC_0088 (2)

01-DSC_0094 (2)Even though this little guy is not exactly like the wreath in the movie, I just adore him! It is just perfect for Halloween, and looks fantastic hanging on our front door! This wreath was so super easy to make, and I was able to complete it from start to finish in under an hour. I also love that this is something you can let the kid’s help with as long as you’re handling the hot glue. I do hope some of you all will give this diy a try this year, you’ll love it! I’ll be back tomorrow with another spooky project! Until then….

Happy Crafting!

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