Easy DIY Ten Minute Floral Headband

floral easter headband

diy headband

diy easter headband

Easter is going to be here before we know it! For all of you ladies that want an accessory a little more subdued than a fancy Easter bonnet, give this easy floral headband a try! This faux floral headband is really fast to whip up, and it is easy as pie!

Here’s What You Need:

*Skinny Metal Headbands

*Wire Floral Picks (I bought mine at Michael’s)

*Wire Cutters



This diy is so simple! The first thing you need to do is separate the floral pieces in your floral pick. You can usually just pull branches off of the main stem. Once you have your floral pieces separated you are ready to add them to your headband. Take one of your wire floral pieces. You can trim the tail off to about an inch or so below where the floral piece starts. Take the end of the wire on the floral piece and wrap it around your headband. Wrap the floral piece around the headband a couple of times until it is wrapped all the way around and lies on the top side of the headband. Take a second piece of floral pick and wrap it around your headband just above where your first pick is wrapped. Continue on wrapping your floral wires around until you have as much as you like on your headband. I used one full floral pick on my headband, and I shifted the bunch to more of the side of the headband. If you wrap your wires well around your headband, you should not need to glue it in place, but you can add a few drops of glue to the ends if you like.

diy floral headband

floral headband

easter crafts

I love this little floral headband! It really adds a little spring sweetness to an outfit. You can wear it with your Easter dress, or jeans and your favorite soft tee. I love the simplicity of it, and how customizable it is! You can change the look simply by using different floral picks. I hope you guys will give this one a try! You’ll want one in every color! I will be back next week with another fun spring DIY. Until then…

Happy Crafting!

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