Easy Framed Vintage Toys for a Kid’s Room

07-DSC_0083 (4)

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06-DSC_0086 (4)Hey guys! Today I am going to share an easy decorating diy with you all. I have a serious love for vintage tin toys! I usually don’t indulge myself since I am drowning in all my other vintage collections. However, a while back I was getting some vintage minis from HeyYoyo.com, and saw these mini tin vintage cars from Japan. I couldn’t resist. They have since sat in my closet for months. A few weeks ago I picked up some shadowbox frames from the craft store on sale, and I thought my little cars would be so cute framed. 

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage tin Cars or vintage toys (I bought mine Here and Here)

*Shadowbox frame

*Matteboard or Thick Acid Free Paper( I used watercolor paper since I like the texture)




09-photo 1The first thing you need to do is cut your backing or paper to fit your frame. My frame was 8×8″ so I cut my paper to be 8×8. Lay out your cars to test fit. Once you have them like you like them, measure out to the side and the top. I decided they would fit best to be 2.25″ from the top and side.

10-photo 2Take a scrap of paper and lay it to your top mark which in my case is 2.25″ from the top, then lay your ruler 2.25″ from the side to form a right angle in which to line up your first car. Place a generous amount of your E6000 on your first car then press it onto the paper lining it up with the ruler and paper to fit inside that corner you made.

11-photo 3Now repeat with the other side of the paper forming the right corner, then glue the car down into that corner. Glue the middle car inside so that it lines up with the top guide and is centered in between the other two cars.

12-photo 4Repeat the steps you did with the first row of cars to make the second. This time measuring and laying your ruler and paper as a guide 2.25″ up from the bottom and sides of the paper backing. Let your glue dry overnight, then insert your paper into your shadow box frame and close up the back.

08-DSC_0082 (4)

04-DSC_0092 (4)

01-DSC_0101 (4)

02-DSC_0096 (4)Don’t you just love it! This was so simple to put together and it took hardly any time at all. This is a really universal idea, and you could use the same idea to display other collections such as bottle caps, kewpie dolls, or cowboy badges. I think this would be fantastic in a kid’s room! I don’t have any little ones yet, so this one will be going in my hubby’s office. I hope you guys will give this easy diy a try with one of your favorite mini collections! I’ll be back next week with another fun craft! Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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  1. So cute!! I love the modern look of framing the vintage cars.

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