DIY Mid Century Modern Halloween Village

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07-DSC_0169 (3)Hey guys! Halloween is coming early to the blog! Every day this week I will be sharing a new Halloween DIY with you all! To start off the crafting I thought I’d share my favorite project first. I am a huge fan of vintage putz houses, so much that I made these houses at Christmas last year from templates I found on So, when I was thinking about Halloween crafting this year, I just knew I had to make a little mid mod spooky neighborhood. This project is really easy, it’s just time-consuming. I makes a fantastic project for a craft night with the girls! Or a weekend diy!

Here’s What You Need:

*Templates (Links are Below)

*Xacto Knife

*Chipboard (like cereal boxes)

*White Pain for Primer

*Paint (I like the Martha Stewart Craft Paint)

*Mod Podge or clear drying craft glue for glitter



*Hot Glue

*Black Foam Core

*Fake Spider Web Pack

*Bottle Brush Trees

*Halloween Miniatures or Cupcake Picks

*Paper Straws  Striped

*Battery Operated Tea Lights

Here is the link for the page where you can download the 1st house

Here is the link for the page where you can download the 2nd ranch house


For more detailed instructions, see the full tutorial for the Christmas houses Here. Here is the basics and what I did differently. First trace and cut out your chipboard template pieces. I extended the roofline by a couple of inches on two of my houses to add some mid mod supports for styling.

Next, prime your chipboard pieces. Then paint your houses how you want them. Paint your roofs to match your glitter or accent the glitter. I painted my roofs black.

Now you need to glitter your roof pieces. Paint the decoupage medium or clear drying craft glue onto the roof pieces, then sprinkle with glitter and tap off the excess. Set aside to dry.

Next, Cut out your bases from your black foam core. My base pieces were cut around 9×11″. Take your spider web material and stretch a little of it over and around your foam core base a couple of times. Secure with a little glue if needed.

Now, glue your house pieces together. Glue the house down to the base, and glue on the roof. Now you should have a nice little house and base.

If you have extended the roof pieces, you need to add in the roofline supports. Measure and cut pieces of your striped paper straws to fit the space between the base and the edge of the roofline at an angle. Glue the straws in place.

To finish off, glue trees and your plastic minis to the base where you like. I used jack o lantern cupcake picks and bottle brush trees to glue around the door and house, and I glued a couple of large spun cotton spiders to the roof of a couple of my houses. Once everything is glued and dried, you can add a battery operated tea light to each house through the opening in the back. Light them up and enjoy!

10-DSC_0164 (3)

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03-DSC_0174 (3)I LOVE my spooky mid mod Halloween village! It was inspired in part by Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. I love black and white in Halloween decorating! These little houses are going to go in the big shelf above my bed. I think they’d look amazing on a fireplace mantel too! So, if you are looking for a really fun and rewarding diy to tackle this month, give this one a try, it’s so much fun! I can’t wait to see your¬†projects! I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun Halloween project! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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