My Life in Pictures- January 11-17th

beaureguard my italian greyhound

Maybe I am biased, but this is one beeeauutifull dog!

iggy love

One of Beau’s favorite places to be is the screened porch

beau italian greyhound

italian greyhound

I love his profile!

iggy ears

iggy beau

sleepy puppy

I can never get this dog out of bed! He’d stay there all day if I let him…

beaureguard the iggy

That’s the “this better be good” face…

roux toulouse

Roux Toulouse on his favorite chair

lynx point siamese

The only person he will let photograph him is my mom. He will never look at me if there is a camera in my hand…


Jack loves the texture of my chenille spread…

jack bathing

It’s a good place for a bath….

kitty foot

photo (3)

Sadie found Daryl’s jacket to be a nice warm spot on an especially cold day…

photo (4)

Went out to the Vintage Village in  Raleigh over the weekend. One of my favorite places to shop!

photo (7)

My last photo with my Hannah before she went back to school. I miss her already!

photo (6)

The dogs waiting for their favorite elephant squeeky to be thrown…

photo (5)

photo (8)

Beaureguard loves to run at the dog park…

photo (9)

Custom initial necklaces going out to some special gals this week…

photo (10)

Josie’s favorite spot….

photo (11)

Charlie on the lookout post….

vintage deer

scatter joy

And a Christmas gift from my godmother Marcie. She scatters lot’s of joy….

I’ll be back next week with more photos….

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2 Responses

  1. Tiffany S

    Love your photos! I noticed Beau’s “belt.” does that stop him from peeing in the house? We don’t have that problem with our IG mix, but good to ow there’s something to help. Thanks for the (very personal) info.

    • Thank you! Yes, his belly band as they are called keeps him from peeing on the furniture. He only lifts his leg when he’s around other dogs, so he has to wear it at my mom’s house. It does the trick :)