Easy DIY Vintage Fabric Covered Letter Block Art

diy vintage fabric covered block letter

diy block letter

vintage floral fabric letter

A few weeks ago I was sifting through the dollar section at Michael’s and I found some cute wooden blocks that had thin wooden letters on them that were stained in bright colors. I was going to get one or two but the letters that I needed were a funky shade of purple that I didn’t really care for. After looking through more of the dollar bins, I came across these thin wood veneer letters. I loved the size of them and the simple font. So, I decided to make my own block letter using a cute letter “P.” This project is great for a weeknight and you can use scraps if you have them.

Here’s What You Need:

*Thin Wooden Letter from Michael’s (dollar section)

*Scrap Piece of wood cut to 5×5″ (You can usually find scrap pieces of wood at Home Depot in the scrap bin)

*Vintage Fabric or Scrap Fabric


*Sand Paper

*Spray Adhesive


*Circular Saw or Hand Saw


09-photo 1

11-photo 2

The first thing you need to do is cut your wood piece. Cut the piece to be five inches by five inches. Sand the block a little. Paint your block and set it aside to dry. Sand areas of your block to distress it after the paint dries if you want to add a little distressing.

13-photo 3

15-photo 4

You may need to prime your letter with white paint if your fabric is thin and you don’t want the darkness of the wood to show through. Lay your fabric out on the table face down. Lay your letter face down on your fabric. Trace 1/2 inch outside the outline of your letter onto your fabric. Trace the exact inside of your letter areas if there are holes in your letter.

16-photo 5

Cut out your letter. Snip the holes in your letter from the middle all the way to the marked line for the hole.

08-photo 1 (2) 10-photo 2 (2)

Next, spray the backside of the fabric and the front side of the letter with spray adhesive. (I was out of spray adhesive, so I used basting spray as a substitute as you can see in the photo.) Lay your fabric letter over the wood letter lining it up before letting the two touch. Smooth the fabric over the wood. Fold the excess fabric over to the back side of the letter and smooth down. The adhesive should hold it, but if it does not add a little glue to hold it.

12-photo 3 (2)

14-photo 4 (2)

Apply some e6000 to the back side of your letter. Now, glue the letter to the block centering it on the face of your block. Lay the block flat on the table to dry.

fabric covered letter

diy fabric covered letter

floral letter block

vintage bunny

I love how my block letter turned out! I love how easy this diy was to whip up, and fun too! You can really customize the look of it just by the fabric and paints you use. You can do a single letter like I did for the initial of my last name. Or you can make several and spell out a word or a name, whatever strikes your fancy. This would be great for a weeknight craft or a party. You can make one from start to finish in under an hour. So give it a try, you’ll have a blast! I’ll be back next week with another fun project. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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4 Responses

  1. Laura Strack

    Simply darling and looks so fun to make. I love those colors, too!!

  2. So cute! I think I might be making a couple of these now :)