DIY Easter Egg Vases





09-DSC_0150Easter is this weekend and I wanted to make a fun centerpiece for the table for our Easter dinner. I have been inspired by the adorable egg vases I have seen floating around on Pinterest like this one, this one, this one, and this one. I thought I would try my hand at making my own egg vases. This was a super easy and fast DIY, and I think it is going to be perfect for our Easter table!

Here’s What You Need:

*Fake Dyeable Easter Eggs (I bought mine at Walmart)

*Dye (I used Procion Dyes that I had from fabric dying)

*Mini Spray Bottles

*Protective gloves

*Belt Sander or Dremel fitted with a sanding disk

*Paint (optional)


11-photo 1

13-photo 2

15-photo 3

17-photo 4

The first thing you need to do is sand holes into your eggs. Set up your dremmel or your sander. Run the tip of the egg over the sander or sanding disk and grind down the tip of the egg until you have a hole in the top the size you like.

19-photo 5

10-photo 1 (2)

12-photo 2 (2)

14-photo 3 (2)

Next, you are ready to dye your eggs. You can use a dye kit, or you can spray on dyes like I did. Open up your mini spray bottle and add a tiny bit of dye into it. You only need a pinch. Fill the bottle with warm water and screw the lid back on. Shake it up.

16-photo 4 (2)

18-photo 5 (2)

Put on your gloves. Grab an egg and spay the egg all over with the dye you mixed up. Make sure you spray your eggs over a sink or tub, and rinse the dye out of the sink as you go. Once your egg is saturated with dye, set it aside to dry using the little paper rings that come with the egg kit. Repeat with your other eggs.

While your eggs dry, you can paint the egg carton if you like. Once the eggs are dry, load them into the egg carton and add your flowers, filling each egg with a little water.




06-DSC_0140Isn’t it cute! I just adore spring! Don’t you! I love how versatile this project is as well. You can totallychange up the look just by the dye and flowers you use. There are a lot of sweet egg vases and planters on pinterest to inspire you. Definitely give this DIY a try! You’ll love it! I’ll be back next week with another fun project. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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