DIY Mason Jar Reclaimed Wood Wall Hanging

diy upcycled mason jar wall organizer




diy mason jar wall vase

diy mason jar organizer

diy mason jar planter

diy mason jar wall sconceHey guys! I know mason jar crafts have become such a popular craft item these days! I believe there are several pins on my diy pinterest board that are all about decking out those fantastic little jars. I have been wanting to make a piece for the kitchen for a while now. I had some left over pallet wood from some backdrops I have been working on, so I thought I’d go ahead and give it a go. I was inspired by these tutorials here, here, and here. This project was entirely repurposed as everything I used I had on hand. I really had such a blast, I ended up making two. Here’s how I made mine:

Here’s What You Need:

*Wide Pallet Wood Scraps or Reclaimed Wood

*Paint (optional)

*Mason Jars

*Hose Clamps

*Drawer Knob

*Drill and Drill Bits

*Screw for your Clamp

*Ruler and Pencil

*Table Saw or Circular Saw or even a hand saw

*Dremmel with a cutting wheel attachment

*Brad Nailer and brads or a hammer and nails





The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies. If you want to paint your jars first, you can easily paint them with craft paint and a sealer. Once they are good and dry, you are ready to use them. I bought a flower frog from the craft store to use one of my hangings as a vase.




So you’ll want to start by making your base. Take a strip of wide pallet wood or other wood that you like and lay the jar and your knob on it to see your spacing and how long you want to make it. Mark where you want to cut and then cut the wood to size using a table saw or circular saw, or even a handsaw. You will also need to cut two back cleats for support on the back if you want it to stand off the wall a little bit. If you want it to have a slimmer profile, you can add an ample sawtooth hanger to the back.






Now you need to prepare your hose clamp that will hold your jar. Wrap the metal around the middle of your jar test fitting the jar inside the clamp. Mark the center back with a pen, and then mark where you want to cut the excess off at the screw area. Remove the jar and set aside. Grab your screw and find a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw. Drill a hole in the metal at the center back line you marked. Clip off the excess length with wire shears.






Now, mark where you want to hang your jar on your wood. Make a mark in the center. Drill a pilot hole with your drill bit. Now, insert your screw through the hole in the clamp and screw it into the pilot hole you made in the wood.




Insert your jar into the wire hose clamp and tighten the wire around the jar by tightening the screw on the clamp with a flat head screw driver or a bit.





Now you need to mark and drill the hole for your knob. First, decide where you want your knob and mark it making sure to center it up. Find a drill bit that is the same size as your knobs bolt. Drill a hole where you marked on your wood for the knob.





Next, insert your knob. Tighten the knob on the wood with the nut from the knob. Now you need to cut off the excess. Grab your dremmel fitted with a cutting wheel and cut off the excess bolt off of the back. Now your piece is ready to hang.

diy mason jar wall organizer

mason jar wall sconce

mason jar wall plaque

mason jar wall holderAren’t they so cute! I absolutely love them! I think they would make wonderful gifts! The best thing is that they are really pretty fast and easy to whip up! You can make them as fancy or plain as you like. Change up the look by using plain or painted jars, awesome knobs, or even paint the pallet wood. You can really make it your own and have fun with it! I hope you all will give it a try sometime! I think you’ll have a blast! I will be back next week with another fun DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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