DIY Chunky Braided Vintage Fabric Necklace

diy fabric necklace

diy braided fabric necklace

diy anthropologie inspired necklace

braided fabric necklaceOne of my favorite things in the whole world is vintage linens! I collect all kinds of them from tablecloths and tea towels, to hankies, to bed sheets. After I made my vintage bed sheet patchwork curtain last year I had several sweet scrap pieces left over. I have always loved the braided fabric bracelets that I have seen on Pinterest in the past, and thought it would be fun to try a braided fabric necklace. I wanted to make something chunky and fun. This easy necklace only takes a few supplies and you can make one in under an hour, so it’s a great week night project!

Here’s What You Need:

*Vintage Scrap Fabrics

*Large Leather End Caps (I bought mine Here)


*Thread or Embroidery Floss

*Chain and Clasp

*Jewelry Pliers


*Rotary Cutter and Mat


01-DSC_0008 (2)The first thing you need to do is cut your fabric strips. Cut six strips to be 1.5″ wide by at least 8″ long.

02-DSC_0010 (2)Gather your strips all together. Tie a piece of thread or floss around the top of the strips. Separate your strips by twos so you have three groups of two strips, and then braid your strips. Tie the end of the braid off tightly with your floss.

03-DSC_0015 (2)Cut the ends of the braided strips close to where they were tied off on each side.

04-DSC_0017 (2)Place a dollop of e6000 into the end caps and twist the end of the braided strips into each cap so you have a cap on each end of your braid. Let the glue set and dry. Using your jewelry pliers, open up one end of your chain and attach it to one of your end caps. Run the chain around your neck and decide where you need to cut it for the other end. Cut the chain. Then open up the other end and attach it to the other end cap. Open up the middle of the chain and attach your clasp. Now it’s ready to wear.

diy statement necklace

diy vintage fabric necklace

vintage braided fabric necklaceI love my new necklace! It is a great statement necklace to wear with a plain tee! I love how versatile it is. You can really change up the look of your necklace by the fabric and the chain you use, and also the length of your braid. It’s a fun and easy DIY! I hope you all will give this one a try and add a little pop to your summer wardrobe! I’ll be back next week with another fun project. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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9 Responses

  1. I love vintage flower prints too! Great use of the scrap :)

  2. Pretty!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this evening that links to your tutorial:

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  4. Miss Manitas

    Cute!! and very easy!!!

  5. What size end cap did you use and the: Large Leather End Caps (I bought mine Here) does not work.

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